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Who's afraid of the Big bad wolf?

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Who's afraid of the Big bad wolf?

Post by Cerek on August 17th 2017, 8:26 pm

Bad wolf

"I dont normally eat people... but you"

The Bio

Real Name:
Renegade Name:
The bad wolf
Wolf lord
Chaotic neutral
Norse fallen God
6' 3" as a human 7' 6" as the wolf
165lbs as a human 245lbs as the wolf
Blood type:

The Looks

The Personality

Fenrisulfr lives by the rules of nature, Norse code and yggdrasil itself. He tends to keep to himself as he perceives the hatred humanity has always had for beasts. At the same time he finds humans fascinating, fortunately for them not fascinating enough to eat with their horrid processed junk. He can be quite silent and pensive until the ale starts flowing, that's when the fun begins. He also loves a decent fight as per Norse traditions, he'll be the first to start the Donnybrook (large fight between many people). By no means is he as vile and bloodthirsty as the other Gods painted him, this was simple prejudice as with most. Fenrisulfr when one is friendly can be the most kind hearted being you'd know. At the same time he can be infinetely cruel and savage to an enemy.
The Story

Contrary to popular myth Fenrisulfr was not the son of the Giant Loki, though through cohersion unfortunately he was led to believe the other Gods were plotting a genocide of hid kind and glady served Loki. Fenrisulfr was born from one of the teeth of Ymir as he was slain. Since Ragnarok and the exagerated rumors of his demise Fenrisulfr has sought to return to Valhalla and see what has happened since his fall from power. Yes even though he survived his battle with Thor the Ragnarok event seemed to diminish many of his powers. The only way he could possibly recover his old powers, return to his home and once again rule over the forests resides in the Rune empire. An underworld of many creatures and strange sights ruled by Hel. Hel has promised Fenrir that if he can perform certain favors for her she would show him the way to regain his powers.
The Priority

2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Reaction
1. Strength

The Powers

Human: The simple ability to disguise himself as a human being
Shadows of the forest: In any area heavy with trees Fenrirs speed, agility, strength, sense of smell, sight and hearing increase five fold. He also loses any scent on him and makes no sound at all.
Glaring hunger: The ability to freeze someone in place with an intense stare of the hunting wolf
Breath of the giants: From his mouth like fire spews out a mist that is capable of freezing deep to the bone.
Call the pack: Fenrir summons his children Skoll and Hati along with a pack of massive wolves to command. They move almost as spirits able to pass through solid material at will.
The Weaknesses

Human: Other canine can still sense him and will instinctively submit to him which can throw random people walking their dog off and make things awkward. Also a significant drop in his strength and other abilities.
Shadows of the forest: The longer he spends in the woods the more difficult it is to hide in human skin again. He is forced to venture out of the forest and find a secluded safe place or his home.
Glaring hunger: This ability is hard to control sometimes, When Fenrir becomes attracted to a woman he can incidentaly use it which often gets mistaken for attraction to him. Pretty much any intense stare into someones eyes can yield this effect.
Chains: Fenrir is incapable of breaking any bonds at all once they have a hold of him, even simple string
Hunger: Fenrir has to eat often to keep up his demigod like strength. If he goes too long without eating not only does his strength wane but his hunger becomes indiscriminate.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

Howling, shedding, poor eating habits, pretty much all the canine trops save for licking his own balls
The RP Sample

He couldn't bear to even look at Hel, it had nothing to do with the fact half her face was rotting and the other was gorgeous as porcelain. He was in no mood to entertain her casual and cruel jokes, nor be belittled like some mongrel house pet. Never the less he remained still meeting her at chest level unable to go higher. With a flick of her finger she pulled Fenrir towards her and made him kneel, a most infuriating thing. Fenrir knew that he had to play along less she decide not to help him... or worse.

"You've done such great work my precious little pup hmhm, perhaps you are deserving of a little reward yes?"

Fenrir looked up expectantly and with some surprise.

"I rule over the land of bones, take your pic Ahahahahahahaha! No I dont think you've earned anything yet my sweet little pup. But maybe next time if you bring me THE WHOLE BLOODY BODY!"

She yells in a sudden angry tone filling the bone laden throne room smacking Fenrir across the face.

Fenrir's blood began to boil, it was everything he could do not to strike at her. Not that it would do any good, he had no choice but to accept the abuse if he wanted to get anywhere in his journey.

"Now go... go and do as I've said mutt!"

Fenrir rises to his feet still not meeting her gaze and bows reluctantly. He thought he could never hate anything more than Thor, Odin and the humans, how wrong he was.

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