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Gato Montéz

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Gato Montéz Empty Gato Montéz

Post by Zonkes August 14th 2017, 7:21 pm

Gato montés

"The Claw of Tezcatlipoca"

The Bio

Real Name: Fernando Castillo
Villain Name: Gato montés
Title: The Claw of Tezcatlipoca
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’6” (When mask is removed) 7’0” (When mask is on)
Weight: 134 lbs (No mask) 346 (Pure muscle mass when mask is on)
Blood type:

The Looks

The Personality

Fernando from a young age was constantly obsessed with being strong enough to avoid being tormented. Unfortunately, due to a combination of bad genetics and a lack of potential; Fernando remained a scrawny kid all his life. This, allowed him to train his mind. He became incredibly intelligent; and he is willing to show it. This combined with his small stature, makes Fernando a very unassuming target without his mask.

However, there is an almost entirely different side to Fernando. With his mask on; Fernando becomes incredibly overdramatic almost as if he was performing for a large audience. Constantly trying to make everything he does into a spectacle, from eating spaghetti; to fighting his arch-rival.  His life with the mask on is extremely insane.

Fernando will not back down from a fight, finding it to be undignified. He will either end up in the back of an ambulance, or the other guy will. It's just how he approaches his life.

Unfortunately, with the mask comes a certain… Need. Fernando needs the mask. He’s addicted to it’s intoxicating power. If the mask is taken off for any extended period of time; Fernando becomes extremely belligerent until it is returned to him. He will do anything to get the mask back. Anything.

The Story

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Fernando Castillo learned very quickly that he was not the top of the food chain. The other children would very much like to hurt him. No real reason for it; he was just an easy target. His family had a bit of money, and his classmates knew that he'd be easy to steal from if need be. His father was also not always the nicest person. Mr. Castillo was born poor, and had to make his own way in the world. So having a son that had so much issue making his way in the world dissapointed him to the point that he sometimes wouldn't speak to him for days on end. Preferring to continue working on his business. When he did speak to him; it was hardly ever pleasant. And while Fernando’s genetics on his mother's side, left him weak and fragile. Fernando spent most of his days reading and learning.

This would allow him some reprieve from the life that the universe gave him. But he didn't want to be smart; he wanted power. He wanted to be able to defend himself. He hated being frail. And he hated those few that felt sorry for him. No one would allow him to stand up on his own for a little while. His father, overshadowed every strength that Fernando would gain; and become more, and more, disappointed because of it.

Soon, Fernando would go to college. He found himself going to school for film making, another passion of his. Finding that he could make something beautiful, and something that he truly felt could change the world. In a good way.

4 years seemed to have gone by quickly, and soon, he found himself auditioning to do small acting jobs. They weren't anything major. Playing Romeo in Shakespeare in the Parks rendition of Romeo and Juliet, being the mascot of a local car lot, and other small jobs. However, over the course of the next four years; he would get noticed by larger companies; becoming the mascot of up and coming fast food companies like “Sal’s Sodajerk” and “The Frylord”. And soon, small time movie directors wanted him to be an extra with small speaking roles.

Fernando made his big screen premiere with the horror movie “El Hombre Gato de la Ciudad de México”; where he played the antagonist, a poor farm man turned into a werewolf-like creature after a witch transformed him into the beast. The film bombed in the box office, but it did garner a bit of a  - ahem - cult following. Soon, the old gods of the Aztec empire saw his performance. And, decided to give the man something he had always wanted. Power.

Tezcatlipoca, one of the top gods gifted Fernando with a catlike mask that transformed him into… Gato Montés! The greatest of Mexican luchadors! With his friend and ally Luna.

The pair would learn of their abilities together in secret, out in the middle of the desert; where no one but the gods and the cartels would see. Soon however; it would become clear that the gods wanted entertainment, and the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl sent out his own champion. That's where the story begins.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Super-Strength - Fernando is capable of lifting the Eiffel Tower with relative ease and has shown the ability to “super-jump” as an extension of his strength.

Cat-Claws - Fernando is capable of sprouting cat claws from his hands at will. These claws can cut through solid steel, though he doesn’t use them very often. Preferring brute force.

Night Bubble - For a period of around 10 minutes; Fernando is able to turn a 3 - 10 block radius into an area of complete darkness, giving the illusion of stars and the moon in the sky.

Subtitle Manifestation - Due to a miscommunication with his patron on how television works; Fernando constantly creates subtitles when he speaks. These subtitles are physical manifestations of what he is saying, but in english. He is able to use these as if they were pieces of wood; having a similar weight and durability to them, and he can use them as if they were platforms.

Size-Shifting - Fernando with the mask on, is capable of changing his height from the 7’0” average in his masked form; to almost 7 stories tall.
Telescopic Vision - Fernando is capable of using his mask to enhance his vision in a multitude of different ways. This includes the ability to see up to 7 miles away.

Night Vision - Fernando is also capable of seeing in the dark, changing his vision to see mainly greens.

X-Ray Vision - Fernando is lastly capable of seeing through things in combination with his other abilities. It is unknown how this ability works, though it is not radiation.

Super-Human durability - Fernando is capable of withstanding a medium-sized meteorite smashing into him from earth's atmosphere while only sustaining minor injuries, and still managing to stay on his feet.

No-Sell - Fernando can ignore blunt force damage for as long as he concentrates on ignoring it.

Dramatic Slow-Mo - When Fernando is shot at with a projectile; both Fernando and the projectile slow down to a crawl. This allows Fernando to either take the hit, or dodge it.

The Weaknesses

Obsidian blades bathed in virgins blood and blessed by the priests of Tezcatlipoca can pierce his skin as if he were a normal man. These blades can be found in temples surrounding Tenochtitlan, and The Great Temple as well as various museums around the world.

Extreme heat is a weakness for Fernando. However, it does require an immense amount of heat. For instance, he could survive the inside of a volcano. But it would not be comfortable for him. Hit him with something twice as hot as that, and it will injure him immensely.

Black magic allows people to remove the mask from Fernando unwillingly. In addition, black magic is extremely harmful to his actual abilities.

Fernando’s subtitles require him to actually be able to speak.

Fernando cannot see through obsidian, blocking his vision.

Fernando’s weak spots begin to become larger when he gets bigger, leaving him open to attack on those areas.

Fernando has a weak spot just below his femoral artery.

Fernando can be completely undone by simply convincing his patron he is NOT worthy of being their champion. Removing his abilities, and causing a new person to take up the mantle.

Fernando’s mask can be removed while he is unconscious, and if kept away from him for long enough; will leave Fernando desperate and reckless for the addiction he so craves.

Fernando can be distracted easily by introducing more drama into the situation. The more drama there is; the more he is distracted.

Fernando is heavily susceptible to mental attack. Shutting him down requires little more than low level telepathy.

Oversell - When Fernandos No-Sell ability is over, he will start taking more intense damage than he did beforehand. This period lasts two-times as long as his No-Sell ability.

When Fernando is in slow motion, it is only him, and the projectile that are slowed. People around him are able to move normally. This gives them an advantage on hitting him.

Approval based abilities - Fernando is the champion of a god. As such, he has to continue to keep his patron's approval. If he does not continue what his god wants - in this case, to be entertained - then his mask, and subsequently all of his abilities will be either extremely weakened; or taken away. What matters to them is the show, and if he doesn’t put on a good show; he will lose everything.

The Items

The Mask of Tezcatlipoca - The main source for all of Fernando's abilities. The mask gives Fernando incredible power; however, it does allow his godly patron - as well as those on Team Jaguar - the ability to see everything he does, and track his every movement.
Weaknesses - (See power weaknesses)

The Belt of the Sun - As stated multiple times; Fernando has an arch-rival. This Rival, - the champion of Quetzalcoatl - is an equal match for Fernando. This has sparked a contest between the two gods and their champions on earth. So, they created this belt. Whichever champion of whatever god holds the belt currently, gains a slight advantage over the other to be decided by the gods until the next battle can take place. If the opponent who does not currently wield the belt wins; they receive the belt until next they lose.
Weaknesses - The Belt increases their physical abilities; but it also forces the wearer to be more confident and cocky; causing them to act more rash in the pursuit of drama, thus making them more reckless and less protective of themselves.

The Cape of Night  - An intangible black piece of cloth that Fernando wears around his neck, granting him the ability to become camouflaged in complete darkness.
Weakness - Camouflage isn’t full fledged invisibility. Moving therefore can give away his movements.
In addition, any sort of light can disrupt the camouflage giving away his position
Fire can burn away the cape, leaving the item useless until the next night when it will reappear on the mask wearer's body.

The Fluff

Whenever Fernando enters a battle, a dramatic spanish guitar riff will play. Signaling his arrival.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Gato Montéz Empty Re: Gato Montéz

Post by Stoic August 14th 2017, 11:06 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

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