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The Hooded Spider(Completed)

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The Hooded Spider(Completed) Empty The Hooded Spider(Completed)

Post by Logic August 11th 2017, 4:20 am

The Hooded Spider

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped..
~Professor Matheus "

The Bio

Real Name: Keshawn Wilson
Renegade Name: The Hooded Spider(Spidey for short)
Title: Experiment S
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 15
Race: African American( Meta-Breed)
Hair: Black Shaggy
Eyes: Black
Height: 5 ft  10
Weight: 170 lbs
Blood type:B-

The Looks

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[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The Personality

A confident individual that has full faith in his abilities to get the job down, but he's also docile and quiet. He’s also perfectionist, aiming to get the job done in the shortest amount of time and in the upmost efficiency. Rarely would you ever catch him lollygagging or killing time while on a mission. But he tends to spend his free time engaging his thoughts about life and what he views as right or wrong. Still recovering from the government’s brain washing, their views had come into ties with his own and he even begins to question his own existence and his purpose.

Quick witted and intelligent, two main traits he has with spades. Known to make complete use of his surroundings even with split second decisions. Almost labeled a genius in the science department, he’s shown constantly that he is able to apply scientific knowledge with his combat abilities.

What some would fail to notice is that he doesn't like extra casualties, or "People being in the wrong place at the wrong time." As it's just a chance of misfortune. Willing going out of his way to help those in a tough situation, for example in a fight if someone is about to get hit by a car from the chaos. He would spend time to go help them. It's a hassle but he knows that the reason he was put in the situation he was in, was due to others not lending the proper hand. He had an obligation as told by his Professor Mathus that “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” Keshawn’s destiny was in his own hands, and he was planning on doing the most with it.

The Story

The government was getting a bit concerned about the increase of meta-human activity. Heard of Area 51? Well they branched off into creating another facility that had no name. No past, no future, no problem. This “Facility” was home of a new operation labeled the Meta-breed Program. A top secret program where the government were breeding soldiers to hand what their weapons couldn’t, and with the rise of government resistance. Literally anyone who would raise a threat against them.

Keshawn was a product of that program. His parents who were both scientist on that program, offered their son at the age of 7 to the company. It was more of that they had no choice, refusing to aid in the government’s efforts would result in Keshawn’s death, and the parents being locked into custody suffering a life sentence. From there they began, there was a large quality of subjects within the Meta-Breed Program however only half of them made it through, and only half of that half were able to control their new found abilities and or didn’t suffer any huge negative aspects.

Most of the subjects were indeed children. Everyone who was a part of the program were getting their dna spliced with that of another creature. Hoping that they gained new abilities in the process.  Keshawn was spliced with the dna of a rare spider that was also modified in the lab, granting him his unique abilities. From there it was what some would say is similar to school, a large government school. Where they lived, breathed, and eaten the law. The kids not knowing any better, were placed into classrooms based on their abilities. It was more of ranks. Class A being the highest, and it went down all the way to class M. The only way to change classrooms were by displaying large improvements that made you deemed worthy of the promotion. With just strength along Keshawn was placed within class F.
There daily routine comprised of waking up around 6 am for breakfast, you had to sit with your desired class. While guards were perched on balconies with their guns loaded, watching everyone. Obedience was mandatory and demanded. From there they moved into the class rooms, chairs and desks bolted to the floor. The room completely white, no windows. But there was a large screen. Where the rules of the law were drilled into their head using a rare form of mind control. They were to watch repeated slides over and over, sometimes the videos varied depending on the week. At the end they were questioned, if they were wrong they would receive a strong electrocution from the generator lowered beneath their seats.

It was a unique way of brain washing, forcing them to think in the ways the government wanted them to until they eventually thought that the government’s ideals and views were their own. Keshawn went under the same process. After class they were given a chance to stretch their legs at recess, which really was just a large training area with animated backgrounds to make it seem like they were outside. At that point everything was made in rotation. A shooting rage to focus on aim, track a field section to improve agility, speed and balance. Also there was small stone stage. Where they focused on hand to hand combat. In that time of the day, they were allowed to speak to their peers, even joke a bit which Keyshawn made good use of. But any forms of acting out in the tiniest way is what led to even more electrocution.

A trick they referred to as “Shock therapy” , getting enough of that would really make you begin to second guess your decisions. From there it was back to class, where they were given tiny bits of information about the outside world. As they were always watched, their abilities were monitored and studied. Marking their improvements. Making a good bit of friends, Keshawn was slowly rising through the ranks making more and more friends as he went through. But the overall seriousness of the facility made it so that even a free spirit like Keshawn eventually fell under the government’s control. They did branch out with "Science classes"which Keshawn seemed quite efficient in and other activities that would effect the tide of battle.

Finally reaching the age of 15, Keshawn was able to make it to Class A and even become one of the top members in his class. Through years of training being drained of any free spirit, Keshawn soon became a mindless soldier of justice. Catching the eye of one scientist named Professor Matheus, who believed that Keshawn showed more promise that he was given credit for.  Professor Matheus was always seen as a screw up, but his scientific knowledge was the prime reason for him being allowed to stay within the Facility. Even though if he was released, he would be removed meaning killed.  He was a comical man, which is what led to his screw ups.  As the time passed eventually Matheus formulated a plan so well thoughout that even today it's undetermined how they escaped. However, Keshawn's parents were a huge casualty of that plan.  He and a few other students who managed to escape fled to live in an abandon lab underground, connected by the underground tunnels by subway trains and hidden with a electromagnetic cloaking device of Matheus's design.

From there the students split up on their own paths but still remained connected with the cell phones given to them by Matheus. He allowed them to follow their own destinies but if they had any questions or requested help. All they had to do was call. Keshawn on the other hand had other plans, he agreed with the government that the rise of mutants posed a problem both good and evil. Things were getting outta line, and he was going to do something to stop it. So that no one else would have to be put through the same program he was. No one deserved such a thing.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3  Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers


  • Self-Made Webbing:
    Able to produce his own limitless supply of silk(Webs)that are shot from the front of his wrists after performing a certain hand posture. Allowing him to shoot webs  that are 5 times stronger than steel and very versatile. Coming out in the forms of web bullets, large sprays of webbing, or one clumped long strand which is usually his most used form. The form it comes out as depends on the user.

    (Things like rapid bullet fire, or shooting long strands up webs in rapid succession. The bullet form can either pelt off their opponent with the strength behind them like super fast baseballs, or quick sprays of webs that stick on impact)
  • Wall-Crawling/Adhesive Stick
    Keshawn has the ability to crawl on surfaces similar to the way a Spider does. This power also helps the user with their sense of balance since they can plant themselves on one surface and stay there. The abilities or usefulness of this ability depends on the Keshawn's Mental Ability. As he can mentally make his molecules bond to any surface. Allowing him to stick to any surface using any part of his body.

    It helps with things like, catching a ball with one hand or the bottom of his foot.

  • Enhanced Strength:
    Getting his DNA spliced with a spider. Keshawn has gained immense strength., as he was granted wit the proportional strength of a Spider. Through his previous training Keshawn has proven to be able to lift up to 14 Tons.

  • Enhanced Speed/Agility:
    Spiders, being very fast and agile creatures, giving Keshawn enhanced speed and agility. He was trained to be as fast as a speeding car, but there's no telling how fast he could go in time.

  • Enhanced Balance/Air Maneuvering :
    Having an enhanced sense of balance or equilibrium to stand perfectly still on almost any surface, also in help with the wall crawling ability. He's able to perform feats like balancing on a thin wire with one finger, balance on a moving car, standing and or walking or running on walls or bend into certain positions that would normally hurt an average non-powered human.

    This grants him the ability to bend and manevour his body in certain ways in the air to avoid oncoming collisions or projectiles.

  • Molting/Shedding Healing Factor:
    A rare trait that some spiders posses in being able to shed their skin. For some strange reason Keshawn has also gained that ability, performing the shed allows him to escape from some impossible grasps. Or escaping being burned by flames or acid. Even working as a descent decoy in the darkness. However it doesn't seem to effect his clothing in anyway, allowing him to shed wearing the same outfit/clothing he was wearing when activated. A new layer of the same clothing.

    Any injuries that he has faced before shedding, will slowly heal in a matter of seconds. Like burns, cuts, bullet wounds and broken bones, nausea, and even severing of muscles on a severe level. It cannot however replace lost limbs like a full arm. Even recovering mental things like headaches.

    (The shedding in the light will reveal a hollow husk in the shape of whatever pose Keshawn as making before the process started. Going as far as to model his clothing aswell, when he exits the shell he will have the same clothing restored as well.In the light the shell will have a bronze color.)
  • Spider-Sense
    A sixth sense as one would call it.  "Spider-sense" manifests  as a tingling feeling at the base of his skull, alerting him to personal danger in proportion to the severity of that danger. It grants him a psychological awareness of his surroundings. Allowing him to navigate in dark places t without his eyesight. Even under normal conditions, his spider-sense helps him navigate darkened rooms, instinctively avoiding obstacles or hazards, or potentially noisy or unstable floorboards, walls or ceilings that may betray his presence.

    Gaining this enhanced reflex allows him to dodge things like rapid bullet fire, or become aware of his surroundings to perform several feats in a manner of seconds. It allows him to dodge and react to things that would seem nearly impossible.

The Weaknesses

  • Slippery:
    An extremely Slippery or extremely wet surface will nullify his sticking ability.
  • Electrical Break Down:
    From his time spent in the hidden armor facility, Keshawn has face a large amount of what they call. "Electrical Rehab". If hit by electricity Keshawn will suffer from mental trama like rapid flashbacks. Leading to a loss in composer and eventually crucial mistakes. The most drastic has been him passing out.
  • Molting Sensitivity:
    Whenever Keshawn Molts, he's become extremely sensitive to outer forms. Things like Heat, the cold, especially pain, and other negative effects. Usually doubling the damage he would take. Making it not something he can use back to back, as it will prove to be more of a disadvantage than an advantage. The effect last for a few moments, before his healing ability kicks in bringing him back to normal.
  • Non-Fireproof webbing:
    Being highly susceptible to heat his webs has almost no resistance to it. Facing extreme heat like binding to a hot object, or across a fire. Cuts the webs duration in half in a matter of seconds.
  • Spider Sense Reliance:
    In order for his spider sense to activate Keshawn has to perceive things as threats. If not his spider sense won't trigger. Like when he gets hit by surprise by his friends.
  • High Frequency Sensitivity:
    Due to Keshawn's Spider sense, if something hits the right frequency they are able to completely obliterate it  or falsely trigger it. Eventually going into a Sensory overload, like the effects of getting hit with a flash bomb. It would take quite some time before his sixth sense becomes responsive again.
  • Pesticides:
    Having his dna spliced with a spider caused him to face the same weaknesses aswell. Facing harmful effects if sprayed by insect Pesticides. Resulting in severe headaches and nausea.

The Items

An untraceable cell phone, a property item given to him by Professor Mathus. Given to him as a form to keep contact with him. Also, it allows him to keep aware of what is going on with the news and the world. Especially in town, allowing him the opportunity to provide a hand when he's in the mood or just more socially aware.

It does have a limit, it can take the first two shocks as a safe system that chargers the phone. But three charges will completely short circuit the phone and cause it to have to have the battery replaced. Which can only be done by returning to professor Matheus.
The Minions

The Fluff

Sometimes Keshawn would ramble on, having conversations with himself from time to time. Sometime as murmurs, even answering his own questions.
The RP Sample


Status :

Quote : "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
-Professor Matheus

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The Hooded Spider(Completed) Empty Re: The Hooded Spider(Completed)

Post by Bliss August 14th 2017, 11:41 pm


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