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Blind Justice? (Shadowoof)

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INV ONLY Re: Blind Justice? (Shadowoof)

Post by Shadowoof on September 10th 2017, 9:20 am

Claire stared down the head of the monster, resisting to wince at it's appearance, she instead let out a small sigh and let go of her focus, the mist vanishing into her clothes. "You're good.. At not listening. Aren't you." She all but whispered to herself as she turned away from the monster and the mobster, beginning to walk away from the mess that was tonight. She made a few steps before feeling weak and collapsing to her knees for a moment, a reminder of her body's exhaustion, but she found the strength to stand herself up and continue away. Taking heed of the red monster's words. Police, that was a good sign... But she didn't want to be here when they arrived, she didn't want to go though that whole ideal again. She was just... Just so tired.

As Clair found a steady rhythm of steps, the sound music to her ears compared to the sounds she heard earlier tonight. She thought long about everything... How she found the will to keep moving despite everything, and the more she thought about it, the more she realized that want to cry over the deaths of all those men she didn't know die down. She tried to connect it to panic, to whatever part of her she could, to rationalize this unemphatic response but she couldn't.

In fact, a part of her began to accept it, like this was normal. Because it was.. Death was like the passing of the day, from light to darkness and while you can't stop it, you can delay it, and with this thought, one that calmed Clair stuck to her as she made her way home. Unaware of why this thought was so calming and so... right. Just that it was... That and she'd have to go for a shower to remove the smell of death and clean the blood that had stuck to her though this whole ordeal.

For a first encounter in her beginning career as a better person.. Clair admitted this was the worst case, that this was something she never wanted to repeat ever again... But for all the horror, it taught her, taught her things she never would have learned in any other situation. And with this calming feeling that stopped her from breaking down. The only thing she could do was take this lesson in stride and move on. To hopefully a better tomorrow.

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INV ONLY Re: Blind Justice? (Shadowoof)

Post by Jett Lockwood on September 13th 2017, 3:47 am

Vaedren’s head continued to follow the young girl till she was finally out of sight. A low growl rumbled through the small gap in his maw, if it weren’t for his recent alignment change for the sake of Jett, he most definitely would have gladly chomped down on Clair for being such a pain in his ass this evening. As he turned his attention back to the large mobster he noticed the man hadn’t moved from the spot that Clair had knocked him back to. There was a rather smug look on his face as the police sirens continued to draw closer and closer.

Vaedren knew that just as he had told Clair to scram, he had to do the same. It was highly unlikely that with all the bodies thrown about the alleyway, that they would be willing to reason with the crimson beast. The demon let out a roar of frustration as he knew that despite all his effort tonight, he now had a new target. A target that was not only formidable, but also behind some very shady stuff. Vaedren turned to leave and as he did, he saw an opportunity to wipe the smug look off the man’s face and to get the last laugh. Walking several feet towards the opposite side of the alley, the same way Clair had left, Vaedren approached a rather beat up dumpster. Digging his fingers into the metal, Vaedren threw the large metal container with all his strength.

As the police rounded the corner to the block where the nightclub was, they would see the large mobster in the middle of the road, struggling to get to his feet. Seconds later the large green dumpster would crash into him and knock him to the ground ans spewing its contents all over the roadside. Several officers would rush to the large man’s aid, who would upon their arrival, play the victim. He would tell them of a large metal human that came to his club and outright attack him and his staff. The police unfortunate enough to pear into the alley would nearly loose their lunch. The carnage and destruction caused by Vaedren and Clair would leave a lasting impression in their minds.

Vaedren had used his stealth to duck out of the alley as soon as he threw the trash can and would remain invisible for several blocks until he finally made his way to the rooftops. It wouldn’t take long for the barbaric demon to make it’s way back to Jett’s apartment, but he wouldn’t enter right away. Instead he sat on the roof for a little while, pondering about how he’d explain the nights events to his lovely partner. She had to know about the large man, he was bad news for the city, and if left unchecked lots of people could get hurt. Vaedren wanted so very badly to find the man and kill him, but after looking back at the whole thing and thinking about the turmoil he must have put Clair through, Vaedren thought it’d be best if Jett took the fat man down her way.

After thinking long and hard about it, Vaedren decided against telling Jett and headed inside, before crawling back into her bed and relinquishing control back to the young woman, just as a bit of sunlight trickled in through the blinds.


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