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The Ninth Ring

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The Ninth Ring

Post by Voltage on August 4th 2017, 2:45 am

Name Of the Group: The Ninth Ring

Color of the Group: None

Description/Goal: Our goal is to become the new age of Gods and Goddesses not just on this Earth, but throughout all of the galaxies. We are an ancient Egyptian secret society risen up by the new self-proclaimed Ra, Voltage, himself.

History: We have been throughout the world since before the second dynasty began in 2900 BC. We believed that the Pharaohs who served during the First Dynasty were not god-kings. Our society was created after Aha was brutally murdered by Djer. We were given the task of murdering the great pharaoh, Djer, but we never could accomplish it. We since that failure, have been responsible for the deaths of Den, Semerkhet, and Qa'a. In the modern world we were long forgotten besides in the former royal city of Cairo, where we have solely been responsible for the death of over 20 civilians.

Ra (Leader): Voltage
Set (General): Jack Jameson O’Leary

Any other info: Our base of operations is located in the Temple of the Ninth Ring hidden underneath the city of Cairo, Egypt. We have no vehicles, but do have much of Cairo either forced to support the group underneath the counter, or we have received tributes from those who still believe.

Some questions we want new recruits to answer before joining.

(OOC) Why do you want to be apart of Ninth Ring?
(IC) Why should we allow you a chance to become a god like us?
(OOC) What skills do you think you can contribute to the team?
(IC) Are you okay with the murdering of hundreds at some points
(OOC) And finally, if accepted, what ancient God is your "true form"?

Last edited by Voltage on November 25th 2017, 11:49 pm; edited 1 time in total

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Quote : "Why is it that when heroes gain powers, they're never put to question, but when someone like myself does, you all ridicule me and question how many of you I will kill. If I could choose a number of

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Re: The Ninth Ring

Post by Zonky Blong on November 25th 2017, 1:46 am

(OOC) I think it would be a great chance to give Jack some much needed character development.
(IC) Well, I mean. If you won't; I will probably just make sure you guys never see sunlight. Probably raze Cairo and destroy any history of your existence. Err... I mean, I have a very specific set of skills that I believe would be very beneficial to the organization.
(OOC) Well, being an Arcadian dream demon; I can assassinate a target anywhere in the world without having to even get near them. Not to mention a knowledge of arcane lore, a blood lust that can't be quenched by anything less than total chaos and destruction of even the idea of order.
(IC) Are you okay with murdering hundreds for fun?
(OOC) Set

Zonky Blong

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Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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Re: The Ninth Ring

Post by Voltage on November 25th 2017, 3:39 pm


Status :

Quote : "Why is it that when heroes gain powers, they're never put to question, but when someone like myself does, you all ridicule me and question how many of you I will kill. If I could choose a number of

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