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Gia Voglia

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Gia Voglia Empty Gia Voglia

Post by Row July 30th 2017, 4:35 pm

Gia Voglia

"Founder of Voglia"

The Bio

Real Name: Gia Voglia
Villain Name: Gia
Title: Shard of Shadow
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Spirit
Hair: Black tint of the host
Eyes: Black
Height: Same as the host
Weight: Same has the host
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

The Personality

This shard of Gia retains her Reason. She constantly collects information and assist her host with completing their mission. Death is but a game to her and she favorites  those who can kill without remorse. She does care about her host, treating them like her children. She is also extremely loyal to her host, despite knowing the host almost worships her. She lacks all but basic knowledge of her past life. Despite this she does wish to see her name return to the glory it had in the past.

The Story

Since the disappearance of Gia's teachings, very few Voglia know the history of their founder. Some say she is a demon. Others claim she was but another host to a great being. The most popular story however revolves around a young girl in born in an area that would now be known as Naples, Italy. Abandon a few years of being born. The girl struggled to survive the streets. Every time she failed to steal food, she was beaten by guards. As she grown older and her body developed, she was even attacked. Should she ever fail to fend off the attackers she would be force to endure the torment of whatever they decided to do to her body.

Eventually, the girl snapped. She stopped focusing on avoiding trouble and started making it. If she needed food, she would kill the vendor. If she needed clothes she would kill a vendor. Since she was small and weak, her murders involve breaking into their homes and poison or stabbing them in their sleep. When she became more proficient, she made attempts in broad daylight. This continued until she was found out and chased out of the city. With a bounty on her head she traveled down Italy until she was captured by a man. She thought she would die but instead she was placed in a cell. She broke out and seek to kill the man before making her escape, however something was off.
Despite having a rusty knife against his throat, he made her an offer while writing in his book. Become his experiment and live a new life free from strife and troubles or get capture again face the guillotine. The girl was baffled by his confidence despite his life being on the line. She pressed the knife on his throat in hopes of scaring him but he ignored it and continue righting. He did not sweat. He did not so much as respond to her. She removed the knife. She agreed, seeing no point in running anymore.

She followed his orders and lied down on the table. The man strapped her in so she could not move. She asked the man if she would ever have to run from anyone ever again. He promised that if this succeeded, all would run from her. The man was finish setting up. Before she started she asked the man his name. He chuckled and hit the switch. "Donatelli Voglia." Energy surged into her body and he laughed maniacally.

After weeks of this torture the man had succeeded. He create a superhuman. He pulled her off the table. Checking her vitals. She was alive. She opened her eyes, calling his name. The man respond, stroking her singed hair. Then he asked her name. She muttered something but the man held his finger to her mouth. She was a new person. She needed a new name. He kept awake long enough to give her a new name. She repeated the name before falling asleep.
"Gia Voglia"

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Strength
3. Endurance
4. Reaction

The Powers


The Weaknesses

She cannot exist in the light without the host summoning her.

The Items


The Fluff

Her voice has a wispy wind added to it.

The RP Sample

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Posting Apprentice

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Gia Voglia Empty Re: Gia Voglia

Post by Chellizard December 16th 2017, 4:00 pm

Approved and moved.

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