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Lunetta Voglia

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Lunetta Voglia Empty Lunetta Voglia

Post by Row on July 29th 2017, 10:41 pm


"To be our strongest in the Darkest hour."

The Bio

Real Name: Lunetta Voglia "Luna"
Pronunciation: Lun-et-ta Vog-li-a
Villain Name: Il Fantasma
Title: Gia's Ombra
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Italian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple (black without Gia Influence)
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 97 lb
Blood type: B+

The Looks

(face claim: Shao Jun)

The Personality

Lunnetta grew up sheltered off from the world. She has always been looked down upon or ignored due to being the smallest and weakest kid in her family giving her very little self worth. After receiving Gia's blessing, she learned to become confident in her ability to serve Gia and follow her teachings. Still her shyness and weak mental fortitude continues to plague her outside the line of duty, hindering her ability to effectively act alone without the spirit's Guidance.

Lunnetta's lack of self-confidence allows her to more easily trust and rely on others to lead and influence her. She typically goes with any idea that does not stop the objective or goes against Gia's teachings. She easily clams up when dealing with aggressive people and often struggles to get a word in when others are arguing.

Lunnetta does not take kindly to those who jeopardize the mission or her family. She easily loses trust with those people and does not forgive easily. Still, it is very rare to see her truly yell at others. Instead she prefers more settle approach to lash out against those she dislike... until you disrespect Gia. Then all hope goes out the window.

The Story

The Voglia Family is a story told between elites of the world. Few people have heard the name and most deem them just a fictional tale: a story of men and woman who single handedly alter history and had power greater than money, influence, and the strongest weapons combine. The Voglia power was not something that could be measure in armies or technology. There power was to not exist. Yet they were everywhere should one pay the right price. With a simple contract, they could make any person in the world disappear. It matter not if the target was a king, army general, hero, or villain. There was no way to escape, no signs forewarning the end. See the Voglia power was to be everywhere. They could be your son, your knight, your maid, your chief. Safety was but an illusion, a fairy tale once your name was on the list. Then they disappeared

The story started as myth told through slaves, men and woman of the slums, and even prisons. It started with 25 of them. Some say they where kids. Others make the group adults. One thing remains the same. They were a generation of prodigies, superior to ones before them, except for the youngest. Her name was Lunnetta. She was the smallest of the 25 and could not speak. She could not cry from the torture, beg for forgiveness, plead for help. All she could do was watch and follow. She watched how the others were groomed into warriors. She followed the group were ever they went. She waited for the death everyone decided she deserved. However, Gia's teachings gave her a chance to live for death could only be granted in the ritual to find the next successor. It was a long, mentally breaking test all 24 prodigies passed with guidance of the family. Lunetta was the only one to struggle through, quiet and overlooked like a kid in the 17 century. However, No one knew how nor care. She was forgotten just as quickly as  the ritual continued.

Then came the final test that changed everything. The previous test allowed them to work together and build bonds. The last test, however, was a death match. Only one would survive and thus become the successor. The class hesitated after the first rebel was killed. Once the ritual started, it would not end till a successor was found.

The test started and Lunnetta did the only thing she knew how. She ran and hid from her stronger opponents. When one found her, another would show up to take their head. She was not the priority. She was not gifted with vast intellect or a strong body. They thought she was not and never could be a threat. What the siblings failed to realize was that the most dangerous threat was not the one you could see. One by one they fell. Most died not knowing their killer. It was not until only 5 remained did they saw their mistake. How they let her watched them in every event, how she picked apart their actions to determine the goal, how she studied each of their habits. She was a failure, and she used that failure to her advantage. It was too late to stop her. They knew nothing about her and she knew everything about them. They begged for their lives, like the others who lives they stole. The fell like the others.

Lunnetta became the successor. Unable to accept this, the family did everything they could to stop it, even breaking the Teachings of Gia. Once they did, Lunnetta was force to take them down. They did not stop. More and more people rebel and died until everyone revolted against the girl. They cared not for the Family, only power, wealth, and greed. They were not family and thus must be cleansed.

Many elites laughed at the tale and retold it over and over. After all, Voglia does not exist.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Gia's Blessing:
Lunetta is the host of a shard of Gia's soul granting her a fragment of Gia's Powers.  

Darkness Manifestation and Manipuation
Lunetta can create objects out of the darkness around her, to include her own shadow. This could be anything from weaponry, clones of herself, to even Tendrils which could be used to attack her foes. The power of these objects scale with the darkness used to create them and their durability scales with Lunetta's confidence. In the pitch dark, she use her darkness to dent and even rip through objects 4-5 times harder then  titanium after a few strikes.

Dark Shift
Lunetta swaps herself with her darkness creations after stepping into darkness or a big shadow.

Gia Soul
Lunetta can summon Gia (who looks a clone of Lunetta except different shades of black) out of any darkness linked to Lunetta's shadow to fight alongside her. Gia is independent of Lunetta and telepathically link her. She holds all the abilities of Lunetta with stricter limitations.

Gia's Teachings
Being a host of Gia on top of her Family's training grants Lunetta enhance agility, reaction time, and the ability to see in the dark (even pitch black). These ability are doubled whenever she moves in the dark and tripled in pitch darkness.

The Weaknesses

Gia's powers not physically in contact with Lunetta rapidly lose power once outside of the dark or shadow. Depending on how dark the space used to create them was, they can last 1 second up to 4 seconds before vanishing into nothingness. Gia Soul is an exception to this rule.

Once Gia Soul touches the light, she loses all access to her powers and Transfers all pain she feels over to Lunnetta. She also gives Lunnetta migrants with get worst base on how bright the light she touches is. Gia also cannot disappear until she either makes contact with Lunnetta or reenters any darkness which touches Lunnetta's shadow.

The light required to trigger these effects needs to be unfiltered and direct.
For example:
Sunlight, Light from lamps or lanterns, candles will trigger the effect.
Sunlight through clouds will not trigger these effects
Light which passes though non transparent objects will not trigger these effects.

Lunetta is a loyal follower of Gia and will do anything Gia or anything she believes is Gia said (besides kill herself).

Lunetta can only swap places with her creations once and must wait 3 seconds after their creation to swap with them. It also takes a 1 seconds to swap places and if she or the object she is swapping with is damage, the swap is cancelled and Lunetta is blocked from swapping for the next 30 seconds.

Lunetta's creations are physical and thus cannot pass through walls nor produce shadows or darkness themselves (besides Gia's Soul). Creations not touching Lunetta lose all durability and are easily destroyed.

Rainbows deal double damage to Lunetta.

Lunetta becomes sluggish when under direct sunlight or extremely bright lights.

The Items

Voglia's short sword: A white blade with a black grip and no handle.
Voglia's daggers: A throwing knife owned my each every successor of Gia. A unique knife is given to each successor base on the Shard of Gia they are a host of.
Voglia's 9mm: A 9mm capable of shooting bullets created by successors of Gia.

The Minions

Gia Voglia

The Fluff

Gia can spawn outside of Lunetta's body of her own free will but cannot interact with the world around her unless Lunetta allows it.
Gia and Lunetta can speak telepathically to each other.
Lunnetta is a Flippin Ninja.
The RP Sample

Lunetta stood in front of a building. The moon was out but the stars hid behind the neon lights radiating off the building. "G-Thang" flickered above the door in all read lights. A line of men waited behind a rope. A huge black man with sunglasses and a ear piece held on to the rope opening it only for women. She walked up to the man.

"Name" He bellowed.

"L-Luna" she responded quietly.

"Sorry, we don't accept kids here."

"I... I am not a kid."

Lunetta pulled out a card with the name Voglia and a fake age. The man read the card and flinched.

"S-Sorry, I was unaware his family was in town. Do you need an escort Ms Voglia?" He pulled back the rope and opened the door with a desperate smile.

Lunetta shook her head and walked through. The dance floor was dark despite the multi-color tiles and bluish purple lights dancing over the dance floor. Woman barely clothed spun around poles while men with no shirts and perfect cut bodies guided woman to the bars. Lunetta blushed but a voiced began to whisper in her head.

"My child, is something the matter?"

Lunetta slapped her cheeks, "My apologizes, I won't get distracted again."

She looked around the club avoiding making eye contact with any of the shirtless men. She noticed a stairwell and made her move. However, a shirtless man of Asian descent stopped her while balancing 3 red drinks.

"Ms. you seem lost. The party's this way."

Lunetta froze trying not to look at his shiny waxed chest or budging biceps, "I... uhh buut."

"Let me help you find some fun, I won't accept no as an answer."

He grabbed Lunetta's hand, causing her to almost squeak. She covered her  as he pulled her to a group of attractive guys. Though they where not as appealing to look at as the shirtless man, they where arguably the best looking guys here. There were 5 of them in total. Each dressed in black tuxedos with blue jeans that hugged there cut calves. They also had medallions with Giant "V's" dangling from their neck. On whistled as the group surrounded her. All of them had drinks in their hand, but held them too high for her to see.

"I thought they didn't let kids in here." said the one on the right.
"Yeah, I hope you're not bait?" another one asked.
Lunetta smiled helplessly, "I-I am not a kid or-r  a bait... I think,"

Lunetta looked down, wondering what they meant by "bait". The man behind her grabbed her shoulder and spun her so that she would fall in his arms. She looked at his cup before looking at him in his eyes. Her face blushed as his perfect skin moved closer to hers.

"Sorry, I think I need a drink first," she slipped out of his arms but was stopped by the guy who whistled.

"Why don't we share," He took a sip from his cup before offering it to her, "we know the owner so our stuff is the best in the house."

The liquid had a strong smell that made Lunetta feel dizzy. It did not help that she was slowly finding the group more and more attractive. She stuttered some words as she tried to turn down the cup. Everywhere she turned the guys made sure to stand in her way. She started trembling as they got more aggressive with touching her while flirting, slapping her butt and sneaking feels at her chest. The smells of the drinks reeked from their breath. She was surrounded and closed her eyes in defeat.

"He knows the owner, use you're... resources." whispered the voice.

Lunetta cringed at the idea before turning the the guy who offered her a drink, burying her red facing into his chest.

"It's t-too crowded here... c-can we g-go upstairs?" Her voice wavered as she fought through each word.

The man laughed before downing his cup, "Back away, the lady you are crowding the lady!"

His friends mutter swears under their breath as they left the circle. He wrapped his arm around her and guided her to the stairwell. Lunetta took breaths of fresh air without the smell of those drinks. Her body felt more reactive and it was much easier to think. She notice the shirtless Asian man guiding more people from the stairwell and leaving them alone.

"He blocks off the path, I wonder what they are hiding," pointed out the voice.

Lunetta was more worried about the man doing something else. His grip hurt her shoulder. There was no way a normal girl would escape it. She still smiled with a red face. The man talked all the way up the stairs, bragging about his car or other. Lunetta did not understand and tune most of it out.

As the reach the top, she noticed several doors to the sides of the hall and one door with a giant V in the middle. She made a fist, realizing the V stood for Voglia. This meant that the man holding her was affiliated as well. Suddenly she rose to the air. She looked down to see the man pick her up and carried her into a side room. He locked the door and threw her onto the bed. their he started kissing her neck, ticking her skin with the tiny hairs on his chin.

"Wait!" she pleaded as he moved to her chest, "Can I be on top."

The man confused face turned to a grinned as he rolled off her. Lunetta looked around to room to see only one lamp on a stand next to the man's head. The climbed on top of his stomach and rocked her hips.

The man laughed, "Are you that drunk, Jonny is not on my stomach."

Lunetta's face went bright red as she slowly looked back to see a lump in his pants. Turning back to the man face smug face, she inched back. Instead of sitting on the lump, she stretched forward covering the man's face with her chest. Then she reached out and pushed the lamp off the stand. While it did not turn off, it did cast a cast a shadow of the stand over the man's head and chest. Lunetta stood up and pretended to grab something. Darkness collected into and formed the shape of a knife. Before the man fell out of his horny daze, she thrust the knife into his chest.

He tried to shout in pain but Lunetta shoved her hands over his mouth. He tried to struggle but forgot he was bigger than Lunetta in his drunken state. The blade rested in the right side of his chest, missing the heart.  Her eyes narrow after she sighed.  

"Must you play with your food?" whisper the voice.

"After he played with us? No... I thought the heart was on the left?" She spoke out loud while slowly pulling the knife out of his chest.

"It is but his left my child."


Lunetta slammed the knife into his chest twisting it to minimize recovery.  Then she grabbed his neck and held a finger to her lips, shushing him as she closed his windpipe. The man ceased to struggle. She got off him walked to the lamp. As he picked it up, the shadows shifted off the man's chest and the dagger flickered before fading into nothingness.

"Now for the real target"

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Lunetta Voglia Empty Re: Lunetta Voglia

Post by Samael Christensen on August 6th 2017, 10:21 am

Everything looks fine just want you to know you can't actually use darkness to attack someone in actual pitch darkness.

Approved until stated otherwise

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Lunetta Voglia Empty Re: Lunetta Voglia

Post by Chellizard on November 27th 2017, 10:04 pm

Moved for revamp.

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