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I Don't Know Why (Humanity)

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Re: I Don't Know Why (Humanity)

Post by Drifter on December 6th 2017, 9:28 pm

As irritating as his questions being brushed off yet again was, Lukas had to accept it for now. He could just as easily rant again, it's not like the questions would change. Maybe that's what Matt wanted. Maybe that's why he put things off. So he could retreat from a situation where he was confronted with the hope it would change to something more manageable the next time it was brought up. Now, that may have worked for some people, but Luke was relentless. He wasn't about to let the situation be changed to favor Matt.

No, Drifter didn't really hold this against him as much as he could have, but he hated having his points be ignored. If they were to truly get past them like Matt said he wanted, the guy had to face the music, and not just from Luke, but from Pat as well. There was no way this would be forgotten about. Drifter had too good of a memory.

All this went through Drifter's head as he ran. His freerunning was as much a meditation as it was a way to get from one point to another. He loved Matt, but he didn't know all that much about him. He didn't know WHY someone like his brother would be living the life of a vigilante. What ideals did he have? What reasons did he use to justify his actions? Did he even fucking have any, or was this just for fun? Luke cared too much for Matt to let that go.

Drifter bounded over a guard railing, and just like that, he was free falling three stories. He hit the mattresses on top of his car with his back down. Sure, it was terrifying, but he was fine more or less. He'd been slammed harder, after all. Regardless, after landing the vigilante got up and cut the pads loose from his vehicle. After that, it was only a matter of getting in, and storming off.

Luke used his phone as he drove, swiping a few times. He had gotten a read on the communications link the others were using. Granted he couldn't tap into the network, but he knew the specific frequency they were using, meaning he could send and perhaps receive a message with that frequency. He of course did so with a simple radio app he had.

"....I'm out. Just past the corner of Third and Ash.... Where are we meeting? And please, nobody say 'tomorrow' or some bullshit. There's still some unresolved crap we need to talk about," Luke said as he drove, awaiting a response. He couldn't just accept Matt and these others were vigilantes and not even question why. Everyone had a reason. Drifter knew his, and intended to share it, but he needed to hear Matt's, from his own mouth, and maybe even the reasons the others had for doing it. Otherwise, they were no better then criminals. No better then serial killers, doing it just for enjoyment.

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Re: I Don't Know Why (Humanity)

Post by Humanity on December 6th 2017, 10:59 pm

"Well, if you wanna come over you can. Steaks at Stan's house!" Ash gave an enthusiastic cheer through the mic, leaving Citizen and Drifter to groan or react however they chose. But it oly a breath had pased before the wounded vigilante spoke up.

"Remember context Alex." The voice came across the line, quickly correcting the slightly upbeat voice of Ashtyn.That immediately was followed by a groan of pain before a random word in a foreign language. "Third street is a nice place though, Ash street has some nice houses. Go to "Copa del Diablo" it's down past Ash. You're dressed for it. Tell 'em "Hermano" is in danger." He said, letting Luke do so.

"Stan?" Ash asked, wary of the silence in the third party.

"I'm fucking coming. Jesus Christ....can't even get a concussion without having someone on my back." The modified voice of Humanity came across, though he seemed to be grumbling moreso than anything. "Drifter, I see you. Look to your 11. Fourth alleyway in." He offered to Luke, though he was busy applying pressure bandaging to his hand. In a moment he'd need touse some of his Stripspray to destabalize the blood he left on the ground, hopefully by then Luke would be able to meet back with him.


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