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Terran  Empty Terran

Post by PoeticPlatypus on July 23rd 2017, 8:22 pm


"I never wanted this, but I won't give up. Wherever you are, whoever you are I will protect you. You have my word. I won't let anything happen to you."

The Bio

Real Name:Sam Slater
Hero Name: Terran
Title: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 213
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210bs.
Blood type: AB-

The Looks

The Personality

"Sam was always a fairly honest, if blunt person. Sure, he went to Georgia to become rich, but it was really to make sure his family had a better life. He was honest, funny, just. Someone who would invite you into his home and put food on your plate if you were starving, give you a bed if you were sleeping on the ground. It wasn't that he felt sorry for them, but that he knew sometimes everyone needs a hand sometimes. Sam was hardworking too. Probably a trait he got from his father, who never let him just sit by and idle. Sam knew that if you wanted something you had to work for it, it was never going to just be handed to you. He was a great father. Loved his children more than anything else in this world, and would have done anything to protect them. That's who he was. A protector. He couldn't stand seeing people being treated poorly." - Funeral Eulogy for Sam Slater
The Story

Sam was born in the year of 1804 to farming parents in Tennessee. They weren't rich by any means, but their livestock got them by pretty well. He was the youngest of four brothers. His oldest brother was 7 years older and it just went down from there. His father and his mother were very religious people, and also very hardworking. His father was up every morning before the sun and back to bed just as it was setting. Grueling work to be sure, but he was proud of what they had built. Sam had gotten a fairly decent education growing up as well. Now, this was back in the day when they had one room classrooms and the Kindergartners were referred to as Abecedarians. That's "ay-bee-see-dair-ee-uns," it's where they went to learn their ABC's. School wasn't really all that different than it is today, they learned to read and write, learned history and civil government, math and bookkeeping. Okay, maybe some things were a bit different. Regardless, Sam got a pretty good education.

As the years went on, and he and his brothers got older, it became pretty clear on what path he would take. When he was 8 years old, his eldest brother William volunteered to join war against the United Kingdom it what then became known as the war of 1812. His brother passed away three years later close to the end of the war in battle. This news hit the family hard, as William was expected that he would take over the farm for their father. This left his now eldest brother George as the next in line for the inheritance. It was a good thing too, as George was a hard worker just like their father. Time continued on and four years after this, George passed away from dysentery. This left just Charles and Sam as the only children left. Charles was three years older than Sam, which made them both 15 and 12 respectively. This death was too much for their mother who died from apparent grief.

Their father continued to raise them alone, never marrying again after the death of his wife. Eight years after this, Charles had married and had two children and taken over the farm for their father who passed the previous summer. Sam, now an adult left his home and married a girl he had been sweet on since childhood. They married and soon after had a son and daughter, James and Margaret.

The year now 1828 and Sam had just turned 24. His son and daughter ages 4 and 3 respectively. Sam had heard of gold being found in Georgia, and moved his family down from Tennessee to strike their riches. He knew this could be their chance at a fortune and a better life for his children than working the land or working hard jobs for whoever was paying. They could have it set for the rest of their days. This unfortunately did not last. He had found some small nuggets of gold, but not nearly enough to make a difference. A friend he had made in Georgia by the name of Jim during this time, told him of a cave mouth he thought would have more gold than either would know what to do with. The stream they had been searching led into this cave, so it was a sure shot. He and the man both spent weeks in this cave with pickax, clearing away the stone and searching tirelessly for gold.

Finally one afternoon they found something. Not gold, but something else....some mineral they had never seen before. It glowed blue, which couldn't be right? Was this something even more rare than gold? Perhaps. Neither would ever find out. They had dug too deep and the cave began to collapse. Rocks falling and shaking the ground around them.  Jim got his leg struck by a boulder, pinning him in the shallow waters. Sam couldn't leave him and save himself, so instead he stayed and helped Jim from beneath the rubble and to his feet. Too late however. The walls began to buckle and there wasn't time to think. Sam shoved Jim out of the cave, leaving him to be buried in the rubble.

He was declared dead. No one could survive something like that, and it was too dangerous for anyone to move the debris and search. Life went on, days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. Sam wasn't dead however. Only unconscious. He had survived this cave-in somehow, though badly injured. Through these open wounds, this strange mineral found a way into his bloodstream, keeping him in a comatose state, similar to being cryogenically frozen. Years continued, decades and even centuries passed.

It wasn't until someone began digging in the year 2017 that he awoke from his slumber. Some company was going to build a store on this site, but never would have guessed what they would unearth. They found a man, roughly in his forties buried under the earth. He seemed alive, was breathing normally. Then, Sam opened his eyes to a world he could not imagine.....
The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

General Earth Manipulation information. Ability to manipulate elements derived from the earth such as rock, concrete, sand and other various minerals.

Terraportation - Terran has the ability to phase and teleport through the earth and reappear in another place, wherever the earth is available to protrude from. (In combat can only teleport up to 100 feet only being that he can see his destination beforehand)

Terrakinetic Constructs - The ability to form the earth into tools, weapons, armor or appendages. Even certain life-like constructs on a small scale. Also the ability to create walls of stone and rock, and form projectiles of different shapes as a form of attack.

Seismic Sense - Terran has the ability to use physical contact with the ground to pick up on even the slightest vibrations, perceiving them as normal sight.

Geokinetic Surfing - Using the earth in such a way that allows the user to move at a faster speed.

Preservation - The minerals that flow through his bloodstream and kept him alive through out the centuries have slowed the aging process down drastically and continue to do so. Though he is over 200 years old, the timespan of him gaining the abilities to now, have only aged his body 20 or so years.

The Weaknesses

Terran is unable to use his abilities unless he stays in direct contact with some form of earth. The sky and ocean are foreign places to him, that make his abilities nearly useless.

His earthen materials themselves are weak to erosion from sources such as water, ice, or air.

His Terraportation on the other side, causes small and minimal tremors within the earth and causing the ground to shake just slightly, giving away where he would be coming out at.

His earthen materials are quite susceptible to the use of electricity, particularly lighting. Often completely shattering a complete wall of stone.

Because his body is aging so much slower than everyone else, it also makes it take longer for him to heal. Colds might last months, a wound might take just as long to heal. A severe injury like a broken arm or leg, could take up to a year. This makes him more careful, and much more likely to use the earth as armor to protect himself.
The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

Sams family is still out there somewhere, though they won't know him. His children had children and so on. He would protect his family, and be their guardian angel wherever they may be.
The RP Sample

The day had been as busy as a day could go. Woken up just as the sun shone, and breaking fast as quickly as was possible. It was a long road to King's Landing, and it would be some time before they reached the capitol. Kendis hurried to get his children up and dressed, and packed what was a necessity. They need not be overburdened, so only a few cases were filled. Then, he gathered a decent amount of the house guard to accompany he and his family, without leaving the Eyrie defenseless. Out of the five hundred men that guarded the castle, he took a quarter. Enough to see any threat that might arise. Kendis knew full well how dangerous the roads could be if you weren't adequately protected, and he would take no chances when it came to his family's safety. It was never an easy thing to pack up one's family and take them across the country, but it was something that had to be done. When you are called to serve the King, there's little you can do but to answer and take your place where you're needed.

Now, they had been traveling for several days, only stopping on rare occasions. His children had spent most of the trip in the carriage, aside from the stops in which they played outside, albeit close to the guards. Though the road had been somewhat peaceful over the last few years, Kendis could never bring himself to trust that no one would come out and attack them. Avery had insisted that she ride alongside him on her own horse, only leaving to the carriage every hour or so, to check on the children and keep them entertained. He nearly always gave her what she wanted, not able to refuse her anything. He knew how she felt about being denied something. Eleven years, spending every day with someone, you get to know all their little kinks. Kendis stayed at the head of the caravan for most of the trip. While he would have rather been with his family, he knew it would be better for the men if he lead the caravan, as a new member of the small council.

The small council. The thought of serving on it made him uneasy. He understood of course, that it was his duty to the realm, and it was one he would not shirk, but he still had other thoughts. Taking his family to such a corrupting city, was not something he would relish. If he could, he would simply have left them at the Eyrie, but he knew he could not. It would not be proper for him to leave and live in the city by himself. Also, he did not know how the city would affect him. Becoming the Master of Laws was a noble position, dealing with the city's criminals, which in truth was a perfect position for a member of House Arryn. His family had a long history as men of justice, though his brother was more the perfect choice than he. Kendis knew that his moral judgement would be put to the test in the fact of justice. In the Eyrie, he could deal with the criminals as he felt necessary in place of his brother. If the crime was not so severe, the punishment would not be. In the capitol however, the justice would have to be unwavering, and the punishments grave.

Staring out along the road, Kendis slowed his horse and turned around. He hadn't checked on his family in a few hours, and decided it was about time. Avery had gone back to the carriage the last time they stopped, to take care of the children. He rested a hand on the pommel of his newly crafted sword. He had one before of course, but he needed a new one to go with his appointed position. The sword was magnificent. The hilt a dark blue, the pommel a ghost white falcon head. The blade was as sharp as any sword would be, no nicks to be found along the side. It had yet to be swung at anyone, and he hoped that it would soon not be. He had no thirst for violence, as most other lords in the realm seemed to have. He would rather have a nice conversation instead of a bloody battle.

Finding the carriage in the middle of the caravan, he pulled up beside it and brushed the curtain aside. Inside, Avery and their children were resting comfortably. Aubrey and Denton fast asleep, Brannon awake and counting the threads in their blanket. He could see the bored expression on his face, and knew he wanted to finish the journey. Avery peeked up from the little ones, and gave the same radiant smile she always had when she saw him. "Hello love, have you come to see the little ones?" Kendis could not stop himself from smiling back at her. Even if she had not smiled, he felt joy whenever he looked at her. "The children, and you love. How are you faring?" He knew how the trip to the Eryie eleven years was for her, and hoped it went easier this time. "Well enough, but I will be glad when it is over." Avery brushed the dark ebony hair that hid her face, and it shone from the sunlight that seeped into the carriage. "How are you doing?" He would chuckle at her comment, and look down at her question, a sigh escaping his lips. It was a question that he knew she would ask, and the answer had been heavy on his mind all day. "In truth, I am not looking forward to the responsibility, nor staying in the capitol. Though, I will do what I must as always." He left her gaze and turned toward their offspring. "How are the children?"

"I am sure you will do very well, my love." Avery gave him a reassuring smile, rubbing Denton's back as he slept. "They are fine, if a bit bored. I am sure they will be much happier when we are done traveling." He nodded and kept watch on the children, smiling to them. "I suppose we shall see, won't we? Still, I would sooner we were back home." His attention turned back toward the front of the caravan, taking note of the landmark that helped show the way. "Well, traveling does take it's toll on everyone eventually. Brannon, are you keeping your mother safe from bandits?" He grinned to himself as Brannon shot up with a large smile. "Of course, father! No bandits will even come close to mother! He gave him a quick nod, Denton stirring slightly at the shout of his brother. "That's my strong boy." Avery caught his attention once more, with her soft voice. "How much longer do you think it will be?" Kendis turned back to the landmark that they were passing and estimated. We should arrive at King's Landing before the sun sets." He noted the expression on her face. "Great." She paused and sighed. "I haven't been to King's Landing since I was a child." He watched her, a frown crossing his lips as he steadily walked the horse beside the carriage. "Your brother will be there, won't he? I know how long it has been since you've seen your family. Are you nervous?" His voice thick with concern for her.

"I suppose that he will be there." She looked down at her knees for only a moment. "I've haven't seen Roland in a long while, not since our wedding day." He followed her gaze and shook his head, reaching inside the carriage and brushing his thumb along her cheek. "Not to worry, love. I am sure he will be ever excited to see you." She only looked up at him, a faint smile across her lips. "I can only hope for as much, Kendis." He let his hand fall down and grasp hers, bringing it to his lips and kissing at the back of it. "I had best get back to the front. I will let you know when we've arrived. Don't worry, love." With one last smile, he released her hand and galloped back toward the front of the caravan, to take his place with the men. His mind wandering with what could be expected as they enter the city.

((Apologize for the length. It's the most recent post I have from anything of note.))

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Terran  Empty Re: Terran

Post by Chellizard on July 25th 2017, 12:24 am

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