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Parasite X-23845's

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Parasite X-23845's Empty Parasite X-23845's

Post by Fricton on July 18th 2017, 9:13 pm



The Bio

Real Name: Parasite X-23845's
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: Parasite X-23845's
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 4-0
Race:Parasite X-23845
Blood type:N/A

The Looks

They look like large slugs outside of a host, but they are actually compound strands that, once on the brain, open out and creep into the grooves in the brain.

The Personality

Like their master, they have no emotions, nor personality. However, it is even more to a degree, as they don't even have intelligence.

The Story

A few years ago, in mainland U.S.A, a new parasite was discovered and named Parasite X-23845. However, the government did nothing to stop it, as it was harmless to the human body. Because they left it in the human population they found out one of its properties: it had a very high mutation chance. The first to surface was a type of parasite that made the body start to gain muscle mass, and it's residue was a steroid that even further developed the host's body. While most people who were infected with this strand were shunned for drug use, a famous football player was infected by this strand, which led to it being discovered in a drug test.

The government decided to put a stop to this, and quarantine all 846 people who had been infected by Parasite X-23845 so far. They started running tests, and discovered 5 more mutations

After a while, a new mutation, Mutation #7, arose. It broke the rest of the Parasite X-23845's out of the lab, and they were free to roam and infect as they pleased. However, Mutation #7 started to control them, and made them his servants. The unmutated were sent into the nearby city of New York, and he took the mutated ones as his own mutant army.
The Priority

1. Agility4
2. Endurance2
3. Reaction1
4. Strength3

Mutation #1 (Strength)
1. Agility4
2. Endurance2
3. Reaction3
4. Strength1

Mutation #2 (Indestructibility)
1. Agility4
2. Endurance1
3. Reaction3
4. Strength2

Mutation #3 (Regeneration)
1. Agility2
2. Endurance1
3. Reaction3
4. Strength4

Mutation #4 (Fire-Bomb)
1. Agility1
2. Endurance4
3. Reaction2
4. Strength3

Mutation #5 (Disruption)
1. Agility4
2. Endurance1
3. Reaction2
4. Strength3

Mutation #6 (Electric)
1. Agility1
2. Endurance3
3. Reaction4
4. Strength2

The Powers

Universal Powers:
Mind Control: They control the mind of their hosts (Permission based for PC's, if they accept they'll be in the total arc of Mutation #7. )

Suicide: All X-23845 parasites can make themselves combust, making a small fire and killing themselves

Infect: Through a host's touch they can leave juveniles on a human/meta-human's skin which will grow up in 2-3 weeks (Permission Based)

Hive Mind: They can send info back to Mutation #7, and are organised by him through this.

Mutation #1:

Strength: Steroids are produced and spread through the body of the host, increasing muscle growth to the levels bodybuilders who'd been lifting weights their whole lives.

Mutation #2:

Indestructibility: A genetic edit is made to the blood of the host, making the blood in their veins harden when pressure is placed on them, protecting the host's body.

Mutation #3:

Regeneration: The host's self repair system goes on hyperdrive, flooding every injury with enough healing enzymes that the host can survive almost every attack, even to the extent of regrowing limbs.

Mutation #4:

Fire-Bomb: The flames caused by it's combustion are 100x bigger than the normal amount for a X-23845

Mutation #5:

Shriek: The host shrieks so loud that others are deafened for 5-10 minutes. If multiple Mutation #5s shriek together, the effects can sometimes even be permanent.

Mutation #6:

Electric: The electric impulses in the nerves can be increased 1000x times until the host is literally coursing with electricity. They are highly immune to electricity.

The Weaknesses

Universal Weaknesses:
Docile: Although they are vicious, at heart they are innocent. They only fight because they are being made to, and if the commands stopped they would be harmless once more.

Spastic: Infected hosts get spasms occasionally, the more powerful the X-23845, the more sudden and violent the spasm

Unorganised: While Mutation #7 is distracted they are unorganised and easy to defeat.

Walking to death: As they must obey every command Mutation #7 he often sends them to their death as he merely views them as tools.

Juvenile: As juveniles they possess all the weaknesses, but none of the powers.

Weak: Without a host they are as weak as a slug

Fire: Because of their Suicide ability, they overheat very easily. Fire makes the Suicide ability activate.

Interruption: If Hive Mind was "hacked" the parasites would be at the control of another person.

Mutation #1:

Identifiable: Due to the incredible amounts of muscle each of them have they are easy to spot and identify, whereas the other Mutations are hard to know which Mutation they are.

Host Death: After a long time in a single host the muscles of the host grow so big they are actually unhealthy, even big enough that the skin splits resulting in blood loss.

Mutation #2:

Blades: While most attacks they can shrug off, even ones like being attacked by a sledgehammer, blades tear straight through them as they don't compress the blood.

Hardening: Because of the way the blood compresses to block they cannot move when they are struck until the force is removed.

Mutation #3:

Not Immortal: While they can withstand major blows they are not immortal. A beheading or stab through the heart will still kill the host.

Mutation #4:

Slow: The host is way slower than a regular human.

One trick pony: Their big trick only happens once. After that the host, and the parasite, are dead.

Mutation #5:

Deaf: To protect themselves, these mutations don't utilise the host's hearing senses

Slow reload: The Shriek power can only be used once every 2 hours (Every 15 posts)

Mutation #6:

No Brain: This mutation's hosts have had their brains completely destroyed, and they can't act as a regular person so they must be ordered by Mutation #7 for every little thing.

Host Death: After a long time in a single host the host just can't continue to be used because the nerves overload and the muscles become useless.

The Items

Human: A regular human who they use as their host

(Some) Meta-Human: a Meta-Human that they use as a host. They can use the powers of their host as well as their own powers (if they're a mutation).

The Owner

Mutation #7
The Fluff

They're evil slugs who control and infiltrate humans and their societies.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Parasite X-23845's Empty Re: Parasite X-23845's

Post by Chellizard on August 4th 2017, 8:58 pm

Separate the powers from the weaknesses.

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