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The Staff of Ra

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OPEN Re: The Staff of Ra

Post by Voltage March 15th 2018, 11:19 pm

Voltage stops casting lightning at them for a moment and stares to the sun’s light. He notices the damage he has done, and slowly lowers back down to the ground. As the sand touches the bottoms of his feet, his eyes shut and for the first time all day, he smiles. For a short moment the area is calm, and the wind is heard once again. Voltage rotates his fingers on his right hand, creating a little ball of electricity as he walks closer to Siren.

”Maybe we should talk, seeing as me throwing lightning at you both is obviously not working for me, and is just tiring you both out. So, how would you wish to go about this? Peacefully remove yourselves from my direction so I can retrieve what I travelled for, or will I have to turn you both into coma patients to get what I need? The choice is up to you both, but you have little time to decide. In fact, your buzzer just beeped. No answer, very well then. I can’t say that I’m not happy neither of you could come up with a solid answer for me. And we were so close to a compromise, too.” Voltage says as he pulls out the now beach ball sized orb of electricity.

Voltage tosses the orb directly at Siren, but before it can even make it towards him he floats out of it’s radius and starts shooting strikes of lightning at them both again. Voltage flies over their heads slowly as he continues striking lightning down on them as he attempts to slip by them with the art of distraction. Voltage drops back down onto the sandy desert ground and continues to fire shots of lightning at them until he randomly falls through the sand down into what seems to be a secret entrance.


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OPEN Re: The Staff of Ra

Post by GamerXZ March 18th 2018, 9:23 pm

Siren narrowed her eyes at seeing the self-proclaimed god landing and walking towards them. Her suspicions were proven right when the man created a electricity sphere the size of a beach ball and threw it at them. "Look out!!" She rushed to meet it and caught the sphere with both hands, gnarling her teeth as the ball sent its electrical power through her, to the point she felt her feet skidding back through the sand. Even with her Absorption power, it was still a struggle to hold it back.

However, she stood her ground and pushed back against it, covering herself in a telekinetic field to help control it as she steadied herself. It was a lot of power, for sure, definitely not something to safely absorb as it could explode on her. As such, she turned to call out to Pinnacle, "Get down and cover your ears!!!" She then pushed herself to at least shove the orb away and thus redirecte it so it rocketed into the sky where a few seconds later, it exploded in a bright flash.

Singes covering her arms and face, Siren fell to her knees, breathing heavily as she checked the scenery, "Bugger...must've taken off after throwing that sphere...we gotta find him and fast."
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OPEN Re: The Staff of Ra

Post by Pinnacle July 29th 2019, 11:50 pm

Israel kept his current form of Akhendjekhwati and followed the man's movements while slightly turning aside the lightning bolts with minor flicks of his wrist.

You come here to Egypt for a tour, and suddenly you become part of the spectacle. Israel thought with a sigh.

Soon, the man dropped beneath the sand through a passage which was quite apparent to Israel from the beginning through his full access to the electromagnetic spectrum.

In response, Israel began to coalesce an invisible and growing blanket of neutronium which would radiate life energy to heal Siren from her injuries, as absorbing bits of the lightning energy that was so readily being thrown about made this in no way draining to do.

He then floated in after the would-be god, phasing through the sand if necessary. The neutronium he would keep on standby while producing more as he went. This matter could be repurposed later.

The Staff of Ra - Page 2 PinnacleSig
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