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The Staff of Ra

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OPEN The Staff of Ra

Post by Voltage on July 18th 2017, 4:05 am

The bright Earth sun beats down on the sand of the Eastern Desert as the hot currents of wind flow through the humid air. Footsteps are easily audible throughout the entire desert. Slightly to the right of the hill of sand, there are a dozen men are seen guarding a wooden crate. They are wearing white robes and have the mark of the thief on their faces. From the blue sky a man in grey colored armor appears before them. His skin is light blue, like the color of lightning, and is constantly moving, as if it had too. As the man floats down to where he is slightly above them, they abruptly stop and stand guard of the wooden crate.

“Stealing is only a crime if you are weak, old, or poor. Those who are rich do not steal according to your planet, they apprehend, they siege, they take what belongs to them. Call it what it want, but you are still committing the same act as one another. You are taking what you think belongs to you.You see, I do not plan on taking what I think belongs to me, I am taking what is my right.” Voltage says as the men all stare at him confused for a short second. As they finally catch up to what the Skadusian is saying they begin to burst into laughter. The one who seems to be the leader of the group steps towards him with a smile on his face.

“Listen, flying boy. You think that we don’t prepare ourselves for you meta-shithead scum bags who think just because you have powers that you are better than all of us normal thieves? You are nothing to us, and you aren’t taking an’thin from us, do you hear, ya balaw bialyd brik?"

“Too bad I no longer have testicles you sorry waste of a life. I know what you have in this wooden crate is of no use to me. I can feel the electricity in it. The thing is maybe worth one decent town whore, if even that. No, no, no, what I am on the search for, is a lot lighter than this little Ancient Egyptian trinket. It is the staff of Rha.” Voltage yells without a care to the world. “I have been traveling the Universe, going from planet to planet in search for this staff. Who knew all nine of the Skadusian ancient weapons were here.”

“The staff isn’t real. It be something we made up, just to sell a piece of wood for a quick fuck. You know how it is, don’t you? I’m sure before you got smoothed that you had plenty of women wherever you came from. Maybe I even found that same woman later in her life and shown her what a real man feels like.” The man says to Voltage with a smirk on his face. The self-proclaimed God loses his patience and drops down to the ground. The twelve men all attempt to stop him, but he manages to open the crate with his bare hands. The men all stumble back as the ground begins to shake. Inside of the crate is the staff head of Ra. Also in the crate is a battery for a Tank. Voltage stares at the battery, and quickly two bolts of lightning appear into his hands. He quickly tosses one up into the air and it shocks eleven out of the twelve men standing around him, leaving the leader standing unharmed.

“So, are you going to tell me another lie on how there is no staff of Ra? Or are you going to tell me where you have hidden the rest of the staff? You see, unlike these “metas” you may have been able to fight off, I am a product of my father. He thought he could create an obedient machine out of me. You remind me a lot of him. So here, before I kill you I will tell you a story. I was the youngest of my nine brothers, and so I was treated with more special treatment than the rest. My brother, Larvarrius was never made smooth, because he was exiled. Well, I fell in love. Something looked down on in my culture. So, when I came clean about it to my father, he made me prematurely smooth. And to top it all off he had his oldest son, Larvarrius fuck the love of my life just moments before my father would also have her executed. He turned me into what you see today. I never got to kill my father, but I gladly put a lightning rod in the back of my brother. Now, you will get the same fate he once did.” Voltage shouts as he cocks his arm back to stab the leader in the back with the lightning rod.

“Wait, please don’t!” The leader pleads. “I will tell you what countries they are located in. I swear it.” The leader says, with tears streaming down his face. “The base of the staff is located here in Egypt in the Great Sand Desert. The dagger of Anubis is located in Tokyo, Japan now. And the spear of Ptah is located in the United States somewhere. Now can I please go?”

“Let me think on it, no.” Voltage says as he stabs the leader with a lightning rod. “Now, there is no denying that the Leader of this fine organization heavily guarded the base of the staff. If I am to retrieve it, I will need more help than I’d like to admit. Especially at the state I’m in right now.”

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OPEN Re: The Staff of Ra

Post by RedRanger on August 3rd 2017, 3:35 pm

“Damn it,” Sliver cursed to himself as he peddled as fast as he could towards the drop off site, “motel alarm clocks are a piece of crap.” The cities street were a confusing mess to him, but probably because he was effectively a tourist. The streets were crowded, the air hot and dry. Luckily though Sliver had was not at a loss for places to change into costume before departing on a bike towards the the edge of the city. It was a surprisingly easy ride, as crowded cities go, almost as if it was made for the weaving and darting of a bicycle.

As he exited the city boundaries, Sliver was glad he invested in renting a fat bike for desert travel. A little snooping back home had revealed where some sort of mystical package was heading to. A big break in heroic potential for the young hero, he immediately took a vacation off from work to head out to Egypt to intercept it. Except now he was late and might barely see the cargo being transferred, or whatever was destined for it here. He wasn't going in with that much information, to be honest. The most he knew was that something not so legal was going down, a combination of an arms deal and artifact transfer, the location and the amount of people that should be there.

Thank god for those water packs you could just wear and sip at your leisure. Sliver’s mask was partially off to accommodate this, but a few minutes out from the site (finding such upon some post-landing investigation, another lucky break) had him tucking the water tube away and fixing his mask. He had ridden for miles at this point, the sheer amount of sweat threatening to drown him. Luckily the fabric was relatively porous, mostly just for show. Unluckily

Now it was just a sand dune that lay between him and the gang that he could hopefully take by surprise. Apparently there was supposed to be about a dozen of them. Luckily the sun was to his back, something Sliver could take advantage of. As he approached, he heard some shouting about fathers and smoothing, and mentioning a rod and weapons. Jackpot. There was also crackling of electricity. Then relative silence.

So either there was a zap gun or some sort of meta-human. Probably the latter. Great. A final push on his bike took Sliver to the crest of the hill. He felt a buzz from deep within. From the top, he viewed the open crate, a gleaming head to a staff inside. More noticeably was the man in blue, electricity practically trapped under his skin, along with about a dozen men collapsed on the ground. All save the blue man appeared to be either unconscious or possibly dead.

“What the hell happened here? Are they alive?” Sliver yelled, dismounting his bike, running to check the pulse of the closest person on the ground. “Do you know any cpr? Did you use a misfire of… whatever the hell you can do, if it even was you?”

Oh please let there be a pulse, Sliver thought.

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OPEN Re: The Staff of Ra

Post by Voltage on August 4th 2017, 2:18 am

Voltage paced back and forth before the hero, showing no change in emotion since killing the leader of men. He abruptly stops as he notices a lone building, almost as if a fortress in the distance. He extends his arms out as lightning quickly flies from his hands up into the clear sky.

“I can manipulate him.” Voltage whispers to himself as he begins to pace again. “He doesn’t seem as if he can even comprehend what has occurred or what will if he continues to stay within my shock range. I think I can manipulate him. I am the prophecy that is the god Ra. I have already begun to bring light to the dark lands of sand. What would be the harm in manipulating one hero to do my dirty work?” Voltage whispers as he continues to pace on. He abruptly stops again, but this time he turns to Silver with an almost sincere worrisome expression on his face. “These men were trying to sell me to the country of Russia to become their weapon of mass destruction. You see, I am what you would call, the key to everything. Essentially, I can become unstoppable if I had the want or need. But nevermind that, do you see that fortress to the West of us?” The self-proclaimed God shouts to Silver as he steps closer to him, his tone of voice doesn’t change. “Miskien sou ek praat in hierdie taal help maak jy verstaan die ware vermoëns van my bevoegdhede,” Voltage says with a small smirk on his face. “Ou peut-être en Français ? El español es más bien divertido idioma hablar así. Estoy seguro de que no entiendes lo que es lo que estoy diciendo, so I will quit taunting you, poor boy.” Voltage says as he glances around the desert quickly.

Quote : "Why is it that when heroes gain powers, they're never put to question, but when someone like myself does, you all ridicule me and question how many of you I will kill. If I could choose a number of

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OPEN Re: The Staff of Ra

Post by Sponsored content

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