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Ren Morana

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Ren Morana Empty Ren Morana

Post by Ren Morana on July 10th 2017, 3:05 am

Ren Morana

"The good guys and the bad guys all sound pretty stupid once it dawns on you everyone is gonna die anyway."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Ren Morana
Alignment: CG
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human?
Ethnicity: White
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125 Ib
Blood type: B+

The Looks

Ren Morana 48c5dba6473e5311391139b5a631c53c
Ren Morana 835f728a143692eb45613081b86533f7

The Legacy

Personality: Ren is surprisingly enthusiastic despite the common idea that kids that dress like him are always depressed. Sure, he has his moments of cynicism, but generally he is not your average whiny emo. In the end, his style is a product of him being into the occult more then anything else. You can call him an emo or a goth, but he certainly doesn't feed into it. He much rather be refereed to by his name.

Ren is inquisitive, resourceful, and generally adaptable. Nothing seems to surprise the young man at this point. At 17, he has seen some of the most reality defying things to ever exist, ranging from the magic side of things all the way to metahumans. Basically, he knows about this world and the beings that are capable of coming from it.

Ren can seem pretentious at times, but it doesn't seem to be true arrogance. He'll say him acting superior was a running gag with him and his friends, and that it just seemed to stick with him despite the fact he really doesn't care who is "better" at anything. In reality, Ren cares about the well being of most people, even if he doesn't always show it.

Despite the nature of his powers, Ren despises death. His powers are more of a curse to him, but a curse he is using now to make sure nothing like what happened to him happens to anyone else. He's using Death for Life, Darkness for Light. If he could have his way, the world would be free of pointless pain.

History: Ren is a self imposed outcast. He didn't have to seclude himself, he didn't have to become the freak of his school, but he couldn't hide who he truly was. Ren's interests took priority over friendship, education, and practically everything else. He first acquired a liking toward the creepy, dark, and unnerving. Something about the nature of dread, fear, and anxiety called to him. This was an innocent interest as it was, but that spiraled into more.........serious things.

He began studying Wicca, magic, the dark arts, and everything his religious family felt was evil or taboo. The darker it was said to be, the more Ren wanted to explore it. His curiosity was not out of a lust for power, or even knowledge, but a primal urge to see why people felt so strongly against the dark arts.

One day, the schoolboy went a little too far. He had solved a riddle which lead him to a necromancer's trinkets, the only thing he left to the world before perishing. Buried beneath the ground along with the old wizard's body, Ren unearthed what could only be described as the definitive magical work on death.

Being who he is, Ren set about reading, performing all the rituals he was able to to boot. None seemed to work. That is, until he found a rather curious note in the book, addressed to him despite the fact it appeared to be at least a hundred years old.

Hi, Ren, old buddy old pal. You solved my riddle! I'm really proud of you So-, i mean, kid.

Now, you see, this dead guy here messed with the wrong SoB, and now he's hanging with me. Hehe, that kinda rhymed. Maybe not fully, but it's catchy, ya know?

Anyway, take the book, read through all the boring stuff he put in there, and unlock your true potential! You're like him! Lil Grim Reaper, only you have......... Well, let's just say a "different" style. Lose the bullet belt, kid.

But, right, back on track. In the coming weeks, the book will activate your mojo. Use it wisely, and do me proud! I believe in yooooouu. Signed, Big Daddy Death.

PS, if you die, we have a seat saved for you. We're playing The Game of Life, as suggested by a good friend of mine. Monopoly was getting boring, and it was less ironic.

Obviously confused, but more curious then ever, Ren took the book and the sorcerer's devices. As was foretold, he gained the power of his predecessor.

Instead of using it in the way anyone else would, however, he decided to try to prevent death, rather then cause it. Despite protests from the oddly uppity being claiming o be Death, he did with the powers what he wanted, and hasn't stopped trying to help stop the world's pain since.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Death Touch: Ren's standard ability is the power to channel a black energy into anything he makes physical contact with. This energy is incredibly lethal, causing the target to shutdown and die after only a short amount of time. For normal humans, it only takes a few seconds to kill them, and a graze to bring them to their knees. Of course, people with durability or a healing factor have a much stronger resistance to it.

Grave Leap: Ren can teleport through any grave, skull, body, or other death related objects instantly.  

Darkest Part: Over a radius of about a half mile, Ren projects darkness. It is seemingly night for no reason science can tell within this 'aura.'

The Night Is Mine: Ren can see perfectly in darkness.

My Domain: While in a graveyard, tomb, or other place of the dead, Ren gains unfathomable durability on the level of the strongest of metahumans. You could drop a plane on him and he would be just fine. Must be a religious place, so no, not just a hole full of bodies.

Supernatural: Ren is attuned to the supernatural. This means he can see spirits, interact with mystical things in ways normal people wouldn't be able to, and perform plot based spells.


Physically Human: When not in a graveyard or other select places of the dead, Ren is physically human, and can be gunned down just as easily as anyone else.

Light: Natural light is Ren's bane. No, it won't burn his skin, but his powers become nearly nonexistent and he will get sick to the point of heaving up blood if exposed for too long.

Gate Destruction: Harming either the entry or exit object of Ren's teleportation is like harming the young man himself. He will be brought back to where he started if either is damaged enough, with wounds to boot.

Undead: Ironically, the undead are a bit of an issue for Ren's powers, He hasn't yet gained any form of dominion over them like his predecessor did with his necromancy, and as such has no way of dealing with them as they are immune to his Death Touch.

Of This World: If Ren is relocated to a different realm, pocket dimension, or other place disconnected from the the normal SHRP reality (such as inside specific runes), he loses all of his abilities.

A Champion: Ren gets his power from other beings. Anything that could possibly cut off a person from magic or spirits would serve to depower him

RP Mechanics

Proxy of Death: In his current state as a proxy of a being calling themselves "Death," Ren will resurrect in the nearest graveyard upon being killed. Takes a few days.

Physical Priority
Endurance 1
Reaction 2
Agility 3
Strength 4
Ren Morana
Ren Morana

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Ren Morana Empty Re: Ren Morana

Post by Arcana on July 10th 2017, 3:32 am

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