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Post by Xan on July 6th 2017, 11:31 pm


"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name:
Villain Name:
Blood type:

The Looks

This is a rough sketch of Tube-Man, by a young witness who claims to have been nearby during one of his first attacks.

The Personality

The Story

Zenon's story begins at a depressing point in her life. In fact, it was probably one of the most depressing for her home country in it's history, as 1932 would go on to be considered one of America's less then ideal time periods. At the age of eight, Zenon and her polish immigrant parents struggled to get by. Having barely anything to their name, they simply lived on the streets, in houses of makeshift cardboard and found papers. But Zenon continued to believe in the American dream of her birth country, the dream that her parents told her everyday that this was the country where anyone could make something of themsleves. She tried to look for places to work so she could support, but none of the local businesses would hire her. As work became more difficult to find, the more ill her parents became, eventually succumbing to their death. Driven to try to make her parents' sarcifice of their lives, thanks to their move to the land of stars and stripes in hopes of finding a place with hope for her future, worth something, she eventually found herself a place of occupatation at an upstarting factory. This bright turn change of pace wasn't long-lasting, however, as on the first day of work she was crushed by a machine, and was completly and utterly obilterated. All that was left of her was bloody, misshapen pieces of what was once a young girl trying to make something of herself.

At least, that's what was left of her on the physical plane. Zenon's ability to harvest so much anger, so much resentment at the world and what it gave and took from her (along with some unexplainable aspect of the machinery that took her life),  allowed her "being" to enter something akin to what many call the "astral realm" of life. She spent decades unsure of what this forum's capabilities were, or what purpose her "second life" even was. Only able to watch life play out in front of her, she roamed the planet, her hatred for mankind festering. She paid witness to countless well-lived lives, something that she felt she herself deserved.

After decades, she came up with an outlet for her built-up and inhuman rage. Taking inspiration from the various costumed criminals throughout the time after her, she felt that she could create just much choas as any of the previous "super-villians" before her did, as an act of revenge against the world that let her down. If she did it right, she may even have a chance of good living, as her time as a wandering "spirit" allowed to her see plently of criminals get away with their acts. And would it even be a crime, after all her suffering, to take what she deserved?

Zenon scoured the Earth for a probable host for so long that she began to lose track of time itself.  Not fully able to hone her "astral form", it took the discovery of a thirty year old gas station employee to find a suitable host. Going by the name of Henry Lee Supenhimer, he was a man lacking any personal drive, any bodily strength, but more importantly, any sort of intelligence. With barely any brain function to take over, Zenon was able to enter and take hold over Henry's entire being, doing so just in time to stop him from trying to add some flare to his ciggerate by covering it in gasoline. Adjusting to her new form, she laid waste to the store, using the new powers accessed by the strange mixture of her form and Henry's. During the store's destruction she experienced what she would call a feeling of "pure destiny", noticing for the first time the object that would inspire her new identity.

Oddly compelled by the humor of the store's greeting balloon's showing of complete joy contrasting with her complete depression, she retrofitted the balloon over her new self and took the name on it's tag as her own.

She was now, and forevermore, the Tube-Man. And the world would know his wacky waving wrath.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

The Weaknesses

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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