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Vincent Ment

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Vincent Ment Empty Vincent Ment

Post by Guest on June 24th 2017, 11:54 pm

Vincent Ment

"There was a villain and I dealt with him. So by some sort of vague definition that must make me a hero!"

The Bio

Real Name: Vincent Ment
Hero Name: N/A
Title: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: White
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 189 lbs
Blood type: O-



Vincent's way of being a hero is questionable at best and make him a sociopath at worst. When given the choice between saving one person and taking out the villain he will choose the latter almost every single time. While he does feel bad about letting people die he often tells himself that he saves more people in the long run by taking out the main threat instead.  Why would he go out of his way to save one person when ten more will die during that time?

Outside of his hero work Vincent is a very quiet and awkward person. He will almost never initiate a conversation with someone, and when he tries to it often quickly becomes incredibly uncomfortable for both parties involved. Often times he panics and comes off as an ass.  He doesn't mean to, but his less than stellar social skills make him seem like a huge dick.


Growing up Vincent had dreams to one day gain powers and become the worlds greatest hero.  Sure the life he had right now was nice and comfortable, but he wanted to do more.  Vincent constantly thought about how he could gain powers, and what kinds he would get.  As he grew up Vincent slowly accepted the fact that he would never gain powers and become a hero that he wanted to be as a kid.  He wasn't too worked up about it though.  He had known that the chances gaining powers were slim to none and had accepted that a long time ago.

His chance at having a normal life was completely thrown out the window the day he gained powers.  Vincent wasn't sure what had made his powers trigger a few weeks ago.  All he was doing was sitting around at home when he just began to float into the air.  After quickly figuring out how to get down Vincent figured he had to test his powers somehow.  The first thing he did was fly around the planet as fast as possible.  The second thing on his list was to find the heaviest object he could possibly lift.  The only thing he could find to lift without hurting anyone were old ships.  Much to his surprise the ship proved to barely be a challenge for him.

With his newfound powers Vincent decided to live out his childhood power fantasy of being a superhero.

The Priority

1. Agility[4]
2. Endurance[1]
3. Reaction[3]
4. Strength[2]


Power 1:  Enhanced Physicals

  • Vincent can casually lift up cruise ships and skyscrapers.

  • His durability allows him to tank things like MOABS up close.

  • He can outrun the fastest fighter jets.  He still has full mobility while moving at top speed.

  • 1 ms reaction times.

Power 2:  Flight

  • Vincent can fly around at his top speed.  He does not know what sort of process gives him the ability to fly.  All he knows is that it works.  What actually lets him fly is the fact that he just subconsciously wills himself to do it.


Weakness 1:  Sonic attacks

Sound based attacks will drastically slow down Vincent at the very least  and could possibly kill him depending on how powerful it is and how long he's exposed to it.

Weakness 2:  Acids

Acids affect Vincent as if he was a normal person.

Weakness 3: Bases

Bases affect Vincent like he's a normal person.

Weakness 4:  Poison

Poisons act twice as fast on Vincent.

Weakness 5:  Gases

Harmful gases are twice as effective on Vincent.


A ski mask that he wears when out doing hero work.





RP Sample

Vincent couldn't stop in time and flew through the window.  "OH SHIT!" He screamed as he crashed into the floor of the bank.  The people on the ground looked at him with extreme confusion in their eyes.  Vincent quickly stood right back up and looked around the bank.  "Hey uh... where's the robber?"  He asked to no one in particular.

"I'm right behind you stupid." A voice said behind him.  As Vincent turned around to the voice the speaker opened fire on him.  Unfortunately for him the bullets bounced harmlessly off of him.  Realizing his mistake he put down his weapon and surrendered .

"That was easier than I thought."  Vincent thought to himself as he broke the robbers gun and flew off to go save some more people.

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Vincent Ment Empty Re: Vincent Ment

Post by Dubloon on June 25th 2017, 3:38 am

Approved until stated otherwise.
Happy RPing!

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