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Human Prescription ~ [Discontinued]! (Cain)

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Human Prescription ~ [Discontinued]!     (Cain) Empty Human Prescription ~ [Discontinued]! (Cain)

Post by The Doctor June 21st 2017, 4:03 pm

New Orleans. Heavy French influence throughout it's history, and a natural cesspool for disaster. In the 2000's it was Hurricane Katrina. In the 1900's there was a Swedish sailor that brought back a virus with them, a lymphatic disease that caused the man to die in an isolation ward. The Bubonic Plague, The Black Death itself had returned and was fought with everything that modern man had. In the 1800's New Orleans suffered an epidemic of Yellow Feaver, which killed hundreds, if not thousands, possibly more. This information was unknown, numbers that it could not even truly fathom. But now, there was a new virus, a transhumanic virus that integrated with it's host and created a whole new being, molding and melding down to it's very DNA. A strange alchemical transmutation upon the biological level. This was a new plague among mankind, and whenever there was a plague...

   There was The Doctor.

    Throughout New Orleans there had been several cases of vampiric activity, though now more than ever the public had been hearing more and more rumors of such activity. The Police chalked it up to strange cult activity, and little more than whisper and speculation had been tossed about. The subject had risen in popularity, however, because now there were survivors. For the past two weeks, Vampires had been intercepted in the dead of night. Their feedings had taken surprising turns and would-be victims were recounting stories of how their vampiric attackers were overpowered, or abducted before they could successfully feed. The one abducting these vampires was a man in a black trench coat, with a large mask upon his face, the description depicted that of a Plague Doctor from the Dark Ages. Vampires were disappearing mid-attack, and there had been no explanation.

    Tonight had been a strange night, however. A man was sitting in an alleyway, rocking back and forth as he sat over a dead man, blood on his hands and mouth as he began to yell out in pain and scream.

  "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?" Was all the man screamed, time after time again. The victim at his feet was stone cold dead, throat ripped clean out and blood gushing. But the aggressor in this case had no fangs, had no strength or skills worth noting. He was just sitting there, screaming out. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME PLAGUE DOCTOR!?" There was nothing but anger and hatred in his words, looking around.

  "Took my fangs. Took my claws. Took the night from me." He muttered as he tried to stand, knowing full well that if he wasn't careful he would find himself an unintentional victim, or missing much like his compatriots.
The Doctor
The Doctor
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