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Abra Kadabra Alaka-Slam (Marvel)

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Abra Kadabra Alaka-Slam (Marvel) Empty Abra Kadabra Alaka-Slam (Marvel)

Post by Danny The Sphinx June 21st 2017, 7:48 am

Whatever would cause a man to rob a museum did not matter as much as the fact a man wanted to rob a museum. A museum currently holding a cache of artifacts from upper India from the Tamamoa foundation. When word of this brushed over Tsukimi Sanada's radars, she let her roommate Danny know, fully aware it would lead to the two of them suiting up and heading out, because Danny and Suzy found a way of pushing away college responsibilities with ease under the excuse of 'hero business. You wouldn't understand'.

Both girls stood in front of their shared closet, pushing through racks of clothes ranging from causal wear, to cheerleading outfits, to formal wear. "Do you think we need superhero outfits?" Danny looked over a T-shirt before putting it back in the closet.

Tsukimi grabbed a skirt and tossed it into the bathroom followed by a blouse. "Bliss wears one, and we're better than she is."

"Definitely, but I feel like we spend too much time looking at what would fit rather than getting out there." Danny took a little more time pulling out a pair of jeans and a jacket. The door to the bathroom was closed while Tsukimi changed, opting Danny to just step into the closet and get changed inside.

Tsukimi twirled a pair of keys around her finger as Danny stepped out of he closet. "Ready?"

"Well, maybe we don't spend too much time, but we should really get Mitsuko to make us some outfits. Maybe bulletproof."

Both girls entered the museum through the back loading area using the key given to Danny as she acted as the liaison between the Tamamoa family and the museums hosting their goods. No immediate sounds shot through the halls, but a light shown in the darkness. Not a florescent light or even what appeared to come as a natural light. But instead, something flickered. "Radio silence." A shared look shot between Danny and Tsukimi.

Lights bounced off a marble coffin surrounded by relics of an ancient Indian dynasty. Spears and vases flanked statues with over exaggerated facial features. Blue lights turned to green before shifting to purple. Everything about the location slowly exposed the figure of a fair figured woman standing in the middle of the room, holding an orb in one hand, and an umbrella in the other.

Danny reached down to tap her bracelet in quiet.

It did not matter as much as the duo would want. They found out the source of the light. A woman in a pointed hat with a black, webbed blouse turned around to see Danny step through. She let her smile greet Danny before Tsukimi ever made her way in, and with the plan the witch thought of, Danny could have brought ten people and it would not have changed, compromised, or thwarted the plan as an umbrella burst open.

A black and white swirl began to spin around. It mirrored itself in Danny's eyes, followed by Tsukimi's eyes. Both girls found themselves unaware of exactly what took place over the next few minutes? Hours?

Danny came back with her hands tied in front of her with ropes wrapping her to Tsukimi. Worst of all, the room was now empty. "Suzy! Wake up!"

"We screwed up." Tsukimi knocked her head against Danny's to get better acoustics.

"Yeah, we screwed up. These ropes really aren't all that tight though." Danny started to pull her hands out of her ropes. "Gonna hurt, but could be worse. We gotta to figure out how to track down magic. Do you know anyone who can do that?"

"Yeah." Tsukimi pulled her wrists out of the ropes. "I know someone."
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