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Chromacity Empty Chromacity

Post by Chromacity on June 18th 2017, 12:04 am


"There may be windows to the soul, but I have a key, and I intend to find the door."

The Bio

Real Name: Amarantha Odelia
Hero Name: Chromacity
Title: The Girl of Many Colors
Alignment: Neutral  Good
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Dark blond
Eyes: Chartreuse green
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130lb
Blood type: B+

The Looks

The Personality

She is a pleasant person to be around, with a very mild temperament. Quick to laugh and tell jokes, shes usually quiet around those she doesn't know, but open and smiling around those she calls friends. Curiosity, love, and passion drive her life, and she is set on living a comfortable and happy life. Extremely easy-going, easy to talk to, and always sympathetic to everyone needs, she is the perfect counselor.

The Story

Amarantha grew up in a loving home, very nurtured and very doted on. As the only child, she was often spoiled, but never acted like it. Her creativity was always encouraged and when her parents died from old age, she was devastated. They were the only family she had, but being an adult and fully prepared by her them, she handled their funerals and moved on. She got an apartment and worked little jobs, delivering newspapers here and there, writing cards for the card companies, made little paintings to sell to those who were interested, but soon enough, it wasn't enough. She got evicted form her apartment and lived with her friend, Rhiannon, before she found a new place to stay. Unfortunately, luck just wasn't on her side, as her menial jobs still didn't pay enough. Without any formal education, and no way to pay for it, she went out on her own. Rhiannon had moved up to Washington with her new boyfriend, so she had no one. Until she met him. Christopher. He was the very light in her world since the day they met, and they've been inseparable ever since. He, aside from Rhiannon, is the only one who knows about her powers and he keeps it hush hush. Since she doesn't believe in using her powers on anybody, she just has to deal with lifes punches, until one day she gets an idea. Why not use them for good?

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Empathy:  Amarantha can 'feel' everyone emotions and can sometimes hear what thoughts they are attached to, but only when she tries. She can also 'block them out' , meaning she may know what people are feeling without feeling them herself.

Emotional light manipulation: Amarantha is able to translate emotions into a physical light substance, the colors depending on which emotion she uses. She can blend them or disguise them  if she so chooses, but when she does do this, is uses the emotion up, like fuel. Her ability to do this relies solely on how easily that emotion is drained. Anger usually burns out fairly quickly, as does happiness, and surprise,but the more lasting ones are sadness, love, fear, and trust. With this she can form barriers, shields, and domes  as a defense, and as an offence she can use them as emotional blasts. She is able to feed off of her enemies emotions and use it against them, but only so long as the emotion lasts.

Emotional Empowerment: Not only can Amarantha use her own emotions, but also that of everyone else. The same rules apply here too, that is, once the emotion runs out, she can no longer use it.

Emotional imbuement: Lastly, Amarantha is able to imbue her powers into little clear gems. The larger the gem, the more emotion it can hold and the more resistant it is to breaking over an exceptionally strong emotion. She can also take emotions out of these rocks to use them in a battle if need be, but also if she feels an anxiety attack coming on. They are very useful and dear to her, and she one day wishes to have a whole closet full of shelves lined with them.

The Weaknesses

The Fear: Since age ten, Amarantha has been dealing with moderate to extreme anxiety, which she is on medication for. It can be very inhibitive of her daily life, and often causes her to hesitate to do something. When stricken with it in large amounts, it paralyzes her (not literally) and she has a very hard time coping, effectively neutralizing her temporarily.

The ones she loves: Amarantha will do just about anything to protect her loved ones, so it's no wonder why they are her one, true weakness.

Weak: Amarantha does not have very much body strength. While she is fit and athletic, her true strength lies in that of the emotions she carries. Without her powers she is as weak and susceptible as any other non-meta.

Mentally incapacitated: Amarantha can use her powers…only if she can focus. Most of the time she is able to do so, but if she was under some sort of influence then she might not function properly, if at all.

Dependency: Amarantha is emotionally dependant. Whether on her stones, others emotions or her own, she can only use what is available to her. Once they run out, she must try to focus on something that can draw an emotion she can use.

The Items

An old, finely carved box than can fit in ones pocket: This box, which was passed down from her maternal grandmother, hold all of her little, clear stones when she isn’t in costume. While they cannot hold an extremely strong emotion, or a lot of it, they are good for little, calming breaks when she gets too overwhelmed.

The Minions

None as of now.

The Fluff

None as of now...maybe later as her powers develop.

The RP Sample

Rain. It had always been something she despised. Some found it relaxing, but she always got worrisome when it did, like a storm would follow the harmless pitter-patter of the water droplets. She grew up with a bad fear of thunder...always loud and sudden. You couldn't see it. Lightening was different, because you could see it, and it gave you a brief heads-up before the thunder came. But the sudden chaotic Just not her thing. Amarantha sat sideways on her couch by the window, a book in her lap and the warm glow of the lamp the only light in the house. She had her hair down which was unusual for her. It often got in the way of her doing things, so she tied it up in a bun. But today was different. It

'Probably just the rain. No worries.' She thought, and went back to her book. The kettle on the stove started to steam and she quickly got up to turn it off. Tea was so relaxing, and today she really just needed that. To relax. She poured the boiling water in the ready mug and closed her eyes as the scent of lavender and chamomile filled the air.
"Ahh, thats so much better." She murmured as a peaceful calm filled her. Her cat, Duck, meowed around her feet, circling and rubbing against her legs.
"Heh, no Duck-Duck, this isn't for you~." She said sweetly to the black and white fuzzball. Duck, just under a year old, was her best friend and ever-needy companion. When she wasn't sleeping, she was playing or eating, or bugging Amarantha to pet her...or to feed her. Either one would do.

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Chromacity Empty Re: Chromacity

Post by Chellizard on June 21st 2017, 5:35 pm

P cool.

Approved and moved!

Welcome to SHRP.

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