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God and God (Observer and Red)

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INV ONLY God and God (Observer and Red)

Post by Uryurvkos on June 13th 2017, 2:25 am

He took a stone and cast it against an endless sea he had decided to form.

It skipped along the bright blue surface, causing it to ripple across for the eternity of the sea before it struck the water on the third skip and sunk quietly to the bottom. He watched as the ripples ran along the water, uninterested before he raised his hand and caused the water to become shallower and shallower until he could perceive the bottom and see the stone once more. The Observer turned his head to then witness the world's edge he had formed, staring out into the vast void that had always accompanied his world.

If the god so considered, he could form a million lights in the distance to entertain whatever fantasy he had. But it wasn't his will. It wasn't in his interest.

The Observer walked carefully across the shallow surface below the water toward the stone he had cast only moments before. Stepping over it, his black and endless eyes focused on the features of the perfectly smooth stone before he reached down and collected it. The water pulled away to allow him to grab it without getting his hand wet, as the stone itself dried in an instant.

"Is this the way it should be?" The Observer asked, before he turned back to the void: "There is a constant search and struggle to become gods. Powerful."

The Observer stepped closer to the edge of the world he formed as he continued to stare into the void. His black eyes met its majesty before he lifted the stone he held in one hand and spoke once more: "And yet here I am. The thing, many men aspire to be. One above all. One on his own."

The void began to swirl as a painting seemed to form from the nothing, the wisps of the Observer's being beginning to fade into a fine black powder as he continued to speak against the soundless wind as his being seemed to evaporate. Eventually the picture befell an image of an office, held exactly in the state capital of Minsk. The god spoke gently, "How curious these things can be."

The endless sea was now left with no one standing in it, as the Observer spoke finally: "Bring him to me."

And so the portal to the human realm appeared.

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INV ONLY Re: God and God (Observer and Red)

Post by Red on June 14th 2017, 5:19 am

"Ok....... Now recycle power back to the core, amplify by ten percent, and charge." Lucius said aloud. He was in the center of his lab, standing on a circular platform which gave him an excellent view of the project before him. All around his little platform, holographic devices displayed technology so complex most would consider it science fiction. In fact, this lab itself seemed to be just that.

The red light of the holograms reflected off the dictator's pale grey eyes. They twitched, rapidly moving as he scanned all the information available to him. He brought his hand to his chin, rubbing his quickly formed five o' clock shadow.

"You're going to fry it." Sven, Lucius' AI, said. Nevertheless, he did as Lucius commanded. The whirling sound of a generator powering on could be heard, the lights of the lab flickering in certain areas a moment. After about twenty seconds of this, two streams of lightning shot from a coil at the ceiling of the lab, moving directly into the device Lucius was working on. Once they hit, his little project began to retain the power.

".....I might need to run some diagnostics on you later. It's holding up just fine....." Lucius said, arms clasped behind him as he watched the brilliant lightning move into his creation. It seemed to be going swimmingly, his device charging at a steady pace, but then it became more rapid, and the lights flickered more violently.

"Ha! I told you so! It doesn't have the insulation to retain the power it requires to operate!" Sven said, computized chuckles sprinkled throughout his sentences. Lucius simply rolled his eyes, sighing.

"Trial and error, that is one of the hallmarks of science. Shut it down. We'll try again after i figure out how to solve this." Lucius said, but the command was given too late. Before Sevn shut the Tesla Coil down, the device burst into flames, smoking up the futuristic lab as if it were a common garage. Lucius grimaced in annoyance.

"Sven! You saw what was happening! Why not shut it down before i gave the order? You are, after all, supposed to be more independent now." Lucius yelled out. All that work, those rare materials, gone. He was back to square one, and that's apparently how the AI wanted it.

"Your design was inherently flawed. Start again, and maybe you'll do better..... Maybe." Sven said, his disembodied voice still booming through the lab's intercom. Lucius' brow furrowed. The Rise Head wanted to argue, but he reeled himself in to just one line as he turned his back.

"Yes, maybe i could do better if i had a partner actually trying to help instead of discrediting me. Make yourself useful and salvage as much as you can from the rubble." Red said, the lab's doors sliding open to reveal his office, then closing behind him once he stepped through. The door was hidden as a bookcase. A bit cliche, yes, but useful none the less.

Lucius sauntered over to his desk, his fingertips skimming the fine wood surface as he walked around it. Once he got behind it, the man's hand reached for the heavily used crystal bottle of bourbon. He poured himself a drink.

"....What am i to do with you......." Red whispered to himself, taking the first drink from his well filled glass. He stood there, thinking for a moment. It wasn't often he got moments of perfect silence. Such times were great for reflection, and that's what he seemed to be doing. The simplicity of his finely crafted study, the sound of nothing in the air, it allowed him to atay motivated, even now.

Unfortunately, this little break of his was interrupted, as usual. Suddenly, a portal appeared in his office. Yes, a portal Lucius thought the worst, prepared to fight if need be, yet he remained still, relaxed. Nothing came from the portal for over a minute, and Lucius smirked.

"Ok, not an assassination? No, an invitation. How riveting of a welcome this is." Lucius said. Because apparently he had some time, he got his gear on, if only to scan the protal to make sure it was safe. He determined it was, but was still weary. After all, he had no clue what was waiting for him on the other side. Lucius Alba stepped through though, ready to come face to face with God himself, if need be.


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