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Titanium  Empty Titanium

Post by ShroudedKonqueror on June 12th 2017, 1:13 pm


"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name:  Adam Oliver Ender
Hero Name:  Titanium
Title:  N/A
Alignment:  Neutral Good
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Asian (Filipino)
Hair:  Black; cut short
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'9 or 175 cm; 6'1 or 185 cm (in armor)
Weight: 171 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Adam is a slender Filipino man with short hair and plenty of lean muscle from working a great deal in his youth

Without armor:
Titanium  8f811f823a877c95c7b73317cbe8faf4

His armor has two modes: Flight mode and Heavy mode. The color scheme is currently slate-grey, as he made it out of necessity, however, he will change that as he sees fit.

In his armor's Flight mode, it resembles Vulture's harness from Spiderman: Homecoming, except there is slightly more armor around  himself in order to keep himself protected. The armor around himself is made of graphene, a form of carbon with an incredible strength to thinness ratio and an unparalleled ability to conduct electricity.

Flight mode:
Titanium  Spider-man-homecoming-vulture

His armor's Heavy mode has the same general shape Toph's metal bending armor. However, it is, obviously, more high tech and looks like an actual mechanical armor instead of several metal plates bent together.

Heavy mode:
Titanium  Latest?cb=20120724210533

Adam transitions the armor from Flight mode to Heavy mode by folding his wings around himself; the armor then shifts the wings into place and then locks them there until Adam decides to transition back.

The Personality

Adam is hard to pin down. His schizophrenia and relatively limited time receiving treatment for it results in him having trouble with social situations. In the heat of battle, it's hard to tell that he's schizophrenic because he relies on his adrenaline to remain focused on the fight. However, outside of battle, he struggles with decisions, changes moods rapidly,  can be extremely paranoid, tends to avoid contact with others, and  overreacts to some situations.  The more sinister part of his schizophrenia, however,  is something that others can't see. He has multiple voices that he hears in his head. He has 5 different ones that he knows of, but he usually only hears 3. The voice he hears the most is one that voices his doubts. This voice talks, by far, the most with almost every action Adam takes. Despite his disorder, he's lucid enough to know that he shouldn't listen to this voice, but his varying moods makes it difficult to tune this voice out every time it speaks. Another voice he hears is an encouraging voice, but it tends to only manifest itself in times of extreme need. In  numerous critical moments in his life, he'll hear this voice very clearly and it'll say exactly what he needs to hear to keep him from succumbing to the negative voices in his head; his voice sounds like his sister to him. The third  voice he usually hears is an extremely malevolent one. This voice is hyper violent, but also only appears in critical moments in his life. In times of extreme stress or after an extreme adrenaline rush, this voice will tell him to extremely terrible things such as kill an enemy while he/she is begging for his/her life or torture someone right up to the edge of death in order to gain retribution. Again, Adam is usually lucid enough to ignore what the voices are telling him if he so wishes, but there are moments of either emotional weakness or high-stress where he'll listen without a second though.

However, outside of his disorder, Adam is fairly carefree and easygoing. He doesn't particularly like conflict but recognizes the need for it should the situation arise. He has a strong moral compass(when it isn't compromised by the voices in his head) and will always do what he thinks is fair.

When Adam cares for someone, he cares deeply. He loves his sister greatly and is willing to do anything to protect her. And when he cares for people, he will go to the ends of the earth to ensure that they'll be ok, even if that is to his own detriment.

The Story

Adam was born in the slums of the Laguna Province of the Philippines.  His mother worked in the agricultural institute in Los Banos as a laborer. It was clear from a very young age that Adam had prodigal intelligence. Then later when his sister Ariana was born, she showed incredible intelligence too, perhaps even more than Adam. His mother hypothesized that their intelligence had to do with her work environment while she was pregnant. It was rumored that the agricultural institute was irradiating the agriculture in order to achieve some effect on the populace. She believed that this irradiation contributed to their intelligence and Adam's technopathy and schizophrenia.

However, their mother knew that they wouldn't be able to get the opportunity to flourish that they deserved in the slums and they would have too hard of a time trying to get out of the slums while in the Philippines. So, with a very heavy heart, their mother used all of the money she had ever saved to send Adam and Ariana to the United States with the promise that they'd stick together. Ariana needed Adam to take care of her and Adam needed Ariana to help guide him through his schizophrenia.

They traveled to the United States with the promise that they'd send for their mother as soon as they were able.  They found their way to Washington D.C where Adam's incredible intelligence was discovered by the government and he was drafted to work in the Military Mechanics think tank/ research lab where he was able to cultivate his skills in physics and applying that to weapons development.

Things were going well and the two were making a life in D.C until he came home one day and found that his sister had been kidnapped and all that was left was a note that demanded that he make weapons for them in exchange for the safety of his sister. He complied initially, but saw his weapons used to commit terrorism; he knew his sister wouldn't want him to continue making weapons for them if they were killing people, her safety be damned. So he decided to take matters into his own hands. He used his lab to build a suit of armor that would allow him the strength to go in and rescue his sister himself.

He assaulted the facility his sister was being held in. His new suit allowed him to tear through the compound , but he wasn't the only scientist this terrorist group had blackmailed. He came up against his own weapons modified and implemented into a different suit of armor, one that was now  equal to or even superior to his own. He battled as hard as he could, but to no avail. He had never felt so helpless in his life; one voice rose above the others in his head: Self destruct your armor...destroy the base and everyone in it, including your enemies.  Feeling absolutely helpless in this situation, Adam began to comply...until he heard another voice that demanded his attention, not by yelling but by soothing him: Don't do it. You're stronger than this; I know you are. You're stronger than you know. And the moment he decided to listen to that voice, he felt something change. He felt connected with every bit of technology around he could communicate with it...control it with nothing but a thought. That's the exact moment his technopathy manifested and with a few moments of concentration, the enemy armor fell under his control; he was victorious. He had the enemy under his control, found the location of his sister, and had the means to end the threat of these domestic terrorists, but something nagged him, a chant in the back of his head the back of his head: Kill him...kill him...kill him...kill him! Before Adam even reconsidered, he turned his opponent's gun back on himself and painted the laboratory with the terrorist's blood.

Back home, he was ecstatic that his sister was safe, but mortified at his actions and what he was capable of. He resolved not to wear the suit again; that he wasn't well enough to be a superhero... until something terrible forced him to strengthen his resolve and don the Titanium armor once again...

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Ability 1: Technopathy
After his assault on the facility to rescue his sister, Adam discovered that he possessed technopathy. He can communicate with and manipulate technology within about 100 feet of him.  When he concentrates, he can feel every piece of electrical technology around him and once he does this, he can access any information stored on that technology or activate any function that the technology possesses. However, this ability requires a great deal of concentration.  

Ability 2: Genius-level intellect
Adam is incredibly intelligent. He specializes in physics, but he also possesses skill in engineering and astronomy.  He has applied this genius to the invention of a number of useful gadgets over the years.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Mental Strain
The use of technopathy takes a great deal of concentration on Adam's behalf, and the more complex the system of the technology, the more concentration it takes to fully operate it. Therefore, it's easy to to overtax his mental capacities while using this power.  Because of this, he generally doesn't use his technopathy to control his suit, relying on the more traditional servos and hydraulics for movement even if this results in slower movement speeds. He is capable of using his technopathy to power the suit for a limited time and has remote-piloted it before, but he cannot do this for more than 45 seconds, otherwise he'll become too mentally drained and no longer be able to use his technopathy for a while. His attempts to concentrate on using his powers can leave him open to attack if he isn't careful.

Weakness 2: Firewalls
In addition, his technopathy can be slowed or even thwarted by firewalls. Any systems with firewalls that prevent invasion by a foreign system can present problems for Adam; he can still break these firewalls by concentrating harder, but it takes time. Some firewalls that are powerful enough can stop him from controlling that technology altogether.

Weakness 3: Human Physiology
Underneath the armor, Adam has normal human attributes and can be harmed or killed in the same way that a human can.

Weakness 4: Schizophrenia
In the heat of battle, he usually isn't hampered by his schizophrenia, but whenever he's forced to make a choice,  he has trouble deciding which leads to hesitation which leads to an opening. And he has been known to make the wrong choice because of the voices in his head, which can give an enemy the opportunity defeat him emotionally rather than physically.

Weakness 5: Relative Inexperience
He didn't become a hero because of some longstanding family tradition and he doesn't have great experience in battle. He donned the armor to save his sister and felt compelled to help people once he saw the power of his armor, but he isn't an experienced fighter. He is a clever and extremely intelligent individual with a steely resolution who can think quickly, but he lacks actual battle experience. In addition, his specialty is in physics, meaning that his suit isn't the most efficient design, like if he specialized in engineering. If one can figure out the weaknesses of each individual mode, they can give him trouble.

Weakness 6: Looks before he leaps
Adam has a lot of faith in his abilities as a scientist. Therefore, he has a tendency not to double and triple check his inventions. This can lead to his inventions malfunctioning or not having the desired affect during his first few uses. He really only realizes these mistakes when they come up in battle and that can lead to him taking additional damage, injuring himself and others, or just losing the battle.

The Items

Titanium armor- This is a high performance armor developed by Adam to save his sister. The irony is that his sister, who had taken an interest in engineering and metallurgy, had helped him with the armor. The base armor is made of multiple layers of graphene with some extra layers of steel on his forearms and chest. This allows him full range of movement while still offering decent protection from small arms fire and blows from superhumanly strong opponents. In addition, graphene is an incredible conductor, allowing his suit to operate with great efficiency. However, the base armor doesn't fare as well against energy attacks or extreme heat; that's where the wings come in. The wings are made of 6-inch thick single-crystal titanium brushed with a layer of tungsten. This combination gives it unparalleled resistance to extreme heat in addition to incredible strength and durability, far more than the base armor.  While his wings are out, Adam refers to this as Flight mode. In this mode, he can  hover and fly at speeds exceeding Mach 2 and can also maneuver  very well within a city at subsonic speeds. He can fold his wings behind him in smaller spaces. While in Flight mode, he can lift approximately 1.5 tons, but can manage 2 tons if he diverts power to the arm and leg hydraulics. He can convert his armor into, what he calls Heavy mode; this is achieved by folding his wings around himself which causes them to slide into place around his base armor. Doing this extends the extreme protection of his wings to his body as well and greatly increases his strength. The angular shapes of his Heavy mode help disperse energy and that combined with the composition of the wings makes it incredibly resistant to energy attacks. In this mode, Adam can also lift up to 6 tons. However, this mode greatly limits his mobility. He can no longer fly for extended periods and he no longer has full range of movement, but thrusters around the body do allow for rapid lateral movement in bursts.

This armor has additional weaponry available to Adam. His main weapons are what he refers to as force pulses. These are blasts caused by exciting matter held in compartments on his wrists that he can fire; these blasts are pure white and are strong enough to blast holes in concrete; they are hot enough to cause second-degree burns, but it'll take time to heat metal to the point that he can damage it. These take several seconds between blasts to recharge; he can charge it for a stronger pulse but the stronger the pulse, the more time it takes to recharge. In addition, the armor possesses electrified whips in both arms, flares,smoke screen, and a powerful plasma cannon that consumes a tremendous amount of energy. His HUD allows him to view infrared and night vision and is connected to an User Interface based out of his lab in Military Mechanics that helps him operate his suit.

The are several negative things about his suit. It takes several seconds to convert from Flight mode to Heavy mode (and vice versa), and he can't move while it happens otherwise it cancels the transformation. In addition, his suit is not fully protected against an EMP or similar pulse. An attack like this would shut his armor down until he was able to reboot it (which he can do with his technopathy). In addition, each mode has its own set of weaknesses; Flight mode does not protect Adam as much as Heavy mode does(especially against energy attacks). Meanwhile, Heavy mode severely limits Adam's mobility and he's no longer able to fly.  Also, the armor isn't invincible. Somebody or something with sufficient strength can destroy the armor or damage it to the point that Adam also takes damage.

Adam has also been developing a variety of  other gadgets that will be unveiled as he completes them.

The Minions


The Fluff

-His sister is actually overall smarter than him and is a vastly superior engineer, even though she's 10 years younger.
-Adam's doubtful voice is Purple , his encouraging voice is Green , and his malevolent voice is Orange .

The RP Sample

This was insane. How was he supposed to beat this mammoth armor? How was he supposed to beat Minh?

Adam stumbled out of his crater in the ground, breathing rapidly, and very aware of the difficulty he had in moving. He wasn't even sure if it was due to more with  the armor being  heavily damaged or himself being heavily damaged.  Even with his death bearing down on him much sooner than he hoped, he didn't even feel panicked anymore, just lost. What could he do? What would happen to his sister?

His vision had begun fading in and out after Minh slammed him into the wall the first time; the curb stomp to his chest resulted in the shortness of breath, but he didn't begin to lose hope until Minh had him pinned down, unable to move, and reminded him that he wasn't shit.

His head had been spinning since the beginning of his fight, but a sharp stab of pain in the right lobe of his brain reminded him of his decision to skip implementing many of the safety features an armor like this should have.

Another stupid mistake in a long line of them dumbass.

Diagnostics...gotta run diagnostics...see what I got left.

He opened his mouth to speak, but all that he could muster was a coughing fit that shot large drops of blood next to his, now fuzzy, power display. 8% power remaining. Definitely not enough to use the plasma cannon, even with any emergency power, which he also neglected to include. What could he do?

Pulse bolts had minimum effect, his opponent had rendered the electrical whips useless, and even Heavy mode didn't have the strength to stand up to him in a fist fight. There was nothing to do. Nothing!

Adam sunk to his knees with no noise; graphene was actually silent against metal; an odd thing to note at a time like this, when Minh and his 10-foot-tall armor was thudding his way towards you to end this one-sided bout. Despite being in this marvel of engineering and the incredible capabilities it granted him, he had never felt so powerless. But what could he do?!

He heard one answer.

Self destruct your armor...destroy the base and everyone in it, including your enemies.


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Titanium  Empty Re: Titanium

Post by Chellizard on June 13th 2017, 1:42 pm

Add 1 more additional weakness to your character as a whole and I can approve this.

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Titanium  Empty Re: Titanium

Post by Chellizard on June 13th 2017, 2:08 pm

Approved and moved.

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