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Corporate Clash

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Corporate  Clash Empty Corporate Clash

Post by GamerXZ June 9th 2017, 8:02 pm

On a seemingly normal afternoon, a yellow taxi cab pulled up in front of a large building. "Alright, sir. We're here. That'll be 14.85," said the cab driver as he turned to his passenger, "Say,um, I know it's none of my business, but are you sure about this? I've heard some pretty nasty rumors about this company, and they got a history of having dipped their hands into some really shady business..."

"I'm aware of that," Alan remarked with a nod as he kept his eyes on the building, "But I also heard they're trying to turn over a new leaf as well, so it's only fair to at least try to keep an open mind and remember there's always two sides to every story," He handed the driver a twenty dollar bill,"Thanks for the ride, and keep the change. See ya." With that, he stepped out of the taxi. The driver watching him leave with a slightly worried expression, before shrugging and driving off.

Alan put his hands into his coat pocket and walked towards the front doors. As he did, a voice echoed in his head, "You do realize we could've just flown around until we found this place, right?"

"Oh, I'm aware, Aurora," He replied back since nobody was around, "But I felt that would've looked a lot more suspicious than just taking a cab, and I'd like to deal with this matter as discreetly as possible."

"Uh huh, discreetly...right..." Aurora didn't sound the least bit convinced, remembering their habit of getting into trouble, "Well, there's a first time for everything, I guess."

Ignoring her, Alan walked through the doors and towards the receptionist's desk, "Hello there. I was wondering if the man in charge of this establishment is available? I'd like to speak to him about an important matter he should be made aware of."
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