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The Doctor

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The  Doctor Empty The Doctor

Post by The Doctor June 5th 2017, 8:17 pm

The Doctor
"I don't think Fate's telling me this Doctor is here to cure the world.."

Basic Biography

Real Name: No Data Available
Renegade Name: The Doctor
Title: "The Good Doctor"
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: Appears to be in the early 30's
Date of Birth: Claims to have been born in the 1400's.
Gender: Believed to be male.
Race: Presumed Metahuman
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Silver-Blue
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175lbs.
Blood type: No Data Available

The Looks

 The Doctor is most commonly observed in what appears to be a traditional heavily waxed overcoat, always black in nature and a traditional and genuine beaked mask akin to the kind employed by Plague Doctors from Medieval Europe, though the lenses of the mask seem to have been removed. The Doctor has been observed to carry a bandoleer filled with vials of strange liquid, a personal medical bag full of an assortment of medical paraphernalia. Of all the devices that the doctor owns, many if not all of them are classified as "Primitive" or similar to that one would find on a genuine Plague Doctor. Leeches, bloodletting knives and large primitive syringes (Pascal Syringes and 9th century syringes)

  The Doctor wears thick leather gloves, boots and is constantly observed within his "Plague" uniform, never changing nor removing it for any reason. He has never been seen beneath his mask.  

Alignment Justification

   The Doctor is not commonly observed acting out of pure malevolence, nor out of any real altruism. The Doctor's motives seem to be entirely masked and veiled, making them appear rather uncaring or perhaps even overly ambivalent to everything around them. The Doctor's enigmatic and oddly unaligned nature seems to place him as a sort of wild card. This can mean that he is his own third party involved within an event, or a random bystander that may have no care in the world until it has to do with affecting him personally.      

  The Doctor has no perceived morals or ethics, though it thoroughly insists that it never does anything to compromise it's sacred position as a doctor. It has been observed killing people several times and has little thought or remorse over the fact. It's "seeming" lack or morality does not make it immoral, it seems to make it AMORAL, or completely removed from the concept of good and evil. The Doctor has been observed aiding those less fortunate than itself, showing that it MAY comprehend the concept of assisting the weak and afflicted.

The Legacy

  The Doctor seems to have very little personality. It's observed that he is almost never seen "running" and seems to never be in any form of a hurried state. The Doctor's posture is what one would consider "proper" and respectable. He is known for being silent. If he were to ever speak it is believed that he would be a vindictive and amoral creature. It is speculated that the creature has no understanding of morality, and has no care for human life as we know it. it is also theorized that The Doctor may be Bliss, although it is unlikely....hopefully.

  Plague Doctors were individuals hired by cities in the time of epidemic. These doctors were not the most skilled physicians, at times they weren't even physicians at all. There were even times that they were known for selling fake cures to families, taking advantage of the sick and desperate.  Some of these Plague Doctors were genuinely good people, however. Some of them were actual physicians that were attempting to garner experience, or actually make a difference in a single life. They were few and far between, but there were some...
   Plague Doctor's were hired for three reasons, these reasons fell under the scope of their public service. The first was to see, and treat the symptoms of the infected population. They rarely were ever able to cure or truly save individuals, but the few they could made it worth it. The Second service was to tally and track how many infected individuals there were within the population of the town or city they visited, keeping count for demographic purposes. The final, and regrettably most frequent service was to instruct and assist the infected and terminally ill individuals on attending to particular matters before their life reached it's untimely conclusion.

  The Doctor's history remains unknown. He arrived, appearing randomly within the state of Ohio, where there had been reported more than 169,000,000 sicknesses in the span of a year. The Doctor was reported to have been curing people by the masses, approaching them within alleyway and overpowering them, injecting them with a strange substance and then leaving. They would return to the hospital and give the authorities the reports only to find out their malady had been cured. But the real problem isn't his random arrival and curing things. The problem is that we've seen him before.  When Doctor Necrodium destroyed New York City, there had been reports of a man, dressed as a Plague Doctor showing up in fits of electrical outbursts. Though after ten days, the electrical outbursts stopped, and the distortions weren't seen again. Until now...

  The Part that is any true concern is the fact that Subject: Tarot was doing a reading in his containment the other day. The Subject immediately became confused, suffering extreme tachycardia and sweating profusely as he screamed out for Agent M. Given Subject: Tarot's compliance in the past and his willingness to help The Agency in the past, I responded to his call to go and see him. Keeping in mind that Subject: Tarot has had NOTHING delivered to him, he was shocked and very forthcoming to see that he had found "a new card" had been placed in his Tarot deck in a recreational reading he was doing. This card was identical to all others on the back, silver lining with gold lettering and the internal card itself was colored. The Card depicted a Plague Doctor against a green background, crow-like wings and a green syringe. The card appears to be "Major Arcana" and is designated "The Doctor".  When I questioned Subject: Tarot regarding the card they stated they had no idea what it's meaning was. They were concerned and appeared visibly anxious, but as we have a good rapport Subject: Tarot delivered their interpretation of the card, stating:
  And that's why we pulled you all the way back here, Director. What are your orders?

 "Capture it. By any means necessary."

The Powers

The Horrors of Wellness: The Doctor seems to be immortal. That is not to say he cannot be defeated. It simply more persistent than most humans. The Doctor can be shot several times and continue to still walk forward, reminiscent of the monster in a horror film. When Lethal damages are sustained, The Doctor drops, it's body inert for a long period of time before it seems to simply stand up, completely fine as if nothing had happened (Explains spontaneous resurrection).

Doctor-Patient Rapport: The Doctor has the ability to mark one individual as a "Patient". Marking someone as a patient, means The Doctor must do everything in his power to "help" or "cure" that patient. When a patient is marked The Doctor gains Superhuman levels of strength, reflexes and durability when in opposition to their patient and those that stand between them. All outside sources, or anyone not standing between him and his patient, are unable to be affected by any of these "abilities." of offensive power, however they still find The Doctor difficult to harm.

The Cure: The Doctor is armed with several strange "cures" of which have a plethora of random and sometimes quirky effects. The cures at times can be effective, and when they are thye will completely restore a person to a pinnacle of perfect health, purging them of all corrupting influences, regardless of their origins, meaning that even mental and spiritual ailments are still possibly cured as well. Some of these "cures" however can instead transform people into zombies, others may cause them to communicate with rats, and sometimes it will even erase someone's powers. Of course the cures that are required to do in fact follow the permission rules as needed!

You cannot run from your affliction: The Doctor seems capable of detecting where those marked as his "Patient" are. There is nowhere they can run, hide nor escape his eventual return to their lives.

Like-minded Individuals: The Doctor seems capable to sensing individuals whom qualify as "Doctors" or "Teachers" of a kind. Generally people he considered to be of interest.. It seems to hold know knowledge over what field the individual acquired this degree of intellect in, though just seems capable of identifying other "Doctors".

The Doctor's Hand: The Doctor's touch seems to be potentially fatal in some cases, and life saving in others. When The Doctor touches someone it has the ability to suppress biological functions within the anatomy of the creature. This will kill any and all virus' bacteria of harmful or helpful persuasions or generalized infection. Doing so can potentially allow The Doctor to save the life of a person, or cause the cessation of life of a person with a single touch. (Permission when applicable)

Mysterious Diagnosis: The Doctor possesses the strange intuition of being able to properly identify the heroic name/moniker of any superhuman individual (Dressed in their costume) despite never having heard of them before. Oddly enough outside of their costume, The Doctor remains ignorant to their personal identity and only seems to be able to "read the affliction" and the infection of others.

Detachment: The Doctor's power regarding the sensory of other doctors is technically permission based. Unfortunately if you don't want him sensing the fact you're a doctor he will not talk to you, because he will not talk to people who are not doctors. That power is not for meta-game purposes, it is so he can actually talk to people.

The Weaknesses

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: The Doctor is incapable of revealing any information regarding his "Patients" to anyone, nor his intentions to actually help them or harm them.

Eccentric Doctor: The Doctor is dressed rather strangely, and seems to never interact with anyone on the streets. It is quite strange to see, and often times brings unwanted attention to him. This makes urban and public areas difficult for him to operate in. (Pun intended)

Poor Bedside-manner: The Doctor only rarely speaks, kills people and is dressed in a very awkward manner. Social interactions with the public could result in a few difficulties for him. Not only that, but he forgets his own patients! If he marks someone as a patient and they put on a superhero mask or a Plague Doctor mask that belongs to a heroic identity they may have, The Doctor will identify the Superhero as the patient, but will entirely forget about their non-heroic identity. (Removing or putting on a Superhero mask- even if in front of him, in his line of sight- will make him question where his last patient went. He cannot logically seem to conclude that there is a person behind masks.)

The Red Cross: The Doctor will not enter a door that is marked with a red cross on it. Instead he will simply take out herbs and incense and burn them at the doorstep before leaving.

Burning Incense: The Doctor will lose track of it's patient if they are burning sandalwood, lavender or dragonblood incense.

Posies: If The Doctor were to ever become hostile, the sight or smell of Posies will instantly pacify him. This is not applicable if someone is holding posies and causing him direct harm. A person The doctor has marked as a patient that had posies on them will find The Doctor's powers to no longer have an effect on them.

Outside Sources: If The Doctor is harmed by someone other than his Patient, it will not be protected by it's durability.

Enigmatic: The Doctor has been seen helping people, curing sicknesses and even assisting the wounded. The Doctor has also been seen injecting people with a horrible drug that causes their flesh to melt off their bones, or making a sick person even more ill than they had been. Many people run or hide from The Doctor by proxy.

Limited by my times: The Doctor seems to be unaware of modern medical practices or chemistry. While it is highly knowledgeable, even revolutionary for it's time, it is not trained in modern medicine. That being said, modern technology astounds, confuses and actually can startle The Doctor.

P.T.S.D: The Doctor will freeze and remain unmoving if he hears the child's rhyme "Ring around the rosy." It is uncertain why this is, though The Doctor does experience elevated levels of stress and begins to act as if in a heightened state of anxiety. It is known to break down into flashbacks and panic attacks shortly after.

The Mechanics

Ageless: The Doctor appears to not age, nor change in any way.

Force of Nature: The Doctor seems to be accepted by all of nature and is regarded as a friendly creature to all beasts and spirits of nature and it's many habitats. The doctor is capable of understanding and communicating with beasts on a fundamental level.

Cure or Kill?: The Doctor has proven to be able to cure a vast many things, even modern ailments and afflictions that modern medicine has no cure for. Unfortunately, his cures and operations have killed almost twice as many as they've helped.

Murder by Numbers: The Doctor can walk by crows and they will regard him as a friendly, no flying away from him nor being startled or cautious of him while he walks past.

The Doctor's Paraphernalia

The Doctor's Bag:

The Minions

Physical Priority
1 : Endurance : 1
2 : Reaction : 2
3 : Strength : 3
4 : Agility : 4
The Doctor
The Doctor
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The  Doctor Empty Re: The Doctor

Post by Arcana June 5th 2017, 9:26 pm

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