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Dr. Frost

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Dr. Frost Empty Dr. Frost

Post by ElektaKount on June 4th 2017, 11:38 pm


"Stay Frosty!"

The Bio

Real Name: Jack Wei
Hero Name: Dr. Frost
Alignment: Lawfully Neutral
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Black
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220lb
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Out of his Suit:
Dr. Frost N-ASIAN-MEN-WHITE-SKIN-628x314
In His Suit:
Dr. Frost Screen_Shot_2017-06-04_at_12.40.55_PM
The Personality
The Personality

Dr.Frost has seen a lot in life where he can believe almost anything. It might catch him off guard, but it will surprise him. He has seen how cold hearted people can get, and that is before his ice rays. Still, that doesn't mean he is a pessimist, indeed, during times of great darkness Jack can be the first to be positive. Dr. Frost can be pretty sarcastic to people, enjoys to making a lot of cold or ice puns when he is in the suit. But regardless of his sarcastic remarks, Dr.Frost has good intentions. Dr.Frost tries his best not to kill, only reserving the worst for the worst.  In truth, what he seeks in life isn’t wealth or fame, rather for someone to someone to care for, seeing most of his family is either dead, jailed, disappeared, or he can never get close to. When in the presence, he can very nagging on them, about health, and on their conduct. He only does that because he cares for people, often like a dad or big brother, making sure those closest around him don’t get into trouble or don’t start trouble.

The Story

  Jack Wei was born to two metahumans villains who worked with a powerful gang, the 5th youngest child in a grouping of 6. Jack was always the weakest of his entire family, even the youngest had a stronger power then Jacks. The boy would go on mostly to follow in the shadows of his family. THe eldest, a son, heartlessly controlled the shadows while the second eldest, a daughter, was a cruel manipulator, controlled the poisons that brought pleasure and fear, both grew up to be villains hand reared by each of the parents, partners in crime. Then there was the third eldest, a supergenius, who had been raised in a private school. He would work as the brains of the operation, but quiet to pursue more meaningful objectives, though he still would spring his family out of jail through the legal system from time to time. Then there was the 4th eldest, the closest sister he had, could fly and had super strength. Unlike her family, she aspired to become a hero, walk down the path of light instead. Then there was him, the 5th, and lastly the 6th, the youngest sister. The youngest was illegitimate, and lived with a distant aunt and uncle.
     Jack wanted to be like his parents, but his parents ignored him, as the two eldest in the family were stronger. Growing up was a bid for his parents approval and attention, but many attempts only ended in failure. The only one who really cared enough was the 4th sister, who was the closest to him terms of age, and would practically take care of him through his childhood and adolescence. But she didn’t stay with him forever, she was growing impatient with their parents. Jack’s second oldest brother had already left the house when the 4th sibling said her goodbye and ended up...disappearing.
    Without his sister, took up the the name Dr.Frost, and became a villain. Though he was more of a third-rate-villain, his first weapon was a Freeze Pistol, and his crimes were petty. He did robberies, theft, even schemed against a few minor heroes, but he was never on the radar of the major superheroes. When his parents died, Dr.Frost’s two oldest siblings took over their mantle, running the criminal operations. Dr.Frost kept working under them, naively thinking that if he was loyal they might treat him better. Some could say he was kissing their butts, and in turn the two oldest only gave him a cold shoulder. This went on for a few years, until one faithful day they ran into the 4th.
    Wasn't obvious at first, to them it was another hero getting in the way. The fighting was fierce, ending in a three to one. But the numbers afforded them an advantage, taking her out of the skies and putting her into a building. She was unmasked, and it turned out to be his 4th sister.  Dr.Frost was surprised, but part of him was happy to see his dear sister again. Turned out she had disappeared and actually became a hero. Dr.Frost wanted to take her with them, or at least knock her unconscious, but the eldest brother wasn't having any of it. Before Dr.Frost could do anything, he killed her, one might add in cold blood. This devastated Dr.Frost, he had never killed in his entire life, as his weapon was never meant for it. He knew his family killed, but he never imagined they would of their own. It was that moment that Dr.Frost’s naivety broke, realizing how little family meant to his two eldest siblings, what it meant even to his parents, by the way they treated him and the rest of his siblings. They were nothing but tools, all of them, and what tool they couldn’t use was thrown away. That night he cried, he had cried before, but not since his sister left them...and so that night, Dr.Frost made a decision: he too would leave.
    So he did, breaking out of the compound, he ran. He had only one way to go, but he had to get into contact with his first. He spent days avoiding his eldest sibling and their gang, until he finally got into contact with his second oldest brother. Dr.Frost was told to meet his older brother at his safe house, which really was a laboratory, and there Dr.Frost explained everything. From the death of their sister to the realization of his family, to which his older brother only knew too well. When Dr.Frost was done, his brother asked him what he was going to do. Dr.Frost didn’t know. It took a few days for him to figure out what he was to do, seeking refuge with his older brother. He finally knew what he was to do, he told his brother that he was going to bring his own siblings to justice.
    At the time when his brother heard this, he didn’t say much of it. But he knew what Dr.Frost was thinking; Dr.Frost was not equipped to take on two super villains. So his brother armed him, seemed that for the longest time his older brother wanted to take the eldest down a notch. The older brother replacing his freeze pistol with a big frost gun, replacing his original jacket and cargo pants with a suit made for him. Now Dr.Frost was ready to take them on, and he knew exactly where to get the jump on them. See, he knew another major deal was going to happen in the next few days, and he was going to be there to freeze them in their tracks, literally.
     Taking the next few days, he trained with his new equipment until the day. When the day came, his traps were set. He first sprang upon his siblings henchmen, taking them down in the dozens. Then it was onto his eldest sister, taking her out wasn’t as challenging as he was more than capable of resisting her poisons. Then came the eldest, and her newly lost that fight...had it not be for his 3rd brother showing up with a sniper rail rifle and giving Dr.Frost that little push to put in the final blow. When it was over, he was presented with two options, monologues by his older brother in Dr.Frost’s built in communication microphone. He could either kill them and have revenge, or put them in jail. Dr.Frost did the latter, he was not to become one of them...for his 4th sibling.
     THat night, the two eldest of the Wei were carted off to maximum security prison, now without there brother to spring them out of jail. The two brothers parted ways. THe older of the two once more disappeared into the world. Dr.Frost? Not much is known about what happened to him, other then he shows up here and there, making sure people like his older siblings never happen again.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurence
3. Strength
4. Agility

The Powers

Power 1: Cold Blooded- Jack’s power is relatively obscured: The cold gives him strength. On Top of being able to resist below zero temperatures, toxins and poisons do not work against effectively as his body completely freezes the poison, not allow it to work at all when it has entered his bloodstream. The cold also gives him strength and durability, not very much, but he can take a beating or two if exposed to the cold.
The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Only As Good As A Human- Though he is a metahuman, he is by no means the strongest. His powers give him relatively little, putting him above average of normal people. This means without his suit Jack can still be harmed by mere bullets or sharp object just as easily as regular humans.
Weakness 2: Heat Stroke- Dr.Frost is vulnerable to heat. Now, even having his exposed to regular room temperature will make the man very miserable, however not hinder the functions of the body. If there is heat applied to his body, then his body need to divert more energy to keeping the body at it’s normal temperature, thus weakening the power of the body as a whole.
The Items

The Freezer: The freezer is a suit built to keep Dr.Frost’s body cool, sealed, and safe. Most of the body is padded filled with kevlar and the glass helmet is bulletproof . The suit can survive in most environments, including underwater and the searing heat of the deserts. The insides generate cold energy to keep Dr. Frost cool, which connects to the back of Dr.Frost’s pack for the energy. There’s also a bit of robotics in the suit that gives him a boost in strength, and the boots he wears with it can allow him to glide over ice with ease.. However, while the suit can block most small arms, explosives, and even to a degree metahuman powers, pushed to it’s limit it will break. The most weakest part is the glass helmet,  in which if a metahuman with super strength were to knuckle Dr.Frost in the face, it will almost certainly break it, revealing a human underneath. Additionally his suit is connected to the pack on his back. If the connection is ever severed, it will reduce the efficiency of the suit. It is the same if any internal systems gets damaged, his suit does not stop but will reduce in efficiency.
The Frost Ray: Dr.Frost’s greatest weapon, the Frost Ray. It does what it sounds like, it shoots cold energy that usually creates ice or freeze an opponent, connected to the pack on his back. The Frost Ray has many various firing modes that all have different effects. Regular mode shoots out a ray of cold energy that can freeze over an object. This mode freezes over an object and effectively un-animating said object. However, Dr.Frost can also reverse the effect, shooting another ray that can reanimate said opponent, causing no harm or damage to the previously frozen object. Another mode allows him to freeze an object like glass, then hit it, breaking it with much more ease then it would have been otherwise. Concentrating enough in one spot will create an ice wall, or having the range adjust can create a path of ice for Dr.Frost to glide across. The Frost Ray can shoot out like cold energy like a flamethrower, but freezes objects at a much slower rate. It can generate icicles and fire them out like projectiles. The problem with the weapon is it is a bit heavy and needs a constant supply of energy, which comes from his pack. Out of his suit, Dr.Frost will struggle to use his Frost Ray. Should anything happen to the pack or connection of the pack and gun, then the weapon can run off of clips, though very ineffectively. The weapon also needs time to recharge its energy, recharging is fast, but depends on how much has been depleted from the weapon. Though the weapon is durable, if battered or damaged to a point, it will explode and freeze all that is nearby in a large radius.
Frost Ray and Freezer:
 Dr. Frost Latest?cb=20150506203327
The Minions

The Fluff

-Walks around leaving a trail of snow in his wake
-Everytime he breathes in his suit he makes a noise similar to that of Darth Vader
-His skin is nearly always cold, no matter where you touch.
The RP Sample

(Taken from an excerpt from a rp site called Spirits of Earth, where my rogue character in the overcoat, Otto Schiff, is fighting alongside a big man with a sword against an ambush of brigands)
The man with a large blade made for the perfect distraction, as the man in the overcoat pulled his head forward before slamming it into the burly man, catching his captor off guard.

Twisting one of his captor's arm, he twirled under it to face his enemy's chest. Three quick and precise stabs later, the burly man fell backwards, bleeding from three different areas on his chest.

The man in the overcoat didn't have anytime to rest, however. Acting quickly, the man in the overcoat rolling away just as a heavy axe was brought down upon his previous position.

The man in the overcoat rolled into a crouched position and threw his knife at his attacker. It landed it's mark, stumbling the axe bandit, but he was wearing some armor and looked tougher then any normal man. The axe bandit pulled the knife out of him, with a deep dark chuckle, threw it to the side, and then charged the man in the overcoat.

Quickly glancing around, his hand shot out to grab a nearby short sword from one of the fallen bandits. Just as the axe bandit brought down his axe, the man in the overcoat brought up the sword. But instead of blocking the blow, he had his free hand on the sword's flat side, and deflected the blow to the side before bringing the swords grip up to the exposed face of the bandit. The bandit stumbled, but the man in the overcoat did not hesitate and seized the opening, swiping his sword sideways, effectively cutting the bandit's throat.

As the axe bandit fell back, blood gushing from his throat, the man in the overcoat quickly turned his head at the newcomer and what look liked half of the original brigand band.

He didn't have much to think about ponder on who this newcomer was or why he was here, as two more brigands descended upon him, weapons drawn. The only thing he did know was that this newcomer was on his side, at least for now, he thought as the first bandit reached him and swung his mace.

The man in the overcoat sidestepped the clumsy swing, before parrying the second, sword wielding individual.

There was two, three more had the newcomer surrounded, he could of sworn there was suppose to be one more...


Ah, there he is.

The man in the overcoat thought as he caught an arrow meant for his head with his free hand, the shooter cursing loudly for all to hear. Throwing the arrow down into the ground, he moved his scarf slightly, but not so much that his face was wholly revealed. He turned his head, then spat on the ground, before turning his head and raising his sword in a ready stance.

Two against six, now these brigands really don't have a chance.

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Dr. Frost Empty Re: Dr. Frost

Post by Red on June 5th 2017, 12:20 am

Looks good.

Approved until stated otherwise.


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