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My superhero

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My superhero Empty My superhero

Post by arthur135 on June 2nd 2017, 7:17 am


"Any mission is worth doing with full potential, even a cat stuck in a tree."

The Bio

Real Name:Kaze Surasshu
Hero Name: Wind Slasher
Title: Slasher, Kaze, Wind
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Gray/Black
Eyes: Gray
Height: 1,87cm
Weight: 152

The Looks

My superhero Kazeebilder kostenlos">

The Personality
He is really chill, he doesn't talk a lot. If he is asked a question he will answer it simply. If he is put up as a leader of the mission, he will take it really seriously. He likes jokes, but he would never laugh, maybe smile. If one of his friends are in danger he would risk his own life to save them. If a villain has killed or done something horrible to one of his friends  he will not hesitate to attack, and he will definitely not hold back.

The Story
He  grew up in an orphanage because, when he was born he has a really skinny and weak body, so the parents didn't want to go through with living with a small child that would eventually die. He did survive though, but he went to the hospital about every month. And he staid in the hospital a week every time. When he was 3, some people adopted him and brought him to there home. The home was in a temple high in the mountains. The temple was full of kids and masters. He didn't get sick anymore and he started feeling and looking better. But no one knew why that had happened. A lot of people had a suspicion that the master knew why the child wasn't sick anymore. He was treated really well there by the lovely nice monks. Together there were 8 monks that lived in the temple. They thought the kids martial arts and peace.
When he turned 7 the masters started training him and one other boy, even though all of the other kids started training only at 12 years of age. He asked why that had happened and the masters told him that he and the other boy are "special".
When the boy reached the age of 12, he noticed a weird power. He could make transparent, black/purplish   ninja stars  and short daggers, that he could throw. The masters told him that he has gotten the power of one of the Seishin dragons.
It turns out the monks were getting the child's from 3 orphanages, because one of the monks had a spiritual connection to the dragons and could feel there around about position. And he had felt that the special 2 dragons were in one of these 3 orphanages. After 17 years of looking for the correct child they found the 2 boys. And they came here.
The master told the boy a tale about 2 dragons and that they made a spell that there spirits (powers) would reincarnate.
And they reincarnated into you 2 boys. Both of the dragons have different powers.  The monks loved theses dragons because a long time ago, there was a story about how the 2 dragons saved all the monks and people in the temple from an empire that was attacking. The boy went through a lot of training and finally learned to master his power and all of the martial arts he needed. The boy wanted to meet his mom 2 weeks before his 18th birthday. He went to the city with the monks approval and
when he asked everyone in the city about his mom no one knew anything. Then really late he needed to find a place to sleep so he asked an old lady if she could let him sleep at her house for a night. The old woman accepted and let him sleep. She asked the boy a lot of questions. When she got to the question "Why are you here?" The boy answered saying that he was looking for his mom. He showed her a picture that he had gotten from the monks. The old lady started crying. She told the boy it was her daughter. And the boy asked why are you crying then? The old women responded saying that she died last year, due to a criminal that was going around and killing people. From that day the boy started crime fighting to avenge his mother.
When the boy reached the age of 18, he left the temple but he visited once a month. He also visited his grand mom a lot.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

1.His only power is to make floating transparent ninja stars and short daggers that he can launch at high speeds.
8 fluting ninja stars are flouting in a circle. He shoots in a lot of ways. he makes all of the stars shoot at the enemy at once . Second way is, he releases it the 1st star closest to the hand (and enemy) flies against the enemy, then the circle turns ,like a machine gun and all of the stars get shot.
The ninja stars are all purplish and transparent, but you can feel them. They feel like normal steel ninja stars, and in power they differ. If he doesn't want to hurt the enemy but maybe only trip him when his running, he uses a slower (Lighter purple) and weaker (more transparent) ninja star. If he wants to attack seriously, but not kill, then he uses stronger faster ones (more purple, less transparent) . If he wants to kill (He doesn't but he usually uses these against robots, undead or objects) he uses the really fast ones and strong ones (Not transparent at all and really tough like steel.)
The stars travel about at 80km/ph at most. If he wants a weak throw then he does it about at 30km/ph
2. Because of his abnormal training, he is a great hand to hand, sword and martial arts combatant. Also he is more athletic than other people because of the dragons spirit, which made him more athletic. He gets the athleticism from the dragon spirit
because when he is fighting he goes into a bit of spirit more which means that he feels less pain.
3. Because of his training he is been thought to endure-fire, electricity and massive punches. Also poison.  It's also because of him not being just a mere human. When the dragon spirit feels something hurting the body it makes a strong shield organism that quickly reacts. He can withstand 90 degrees Celsius of heat ,  he can withstand about 300 volts of electricity. He can withstand a hit that is dealt from a medium level meta human.
4. He is much faster and he can jump and land easily not taking any damage because of his though training and the spirit. He can run at about 50 km/h . He can jump up to about 2 meters (a vertical jump in height. )He can long jump to about 12 meters
5. Shield organisms that get created by the spirit inside of him. The spirit is in control of the health and well being of the person so the spirit creates small bacteria called shield cells that protect the body. When they feel a big amount of pain they try to protect it and succeed, but if the damage inflicted damage is bigger than the shield cells can handle, the cells don't even try to protect you, leading up to giant pain.  

The Weaknesses

1. If he uses the ninja stars too much or too strong then he gets headaches afterwords. (The less transparent the stars are the stronger) He can none stop do the weak shurikens for about 3 minutes. The middle strength ones for about 1 minute and the really strong ones for 20 seconds without getting a headache. From about a minute of using the strongest ones he can even get into coma for a  long time.
2. If he gets hit by any force (volt, heat .ect) bigger than the one he is capable to , then he gets really hurt. Because the shield organisms see that they couldn't guard the body that well, so they don't even guard. Leading into giant pain.  
3. He needs more rest because of him always needing energy for the spirit. Meaning that he needs to eat more, sleep more exercise more. All because he has to care for the spirit inside of him.
4.He has a weakness for a person in trouble (mostly for women because of the mom thing) and you can easily set up traps for him, because when he is going to rescue the person he won't think about what's happening around him.
5.He has a special weakness to silver weapons because the spirit inside of him was a dragon, and the dragon was really weak to silver weapons. So also the shield cells the dragon made were weak to silver weapons. That's why the shield cells can't protect him.

The Items

He has a katana (Smelted with a special metal that is  really durable)
(He wears the sword on his back)
Because of the sword being too heavy he can't run that fast while it is in his hands.

The RP Sample
"Hey! Guys! What are you doing?"Kaze angrily says "We have a mission in 2 minutes, and you guys are sitting on the couch, watching a movie and eating pizza. You're not even in your suits!"
The funny character answers "You have to chill out bro, here take a pizza. It's just a stage 1 bandit. Even an old lady could beat him. Let us finish this movie, it's near the end." Kaze answers "Are you searious? Any mission has to be done with all respect.

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My superhero Empty Re: My superhero

Post by Thorgron on June 2nd 2017, 12:46 pm

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My superhero Pbucket
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