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Vihaan Kharti, The Suave Magician

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Vihaan Kharti, The Suave Magician Empty Vihaan Kharti, The Suave Magician

Post by Chellizard June 1st 2017, 2:20 pm

Vihaan Kharti

"Open your mind."

The Bio

Real Name: Vihaan Kharti
Hero Name: Magnus
Title: The Suave Magician
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Indian
Hair: Black; dyes it different colors.
Eyes: Golden green.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 182lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

The Personality

Pensive & Abashed: Knowing how to be serious, yet always having his head in the clouds, Vihaan is one to quite simply walk away from a conversation is he finds himself feeling bored by the vernacular. He's definitely passionate about a topic he engages people in, but he cannot stand sticking around for small talk.

Fascinated & Vulgar: Vihaan is most definitely the type of person to be interested in new things, so long as he likes them. However, don't be alarmed if he suddenly starts pointing out how big of an imbecile you are if he's more educated on the subject at hand. He will school you.

Debilitative & Suave: While not being the most lovable person due to his inability to feel for another human being, Vihaan definitely knows how to talk to people. He's got a silver tongue, and can turn any enemy into a friend at the drop of a hat.

The Story

The night was cold, and the rain had never been harder. Shaking from anxiety, a small boy clutched onto a flashlight he had no business carrying. It was much too big for his hands. A scream in the night woke him, and he had never been more terrified. His heart was racing. A bright flash of lightning illuminated a gruesome scene before his eyes, revealing a nightmarish scene. Blood stained the white satin sheets of the large bed nestled on the north wall of a master bedroom. A monster of a man was hunched over the bed, blocking the view for the most part, but the boy had seen it already. He saw his own mother's chest torn apart, her entrails spread among the bed. The man would turn, sharing the same golden green eyes that the boy had.

"D-daddy..." the boy would mutter, his hands letting go of the flashlight. It landed at an angle, shattering the glass cover and busting the bulb inside.

If only it were a dream.

Vihaan had been pulled from that travesty by a nanny that had practically raised him. His father was the monster, and always had been and his name was Rishi Madan. The man would shove Vihaan into small rooms, turn out the lights, and threaten to feed him to spiders if he didn't listen. All of these tortures should have molded that young boy into a twisted man, but with the help from a very courageous nanny, and his mother owning the estate, Vihaan was raised as quite the spoiled brat. He was given special treatment for his whole life, and offered anything he could ever dream of. And what he dreamnt of most was vengeance for his mother.

You see, on that fateful night his mother was taken from him, his father ran away as a coward. Never hearing from the man again, Vihaan made it his mission to best himself unlike his father did. The first step was no longer going by his father's name, and instead by his mother's; Kharti. The Kharti family went back centuries as sorcerers and great magicians, but the magic had skipped a few generations. Rishi Madan was from a line of shaman and sought out to marry Kuldevi Kharti, Vihaan's mother. Rishi had hopes to father a child and one day steal the power for himself. But Kuldevi was weak minded, and struck by love, even if it was just heavy magic. Being just a boy, Vihaan overlooked a lot of what happened between his parents. But on that night, he finally realized that what had happened before was intentional. All the times his father had apologized to him it was a lie. And he resented the old man for it.

So, as he was given all that he wanted, Vihaan decided to push and see if the Kharti family lineage was indeed dead, or if he could bring the magic back to life. And it was a success. He traveled for most of his teen and early twenty years, acquiring artifacts and relics as he went. He even obtained a magical eight ball that really does work. It was definitely not purchased at a chain store or flea market. It was a gift from another magical being he crossed paths with when he was in his mid-twenties and his name was Tengri, from what he could remember.

But, now he's the ripe age of twenty-eight and still battling with his many ridiculous phobias, PTSD, and poor immune system. What adventures will he have next?

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Maleficis Artibus: Able to harness powers beyond comprehension, Vihaan is capable of using any type of magic as long as it is bound to a magical relic.

Sensus Magicae: He is able to sense magical auras, follow magical trails, and even know if an item is imbued with magic. (Permission Based)

The Weaknesses

Tantum Hominum: Vihaan is simply a human behind of his gifts and can fall prey to things easily. Gun shots, vampire bites, or even the common cold. They can kick his ass with ease.

Claustrophobic: Deathly afraid of small spaces, especially closet's, or crawl spaces, Vihaan will faint at the thought.

Arachnophobia: Spiders are the enemy. The worst enemy. Some very realistic tattoos, or even an oddly shaped hair ball has scared him into an irrational state of mind.

Nyctophobia: The night is beautiful, but only when the moon is out and the sky is filled with twinkling stars. Vihaan is deathly afraid of the dark. He cannot sleep without a soft glowing light at his bed side.

PTSD: Witnessing the death of his mother at the hands of his own father has scarred Vihaan for life. This takes a lot more to trigger than any other of his phobias, but the right situation, and the right words, and he can lose his marbles.

Darkness Hurts Me: Shadow or dark based magic can actually harm Vihaan spiritually and physically. A physical wound is much easier to overcome than a scar on his soul, so Vihaan steers clear of any dark magic, especially if he can sense it.

The Items

The Pen: Vihaan's most prized relic, and the one he uses for almost everything. Imbued with a sort of fleeting magic, he is able to scrawl words into the air and create items and elements at his will. An example would be him writing the word 'water.' A sphere that is roughly six inches by six inches would appear in the air and he would be able to hold it in his palm. The object or element he summons will stay in a semi-tangible state for roughly ten seconds before falling prey to Earth's gravitational pull. He would need to have a reservoir to contain the water that he held before summoning the water.

The Pen's Weakness: This pen cannot be used to summon items or beings bigger than Vihaan. In fact, the pen cannot summon carbon based life forms at all. It is limited to inanimate objects, and small versions of earth's many elements. The pen can also be used by any individual that is capable of using and understanding the art of sorcery.

Boots of Kharti: Vihaan has a pair of boots that allow him to seemingly walk on thin air, up surfaces, and even along the ceiling upside down.

The Boot's Weakness: The magic imbued in these boots only last for a few short moments, and in bursts. He cannot use them to scale a skyscraper, but he could use it to climb onto the roof of a two story family home if need be. Again, these boots can be used by any individual that is capable of using and understanding the art of sorcery.

The Eye of Vashti: Vihaan traded his left eye for that of a magical relic. This eye can help him track down magical auras, relics, people, and even assist him in reading foreign languages, deciphering complex coded messages, and even change color from time to time depending on his mood. That last one is just a side effect of the relic.

The Eye's Weakness: The Eye of Vashti is only able to track down people or relics with permission from other players on SHRP. It's basically a fluff item to help explain why he can speak the languages he does, while also keep track of decoding magical based ciphers. He cannot use the eye on technology based items.

The Fluff

Vihaan has several piercings on both of his ears, a lip piercing on the middle of his lower lip, and an eyebrow ring.

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Vihaan Kharti, The Suave Magician Empty Re: Vihaan Kharti, The Suave Magician

Post by Bliss June 9th 2017, 4:32 am

Approved until otherwise stated


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Vihaan Kharti, The Suave Magician Empty Re: Vihaan Kharti, The Suave Magician

Post by MissingAxis April 30th 2019, 7:10 pm

Moving for formatting/style edits. Archiving previous state.

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Vihaan Kharti, The Suave Magician Empty Re: Vihaan Kharti, The Suave Magician

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