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From beyond the depths

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INV ONLY From beyond the depths

Post by Arcana on June 1st 2017, 5:49 am

Storm clouds gathered, rumbling with lightning that sent flashes of light that scattered across the sky. It was a stormy night, and one that caused people to stay inside if at all possible. There was a certain air about the storm, one that maybe just caused people to want cover between them and it. Most weren’t privy to the violent rip within the fabric of reality in the form of a portal, sending spark and flashes of bright blue light across a dirty looking alleyway.

Air charred, burned along with the concrete around the portal itself, which began to turn into molten black sludge. All within the span of a second the portal appeared, two people were spat out and then it was gone. Zach landed on the ground rather gracefully for a twelve year old child, though Sean seemed to collided with the concrete and roll until hitting a metal dumpster. He let out a low groan, yet did nothing that looked as if he were actually get up. ”That...actually worked.” Zach muttered, adjusting the sleeves of his jacket and turning to Sean who was only slowly pushing himself to his knees.

”Magical master. What did I tell ya.” This was followed by him doubling over, and coughing violently into a hand. This drew a worried look from the kid, who walked over him and rested a worried hand on his shoulder.

”You okay?”

”Yeah, just a little weakness. Nothing out of the norm for getting possessed by eldritch monsters.” He said with a shrug, Zach noting what looked to be a faint trail of blood from his mouth. Clearing his throat, Sean wiped away said blood and pushed himself to his feet with legs shaking faintly. ”I’m feeling a little hungry. Why don’t we find a MCDonalds or something little angel boy?” He said as cheerily as possible, burying his hands into his pockets and walking out of the said alleyway.

”Are you sure you can even eat?” He asked, crossing his arms, and looking up to him with skeptical glance.

”Yeah, I can take care of myself.” He said with a shrug, keeping a hand on his abdomen which was lancing with pain.

”Whatever. Can we get food already, i’m starving.” Zach extended a hand, making grabby motions that demanded for it to be held and Sean did that. It was only when the two walked from the exit point that the portal ripped itself open, a massive yawning chasm of light that began to spew something from beyond it.
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