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Samara Albrecht-Taylor

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Samara Albrecht-Taylor Empty Samara Albrecht-Taylor

Post by Tinkerfel on May 29th 2017, 5:17 pm


The Speedster, Apex

The Bio

Real Name: Samara "Sam" Albrecht-Taylor
Hero Name:  Apex
Title:  N/A
Alignment:  Neutral Good
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Brunette, dyed blonde tips
Eyes: Grey-Silver
Height: 5 foot 6
Weight: 132 lb
Blood type: AB

The Looks

People say Samara looks what you might expect of a speedster. She is pretty average in terms of height at 5'6", with a lean, toned look like an olympic runner in training. She keeps her hair cut short in a pixie cut for ease of keeping it from her face when running. Thanks to her father she has never changed her 'super suit'; a flexible suit that covers all her torso and arms in one piece, along with biker shorts, all bearing silver colours with pale yellow lines running down from the shoulders and to the back of her hands. Thanks to her static charge she wears a domino mask to hide her face some. In costume she often wears yellow or silver lipstick to match her suit.

The Personality

Samara wants to do good, it's quite as simple as that. She knows she is lucky to have powers, lucky to have the level of control that she has over them, and lucky to be in a position that she is able to lend a hand to the world. She has her own sense of even gratefulness that the world allowed her to be a hero with her speed. Despite this however, in the past few years she has developed mild forms of anxiety from one bad day. While she has worked to move past this experience, she will always have those worries that events might repeat and snap her right back down into depression. Knowing this she constantly puts on a brave face, making jokes every place she can to, as she puts it, 'fight off the thoughts'.

The Story

Daughter to another meta-human with pannokinesis, or clothing manipulation, she never really had anyone to teach her to use her powers besides how to hide them. Sam was always an energetic child even before the emergence of her meta-human gene. Her father made it a job to sell clothing and costumes to the heroes, and even some villains, of the 90s, as such Sam was surrounded by the life. It's no wonder she grew up wanting to be a heroine.

Once her powers would manifest, she secretly began to train herself to get faster, to channel her speed in the right ways to become a hero. It was this strive to be the best hero that she would choose the name for herself; Apex. From stories past around she felt she wouldn't be the only speedster, but she had hopes to be the top speedster and the name would keep that goal in mind.

At sixteen she was given the go-ahead from her father, given her first costume, and the speedster Apex began gaining a name for herself. She unfortunately did not last long, finding another meta-human possessing cryokinesis as it completely cancelled out her powers. That day might have all but wiped from her memory, yet she wouldn't forget the fear she felt on that day. With a cover story of being among the civilians attacked by this villain, she received therapy in order to move past that day. But Apex vanished.

After a two year break, Samara would attempt to revive the Apex persona to terrible results. Multiple failed attempts at stopping low level thieves, and Samara would not be ale to find herself. So, she took to finding work. Using her powers in secret, running a cafe in the back so nobody could see her superspeed-ing around. Using her speed for such mundane manners actually helped. After the cafe had to shut down due to expenses, Samara made her last attempt. She started small, treating it as she was starting out again rather than going at the deep end.

It's worked so far.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Super Speed: She is a meta-human gifted with super speed that has gradually been growing since her adolescence. Pushing herself to her absolute limits, she tops out at hitting Mach 4. Her speed is predominantly focused in her running, as such she has to be running, or at least jogging, in order to actually activate her speed. In order to trigger the speed, she must have some surface to push off from, mostly with her step when running or her hands if she is on the ground and pushing herself up.

Hyper Awareness: A peculiar trait, whether from her meta-human gene or not, she has had since before her speed was brought to light. She has a knack of noticing the tiny things going on around her. If she were to look over a room of photographs in a dark room, she will notice the key to the door had moved 45 degrees since she walked in. Whilst for the majority of the time she notices pointless stimuli, she has occasionally seen things most people overlook.

Static Charge: Her accelerated movement builds up a constant electrical charge. After reaching a certain threshold of running, electricity begins run across her body as the energy

The Weaknesses

Limited Reaction With Speed: Whilst she can run up to Mach 4, her senses cannot always keep up with her, and beyond Mach 3 she is incapable of reacting fast enough and so she must be aware of where she is running to avoid slamming in to anything. Likewise she struggles to comprehend anybody else who is moving at those speeds.

Lack of Friction: She needs a surface in order to make use of her speed, and without making contact with a surface she is completely bound to natural human movement and the physics that affect them.

Caffeine: Whilst only if taken in excess amounts, caffeine has an adverse effect that causes her powers to cancel out for reasons unknown. On a day to day basis the result is only a mild diminish, however it is reason alone she avoids energy drinks and tries to limit her coffee intake.

Crykinetisists: Where as natural cold does little to actually hamper her abilities, besides a minuscule drop in speed, meta-human powered cold can completely stop her powers. If she is hit by such blows, her speed is sapped and she is effectively human with peak-human endurance levels until she re-activates her speed after a small pause to work off the cold.

Hero Anxiety: As she retired for good cause, returning to the life of a superhero does not come easy. She still struggles in moving past those feelings of helplessness with her very own powers and the world she lives in. Whereas she feels more capable of handling 'hero duties', she cannot always pull herself easily in to her costume to go out.

The Items

The Fluff


"Day five hundred and... eighty six. I think it was eighty six anyway. Probably should've checked the record before making the entry today. Average speed today is exceeding yesterday to say the least, reaction time is increased too.
I think I might just be back to my old self," Samara had chosen a nice little spot on top of the one of the cities' bridges,
able to look out across the enormous river that passed through in the serene twilight sky. "I heard a bunch of girls talking about me earlier too. Apparently discussing how 'unattractive' my suit is, but who cares. It's simple and it does the business right? I guess today's entry will just be a lot of bitching," She sighed, rubbing the back of her head with the corner of the recorder she used as her diary. "Oh man I am super itchy today." She stopped and looked at the recorder, "... well that's on record now. For said record, I was scratching my head. Not... some other... what the hell am I ever saying," She finally turned off the recorder as she slumped down on her perch to watch a boat go sailing by beneath her. "Well, here's to a quite day I suppose,"

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Samara Albrecht-Taylor Empty Re: Samara Albrecht-Taylor

Post by Super Cutie on June 1st 2017, 6:07 pm



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