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Archangel  Empty Archangel

Post by The Phantom on May 29th 2017, 1:03 am


"Is the black too much?"

The Bio

Real Name:  Nathaniel "Nathan" Hunter King
Renegade Name: Archangel
Title: The Angel of Death, Thanatos
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Meta-Human)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160
Blood type: A

The Looks

The Personality

The man known as Nathaniel “Nathan” Hunter King is a bit of a conundrum. He truly wants to do what’s best for the world and tries in his own way to make it a better place. Yet he doesn’t believe anything he does is enough. That no matter what he does he will never make a difference. He doesn’t exactly have the highest self-esteem as he grew up being told he was not good enough and that he’d never amount to much. Despite the fact that his reaction to this was essentially “fuck you, I’ll show you!” he still believes that he isn’t good enough, that he’ll never be good enough. This shows in how fascinated he is by everyone else, he doesn’t really believe his powers are all that cool or good enough and everyone else. Well everyone else is amazing.

He’s also a bit of a loner but at the same time he craves social interaction. He is terrible at recognizing most social cues and if he believes a conversation is over or that if he has gotten his point across will at times simply stop talking and leave. He doesn’t like to be in big crowds but will actively seek people out to talk with them or joke around with them, but if he doesn’t want to talk or be social nothing can get him to come out of his slump. Speaking of joking around with people Archangel is a tad bit of a prankster. He’ll close himself off and not talk to people or ignore everyone for days on end but as soon as he’s back in the mood to socialize you best watch out. He absolutely enjoys to mess with people and play pranks on those he calls friends.

Archangel is also what people would call hot headed or brash. Sure, a lot of people can say they act before they think but Nathan? Nathan jumps in and damn the consequences. He doesn’t usually think beyond the present. His emotions get the best of him making him very easy to manipulate. He rushes into things head first because he thinks something is wrong, or someone is in trouble and doesn’t take the time to survey his surroundings or get the entire picture. This has led to him ending up in very life threatening situations in his life.  

Additionally, he is not at all very good at handling his emotions, known to fly off the handle at the littlest remark or express his feelings for someone at the most awkward of situations simply because the thought crossed his mind. He will do anything and everything to protect those he cares about. Most people presented with the situation where you have to sacrifice someone you love or care about to save a hundred-innocent people you don’t know have some sort of moral dilemma. Nathan King? Not so much. If they have to die in order for said person to live? He’d make the call any day of the week. It isn’t something he’s proud of but if there is no other alternative, and generally he probably didn’t take the time to figure out the alternative, he’ll make the choice every time.

Finally, Archangel, or the Angel of Death as his name implies is not afraid to kill. He will not actively go out of his way to take someone’s life but he does not truly believe the wicked deserve to live. Criminals, thugs, despots, people most consider ‘evil’ he has no qualms about ending their lives. He didn’t have the greatest childhood and growing up and had to steal to survive so he understands that part of the world but someone who actively goes out of their way to make life miserable or worse for someone else? That he can’t understand. Because of this he does not believe himself to be a hero, he can never be a hero. To see himself standing side beside those he grew up practically worshiping. Heroes don’t kill, heroes don’t mess up. He does. And he’s not proud of it, but he knows it’s not something about himself he will ever change.

The Story

The story of Nathaniel Hunter King is not one of happiness and success despite being born to a rich CEO of some big tech company and his heiress wife who also just so happened to be the ambassador to some country or some such. You’d think that would set one’s life on the fast track to a great education, the best of everything money could buy and getting practically everything you wanted handed to you on a silver platter and in most cases, you would probably be right. This isn’t most cases though. He never got to experience any of that. When a child comes out of the womb with strange things extruding off his back and seemingly hollow and fragile bones. The child was looked down upon by his rich socialite parents who couldn’t have their reputation ruined by this freakish and strange baby. What would the press or their peers think?

So, he was quickly shipped off to the nearest orphanage and left there for them to deal with never to be seen by or bother his parents again. From there was adopted by an elderly couple who would give him the name he still goes by to this day, and would live with them until he was about two years old. An unfortunate “accident” would cost both Mr. and Mrs. King their lives leaving poor Nathaniel parentless once more before he was moved into foster care where he would spend the next few years of his life on and off. Getting shipped from home to home, sometimes going weeks or months with nowhere to call home and having to tough it out on the streets and as he got older the time became longer and longer until finally he was left with no one who would take him.

Most people who develop powers are born with them, but they don’t generally manifest until later in life. This was not so for Nathan. His genetic anomaly was present from birth. Wings as black as night protruded from his back and grew with him. They were different and unnatural and were the cause of many double takes and unkind words from those around him as he grew up. No one wanted to deal with a kid that had powers, no one wanted to deal with something that wasn’t normal. Not to mention the cost of having to buy him specially made shirts or to buy shirts and jackets only to cut holes in the back of them so he could use essentially making them unable to be passed down after he grew too big for them. It was through this stage in his life where he would develop his skewed self-esteem. How harshly he was looked down upon by others and told how useless he was.

By age twelve he was finally out on the streets for good. It was here he made due with his situation, had to make the best of it. It would be what would mold him into the man he is today. He was always picked on, always pushed down and had to pick himself back up. No one else was going to do it, no one else was going to help him out. He had to survive and make himself stronger, better, faster, the whole nine yards. So, he did. He stole, he took money and food to survive, petty things at first, just enough to get by but as he got better at it he started doing it more. Eventually, as nothing goes unnoticed by the Crime Syndicate in Chicago, he caught their attention and he started working for them to earn some money.

He was good at it too. They taught him how to get in and out of places without being seen, how to use his powers to his advantage. Things that would help him help them. It was good easy work and the pay wasn’t bad either for a minor on top of that it was also nothing to serious but eventually they started demanding more, things that started nagging on his conscious and Nathan left. He tried to get out but they wouldn’t have it. Once you’re in, you’re in until they say you’re “out”. He was about sixteen at this time when he discovered he had healing powers. They cornered him in an alley, shot a net around him so he couldn’t fly and beat the poor boy senseless. Letting him know just how much of an accident it really was that took the lives of Mr. and Mrs. King before leaving him there to die. It was this experience that would shape him into the man he was.

He took this event and struck out. He trained himself, developed his powers, his mind (as best he could at least) and started out small. Petty thefts, robberies, small time stuff. Slowly starting to make a name for himself and staying out of the spot light as much as he could. Watching other heroes like The Phantoms from a far, secretly wishing he could be like them. Do the things they did and so he molded himself after them as best he could. Before moving onto bigger things, criminals that the cops couldn’t handle. Except unlike his heroes he was a bit brutal. Muggers, rapists, killers, and other despots generally didn’t end up in a jail cell. It wasn’t that he enjoyed the killing, no far from it, but he believed that if given the opportunity they wouldn’t just leave him unconscious. He knew from experience they would go for the kill, they’d beat him to death if they got the change. So, he wasn’t going to give them the opportunity. It was how he got his name too. The Archangel, the Angel of Death. Criminals, Crooks, and other evil doers beware. He was coming for you and he was not going to take it easy.
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

1. Flight. This is probably the most obvious power bestowed upon the being known as Archangel. He’s got two jet black wings protruding from his back, with a wingspan of 15 feet. These wings aren’t just for show either as they allow him to take into the air and fly like a bird of prey.

2. Except he’s a little bit faster than your average bird of prey able to reach speeds of Mach 3 while in flight, and even when he’s down on the ground and running around. But who needs to walk when you can fly and feel the wind in your hair. He can properly function and react while moving at these speeds as if it were normal allowing him to react to things moving at high speeds and even at times he has dodged bullets and other things of that nature.

3. Low Level Superhuman Endurance/Durability. Archangel isn’t going to be surviving hits from gods and the likes but “normal/conventional” weapons aren’t going to be doing much of anything to him. Bullets don’t necessarily bounce off him but even the highest caliber ones only do about as much damage as an air soft gun would do to a normal person. On top of that he is able to operate at his highest potential for a couple hours before he feels tired and has to stop before he over exerts himself.

4. Low Level Superhuman Strength. Like stated above, Archangel is no big bad lifting air planes and things of that sort but he’s definitely got more going for him that normal humans. He can lift up to 20 tons max and dish out punches with the force of that power behind them.

5. Rapid Cellular Regeneration. Archangel may not be able to heal his head if you cut it off and it'll take him some time to completely regrow a limb but he can heal minor wounds and most "mid level" wounds fairly quickly. Depending on the size and severity of said wound it can take him anywhere from seconds to days to heal and even then there are some wounds that despite this power he would not be able to heal from. The most he's done so far the time he had his right arm cut off from the shoulder. It took an entire week to fully heal.

6. Birds Eye View. Archangel is able to see clearly at distances of up to a mile as well as being able to see clearly during the night time. In fact his eyes are adjusted in such a way that he actually sees just as well at night as he would during the day. No need for fancy night vision glasses here. Just fancy genetics.

7. “Hellfire” Manipulation. Archangel’s final power and certainly an interesting one is fire manipulation. It is your normal issued fire manipulation, able to create and control it himself to his command. He can use the fire to blast, burn, scorch, even ‘mold’ it into weapons such as whips, swords, daggers, arrows, and whatever else his mind can think of. Through this power, he is also able to mentally heat things up having them combust without touching it. As for the reason, he labels it “Hellfire” manipulation is because unlike most fire users his fire is black in appearance.

The Weaknesses

1. Brash. Sure, a lot of people can say they act before they think but Nathan? Nathan jumps in and damn the consequences. He doesn’t usually think beyond the present. His emotions get the best of him making him very easy to manipulate. He rushes into things head first because he thinks something is wrong, or someone is in trouble and doesn’t take the time to survey his surroundings or get the entire picture. This has led to him ending up in very life threatening situations in his life.

2. Like we stated above Nathan lets his emotions get the best of him. He will do anything and everything to protect those he cares about. Most people presented with the situation where you have to sacrifice someone you love or care about to save a hundred-innocent people you don’t know have some sort of moral dilemma. Nathan King? Not so much. If they have to die in order for said person to live? He’d make the call any day of the week. It isn’t something he’s proud of but if there is no other alternative, and generally he probably didn’t take the time to figure out the alternative, he’ll make the choice every time.

3. Oxygen. He may be able to create and summon the fire on his own but what good is fire without something to burn? If the area he is in has no oxygen, or the fire burned it all up, it can render his ability to use his “Hellfire” manipulation useless. Also, you know breathing is a thing. He can hold his breath longer than most people but he still needs to breath and if there’s no oxygen he’ll pass out the same as you and me.

4. People often assume that if you have super powers that you have to be invincible, you must have it all figured out. That no matter what you truly believe you’re doing the right thing and are striving to make the world a better place. Nathaniel Hunter King? Not so much. He does not see himself as a hero. He does not have it all figured out, and doesn’t believe he’s making a difference. Despite the amazing things, he can do and the people he has helped or saved the man does not believe in himself, he sees himself as a failure. Never living up to the standards or reaching the potential others set before him. Everything everyone else can do he finds fascinating, and awe inspiring but himself? He no. He could never be that amazing, that good, that pure. In his eyes nothing he does is right.

5. Nathaniel might not be your typical ‘speedster’ but like most individuals with superhuman speed he does have the curse of a high metabolism. Sure he isn’t constantly eating something when he isn't running but he does have to eat about twice to three times as much as a normal person just so his body can keep up with the excess energy it's giving off to allow him to move at such high speeds.

6.Wings aren’t the easiest things in the world to hide. They don’t retract into your body, all your clothes have to be specially made or have holes cut in the back to allow them to go through and you can basically forgot having a secret identity with them. Which makes getting close to anyone hard as if you piss someone off, which Nathan is very good at doing, and they get away tracking you down will be very easy and thus puts those closest to you at a higher risk as well. Plus in fights they can be a hazard. Yes, they are just as durable as the rest of Archangel’s body but puncture holes in them and he can’t fly, cut them off and he’d be in massive amounts of pain, about as much as losing a limb is as for him that is what it would be like.

7. Night vision, and super eyes are all well and cool. Except when someone shines bright light into them. He is very easily subjected to quick changes in light, bright flashes, and other things of that nature. He becomes disoriented and it takes longer for him to regain his composure or for the effects to wear off than it would for a normal person exposed to the same circumstances.

8. Although able to make things heat up and combust without touching the object this is of course still limited to what Archangel can see. However although he can see things for up to a mile this does not extend that far, and only works on things within a hundred yard radius of the Angel of Death.
The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

Archangel is a fairly skilled combatant in hand to hand combat. He grew up in foster care and out on the streets so has no true 'style' one would gleam from a dojo or boxing ring. However he is very well versed in street fighting and despite not having a proper educations is a very quick learner. It is not on the level of super humans but after watching someone preform a move once or twice he too is able to accurately use the move and integrate it into his own style. A style that mostly consists of quick hard offensive strikes aimed to take an opponent down any means necessary.  He is not above low blows and other 'cheap shots' in order to ensure his foe falls. A side effect of growing up on the streets the Angel of Death is also a fairly skilled knife combatant. Again he has no proper training, but a small easily concealed knife has protected his life many a times growing up and he's learned how to use normal sized knives to his advantage and is also fairly skilled in throwing them if need be. Just don't expect him to be winning an competitions with them or taking on say a Navy Seal.

Like most street kids he grew up having to run from place to place, steal things to get by, and then run away from the cops or angry store owners so he's fairly skilled and a natrual adept at Parkour and Free Running. On top of that he is quite good at keeping himself hidden or sneaking up on someone if he doesn't want to be found. Now that's not to say he has any special training in it, unless you count hiding or being quiet because your life depended on it if you couldn't out run the bigger scarier kids or adults with knives and guns but unless he wants to be found he more than likely wont.
The RP Sample

The wind beneath his wings, the air in his face billowing through his long black hair. It was a feeling that Nathaniel King loved. At times, he even considered it one of the best feelings in the world. Soaring high above the rooftops and looking down at all those below him. What could be better than this? Most people dream of flying, of taking to the skies and doing exactly what he himself is doing right now. You went around and asked a hundred people what power they’d want at least half of them would say flight. Those people were his kind of people. Flying high up into the air before dive bombing down as fast as he could, and at the last possible second shooting his wings out and gliding out on the currents was one of his favorite things to do. Not just because of how cool it looked.

Currently however he wasn’t just flying around the city for the hell of it, not that he did that often or anything. No, tonight he was actually on the lookout for a certain something. He had heard from a reliable source, as reliable as sources came these days, that tonight there was going to be a drug shipment at the docks. Like that wasn’t cliché enough it was also going to be happening under watch of bribed guards, and hired muscle who would unload the boats, move the shipment on to separate trucks and then move said trucks from the docks to their specified locations by the bosses. Now, he hadn’t exactly narrowed down who it was running the op or where the trucks were to be going, or hell even what dock exactly it was going down at but he was sure he could at least figure out where it was going down. There weren’t that many shipping docks in Chicago. Actually, there were no boats in Chicago, so it was more than likely the airport where all this was happening bu-

It was at this moment that realization dawned on the flying individual known as Archangel. The Docks. It was quite literally the name of one of the airports owned and operated by the mob. He had been staking out as many of the airports in Chicago as he could while trying to figure out which one this was all supposed to be going down at when the man he ‘persuaded’ to give the information up the other night had told him exactly what he needed to know. Changing direction, a sonic boom followed in the wake of the Angel of Death as he took off towards the direction of the ‘Docks’ attempting to get there as quickly as possible. He didn’t know when exactly this exchange was to take place but he knew for a fat that he couldn’t be late.

Luckily, for him and unluckily for those involved, he arrived on scene up and in the air just as two planes touched down on the air strip. Sure, that could have been just some flights touching down late at night as somewhere to do but the four different shipping trucks surrounded by dozens of different vehicles and armed guards roaming the property were not normal. A smirk on his face and half a plan formed in his mind he swooped in low, picked up two guards and rose into the air again and continued his forward momentum before dropping them. Landing between the planes and the trucks with his arms crossed over his chest. “I’m going to need to see your licenses and registrations. Seems a bit late to be operating with guns.” Guns that were immediately pointed at him of course.

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Archangel  Empty Re: Archangel

Post by Super Cutie on May 31st 2017, 11:20 pm

My dude, you'll need to add some limitations to that mental heating like a radius, or making it sight based or something. Toss it on as another weakness and you should be good.


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Archangel  Empty Re: Archangel

Post by The Phantom on June 1st 2017, 6:57 pm

It has been edited in.

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Archangel  Empty Re: Archangel

Post by Chellizard on June 5th 2017, 2:16 pm

Approved n moved.

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