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Lack Of Irish Charm

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OPEN Lack Of Irish Charm

Post by YelloMit May 28th 2017, 5:43 am

"Thanks mate." Vincent said as the bartender handed him another beer. He took a swig and then placed the beer down on the drink coaster in front of him. It was a relatively quiet night at Casey's Irish Pub, at least by its usual standards. It was just past 10:30pm, which was usually a busy time of night. Vincent stared at the TV screen behind the bartender's right shoulder and watched the dreary news. He sighed as he heard the anchor on-screen talk about another mass shooting in Los Angeles. The third one in under 2 weeks. Vincent grabbed his beer and took another, larger swig, then placed it down again.
"Why are there so many bloody arseholes in the world?" He thought to himself. He loved helping people, but he also felt like sometimes he was fighting a losing battle. He didn't think too long, as the main door to the pub burst open with 4, rowdy patrons entering. Laughing, hollering, making a scene. "Great, just what we need." Vincent whispered to himself as he stretched out his arms and started to slowly get up from his stool. He looked over and saw them begin to berate a nearby customer. From what it sounded like, it was because he was Hindi. "Great. Racist arseholes."

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OPEN Re: Lack Of Irish Charm

Post by TheDastardlyDire May 29th 2017, 1:09 pm

Malik decided to take a break from his regular life and enjoy himself.
He never really got to do that.
He was either out with Nadia or out with a contract, so hopefully he didn't need to kill anyone.
Even though he couldn't get drunk, he loved the atmosphere of pubs.
He stepped into Casey's Irish Pub with a black leather jacket, red t-shirt, black jeans with a chain, and black boots.
The white guy biker look didn't go with his light brown complexion, but he really didn't care.

He saw the four redneck looking patrons messing with a patron of Middle Eastern descent.
Malik's blood boiled to see that, but he couldn't act just yet.
He saw a man getting out of his stool, to leave because of this group possibly?
He stopped him, "Hey, can you believe these assholes? I mean, I love a good racist joke but this is a bit far..." He slid on a pair of leather biker gloves, "How long have they been here?"

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