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The Mistress

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The Mistress  Empty The Mistress

Post by Siniśća on May 28th 2017, 2:33 am

The Mistress

"Me first, everybody else last"

The Bio

Real Name: Aneta Wójcik
Villain Name: The Mistress
Title: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Short straight hair, dark red
Eyes: Light brown eyes
Height: 5’6
Weight: 145 lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

The Personality

The Mistress is described in a variety of ways: arrogant, impulsive, and dominant being the most popular adjectives. Her lust for power knows no bounds. Both manipulative and pragmatic, she never hesitates to get what she wants if she thinks she can, which she always does.

Always the opportunist, she’ll use her innocent and youthful looks to get her way, acting as sweet as girl can be. But once exposed, or bored, she drops her heavenly façade in favor of her true self.

A sadist to the core, pain and suffering is her narcotic of choice. Her day is not fulfilled unless one person has received the short end of the stick, which at the very least a basic manipulation of their livelihood, the very most being murder.

Human life means little to her, people, in her eyes, being mere playthings to help cease her never ending boredom. One could say that her mood swings quite regularly.

The Story

Aneta Wójcik, a native of Gdańk, Poland, always strives to be the top dog.

Starting out life in an underfunded orphanage, where the caretakers spent more time using the children than raising them, Aneta was a timid girl who always received “special tutoring” from Dr. Wiśniewski, a psychologist who preferred his love interests to be more “youthful” than the average. Even though his interest in her would haunt her for the rest of her days, he was the closest thing to a father figure she ever had.

When not spending personal time with him, he tutored her in the science of psychology, sociology, and essentially any other subject to do with the mind. She had profound difficulty picking up the sciences, and as a result she was punished very often for her ineptitude.

She became something of a shut in, rarely interacting with the other children, only leaving her room to visit her good doctor. Day in and day out she attempted to learn more and more of her mentor's field, always encouraged to ask questions and seek knowledge, while at night she learned how to lie on her back and stay quiet.

Over the years she fell in love with the doctor, who continued to use these feelings to his sexual advantage. Planting the idea of true love in the poor girl's mind he secured himself a physical release, for he had Aneta convinced that he was her one and only forever.

At 17 years old, it felt as if her mind fully clicked into place. Bit by bit she began to remember things. It was as if someone were whispering in her ear, reminding her of memories long forgotten. Small bits and pieces, nothing unusual at first.

A hot summer’s day, when she fell off the orphanage’s decaying swing set. Her Doctor had to apply bandaging to her scraped knee. Eventually she could retrieve the memory and stop at a certain moment, freeze it in place.

The moment when she fell, seeing her body from the outside, floating. She soon learned that she could apply this to any memory, and eventually she began to remember everything against her will.

When she was in her mother’s womb, when she arrived at the orphanage, when the good Doctor first defiled her.
That realization broke her core, she became a hollow husk of her former self. Her life had lost its sweet flavor. How could the man that she loved, abuse her so? How could it be that his love was nothing more than a ruse, just to obtain brief sexual pleasure?

Rather than confront him directly, she chose a much more sinister route. During the silence of night, she found herself standing before his sleeping form. A few moments later, she found him writhing on the floor, dozens of puncture marks left along his body. She left him there to die in a pool of piss and blood.

From that day, she was ruthless and apathetic towards all, vowing to never again be taken advantage of, and to always be on the top.

What better place to achieve such a desire than the Land of the Free?

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

- Enhanced Memory: Aneta remembers every moment she experiences in profound detail for a seemingly indefinite amount of time. She can read an entire book series and recall every single word, typo, and plot cliché. She essentially finds it effortless to recall any amount of information she encounters. Her memory is also more resistant against manipulation, although not completely immune.

-Holographic Memory: Aneta can view her memories from a holographic view, meaning that the memory space is three dimensional. This is limited by what she directly sees. Thus she can see herself vividly, however she cannot recreate the actions of individual that she paid little attention to. Although, she can make deductions and assumptions about their actions, and thus create a new memory to visualize her assumption.
The Weaknesses

-Migraines: Aneta suffers frequent migraines, a likely side-effect of her mind’s near perfect retention rate. She can usually be found popping Vicodin pills, which she has become severely addicted to.

-Infallible Memory: While being able to remember the complete structure of truck motor can be useful, her inability to forget causes her to be quite vindictive. Any traumatic experience is firmly planted in her mind, sometimes coming into her consciousness unwillingly. Her opinion on humanity has soured due to her constant exposure to violence and suffering.

- Irresponsibility: A core characteristic of her personality Aneta has significant difficulties in fulfilling her social and financial obligations, causing her to frequently lead exploitative, unlawful, or parasitic lifestyles. This constantly leaves her social network in shambles. With few allies due to this behavior, she relies solely on herself to get what she wants.

-Stubbornness: Aneta largely never gives up on her goals, which often lands in her situations that cause her great trouble. For the most part she makes it out alive, but never unscathed. If working with others, this stubbornness typically leads to heated arguments that begin to fracture whatever partnership she may have cultivated.

-Impulsiveness: When overly excited, her tactical mind goes to the wayside, where she then usually dives head first into whatever situation without much prior thought.

-Boredom: Aneta often suffers from almost lethal boredom, which at times can be both a blessing and a curse. One day her most favored ally may just bore her to a murderous point.

The Items

-Colt 1911: Having learned that the right tool can be the difference between life and death., Aneta carries a holstered Colt 1911, which she’s quite proficient at using.
The Minions

She has few allies to rely upon, but every once and while they may come to her aid.
The Fluff

- Aneta’s voice betrays her Polish origins, with an accent neither too thick to be misunderstood nor too faint to go unnoticed. Her voice is often described as softly pronounced.

-Her Polish, while not quite as robust as a Warsaw native, is still perfectly fluent, hovering just below a native level.

-She typically sports a few facial piercings.

-She can always be found wearing a pair of maroon tinted aviators, even at night. A likely habit to prevent bright lights from agitating her migraines.

The RP Sample

"And how, exactly, did you acquire this… information?"

Aneta swung her right leg over her left, crossing them at the hips while she leaned back into the blood colored loveseat. Adorned in a sleeveless, lace crop top and ripped up denim shorts, her body was more exposed than it was covered. She loved to show off what she considered to be her most trusted assets. Her pale face always caked in makeup, physical beauty was her most useful feature when it came to dealing with clients.

Her eyes lit up at the obvious disbelief in her client’s voice; yet another opportunity to show just how good she was at her job.

“Oh it was, like, super simple. Just trust me when I say that I have my methods.” She highlighted ‘methods’ with a brief chuckle, laying her speech with a high-pitched, innocent sounding voice.

These ‘methods’ always changed from client to client. You see, Aneta was an information gatherer. Whether it be ousting a would-be adulterer, or uncovering assassination plots, she loved dealing with mystery. But sometimes the mystery had to be coaxed out via more extreme methods.

This latest one involved her sleeping around, not her most favorite method but certainly effective. She still remembered the taste of her last sexual partner, which hinted the odd mixture of hydraulic fluid and Mont Blanc Legend cologne.

The one before that? She had to threaten to expose a poor businessman’s affections for children not of his family in exchange for his contact book. Of course, she offed the geezer afterwards. Who said she couldn’t have a little fun on the job?

Her client eyed her warily, eventually nodding in understanding. Some things are best left unsaid.

“Well, it’s certainly enlightening, to say the least.” A pause, followed by hesitant voicing of the statement she desperately waited for. “I suspect that the usual payment will suffice?”

“Of course!” She grinned “But, could you maybe pay for a visit to the gynecologist?”

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The Mistress  Empty Re: The Mistress

Post by Super Cutie on May 30th 2017, 11:37 pm

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