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It came from the sky!

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CLOSED It came from the sky!

Post by Phreeze on May 27th 2017, 1:47 pm

It seemed to be a casual Saturday evening in Bonneville, Idaho. People were going about their days just casually, the some three power plants running in the area keeping the place afloat. It seemed all was well, until sirens began going off as an unidentified object came hurdling into the atmosphere. Immediately, folks all around began to take cover, sheltering themselves into their homes as a white, circular pod-object found its destination towards one of the power plants. The fiery mass cooled as it entered the biosphere, crashing with a strange lack of force as it tore through the installation.

What was inside was far less malevolent than what people thought.

The Star Creature emerged from the open pod, the small hum of electrical currents within sustaining it for a little bit as it got used to its new surroundings. It was bright! Too bright! That formless gas bag decided to puddle itself upward, and over the initial hull to peer around. The blob looked left, right, up and down. The body of an unconscious human gave the formless creature something to imitate. Wiggling a bit as it took a humanoid form, the blob began running on all fours through the feast of electrical energy, this power plant, before it. So much to see! So much to eat!

The loud wails of sirens, unknown to the creature, didn't bother it any. At once, it placed its hand to a transformer in the room, the area flickering on and off of power as the thing fed. This electricity was so much tastier than the pod! Of course, after a while, it began to feel fat. Bloated, the creature took its new, weird appendage (its hand) off of the weird box it fed from, and vented excess energy with a hissing noise, heating up the area around it.

Police were outside, ready to move in. They just needed a mutant or hero of some sort to lead the charge, given the dangers of the current situation...

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CLOSED Re: It came from the sky!

Post by Samael Christensen on May 28th 2017, 11:33 am

It came from the sky, that was what the internet buzz immediately said and on the rear end of a side job in Idaho he had the time to look into it. Adam didn’t like him suddenly leaving and looking into it, though he had all eternity to bother him. From what texts had been sent to him, the police were already responding, though they didn’t know what they were looking into. Some people thought it was an alien from outer space, while others  were more on the line of believing it was a metahuman. The possibility of dealing with the police was high, and being a convicted felon was not so nice.

Settling from the power plant on his motorcycle,  he kicked the stand down and looked over the sight of failing lights. ”This is going to be a pain.” He muttered to himself, in usual annoyed with everything tone. Sure, he could have gone around the officers, but in the end he decided to go with just stepping through the as if that was the most intelligent of moves. It was not but then again him walking up to an odd situation like this was likely not the most intelligent of moves either. He could feel a few eyes on the odd ginger with sunglasses pushing past them, though he didn’t even turn a worried glance I their direction.

Approaching where this odd visitor from outer space was located, he could feel things heating up and to his own demonic skin that felt nothing more than comfortable.  Adjusting his leather jacket,  he approached what he assumed to be the bloated mass of energy, shielding his eyes with a hand. ”Causing quite the scene aren’t ya?” Hopefully it could understand what he was saying.
Samael Christensen

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