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Doctor Love

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Doctor Love

Post by almighty_smiley on May 25th 2017, 1:49 pm

Doctor Love

"And how does that make you feel?"

The Bio

Real Name: Dr. Leonard Nathaniel Lovelace
Villain Name: Doctor Love
Title: Psychiatrist / "Shrink to the Stars"
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Race: Mixed
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Blood type: A+

The Looks

The Personality

To others, Doctor Love has a calm, warm, almost fatherly affectation.  He's patient, listens more than he speaks, and is genuinely interested in the problems of his patients.  But beneath the veneer of gentleness, Doctor Love is a ruthless pragmatist looking for any way he can to use his patients to his advantage.  And while he never drops his gentlemanly facade, those in his employ know better than to invoke his wrath with incompetence and failure...
The Story

Leonard Lovelace grew up in County Cork, Ireland, and from his first steps he was a lucky lad.  Friends seemed to adore him, favors came easily, and those few he wound up disliking always seemed miserable.  For most of his young life, Leonard believed that he was the physical incarnation of the luck of the Irish.  It wasn't until he was accepted to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, USA, to further his medical aspirations that he began to discover and delve into the so-called "Meta-Gene".  His entire freshman year was devoted to its study, almost costing him his place at one of America's most prestigious medical schools.

It was during this time that Leonard discovered that he was more lucky than he knew.  He himself had the Meta-Gene, and while its effects weren't as blatant or as amazing as some of his compatriots, they were no less effective if applied properly.  Leonard found that he could psychically influence the neurotransmitters in the brain and various physiological processes in the body.  He could suddenly cause another person to feel everything from the highest happiness to the deepest despair; cause instant fatigue with a sudden burst of lactic acid or near-superhuman ability with a well-timed adrenaline spike. If he was willing to accept a diluted effect, Leonard could affect several people simultaneously.  Better still, sufficient concentration and effort could even go so far as to accelerate the body's healing process directly.

But while he continued to study to become a doctor, Leonard's ideas shifted further and further from the sacred Hippocratic Oath.  After lectures and tests, he would train his abilities in the nightclubs and back alleys of Baltimore.  One night he would convince that cute girl from Psychopharmacology to bed, knowing she'd think that she'd love to.  Another night he'd actively go looking for trouble, only for the gangbangers he ran into to lose heart for the would-be mugging and be found dead from self-inflicted gunshot wounds a few days later.  And with each outing, Leonard grew more and more fond of his power over others.  By the time he graduated, actual medicinal practice was the furthest thing from Leonard's mind.

Nowadays, Doctor Love works in Los Angeles as a professional shrink to the rich and famous, and uses his power not only to extort large sums of money, but to experiment with those desperate for a fix or a need to feel something; promising his victims an end to their suffering or a high like they've never known before in exchange for a small (often violent) favor.

But you can trust him.  He's a doctor.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

- Emotional Manipulation: Doctor Love can psychically alter the body's neuro-chemistry to simulate almost every emotion mankind can experience in a target individual.  Decades of practice and his detailed knowledge of human psychology has allowed him to make his intrusions all the more believable and almost completely undetectable.

- Healing: His ability to alter the body's processes cranked up to eleven, Doctor Love can - with intense concentration and effort - directly cause the human body to heal all but the most grievous of wounds.  By his estimation, if he can't heal it, then the wound was fatal anyway.
The Weaknesses

- Frailty: Doctor Love is not a physically imposing individual, and is comparatively weak compared to many in the Meta-Gene field.

- Species-Specific: Doctor Love's prowess with his powers comes from years of research and his own brain's innate understanding of its workings.  Alien species can run on a whole host of different chemicals, mystical beings don't even share the same plane of existence, and cosmic beings fall somewhere in between; Doctor Love's abilities only affect human beings.

- Conscious Effort: For most applications of his ability, Doctor Love must be both conscious and aware of his target in order to sway their emotions.  He cannot effect people he doesn't know are there, nor can he - for obvious reasons - affect people while he's asleep.

- Recovery Time: Fostering more intense emotions on shorter time scales is considerably more taxing on Doctor Love; while he theoretically CAN cause an otherwise rational human being to go into a homicidal rage in the space of seconds, doing so will take Doctor Love out of commission almost entirely.
The Items

A cellphone, notebook, and a small orange bottle of placebo pills.
The Minions

Various dredges of LA's underbelly, from hood rats to the homeless, all of whom are willing to do heinous things to be seen by Doctor Love.
The Fluff

- Generally speaking, Doctor Love uses his abilities to put those around him at ease.

- As mentioned previously, he usually wears a smile that can't quite seem to reach his eyes.

- While little of it remains, his voice still carries traces of his original Irish brogue.
The RP Sample

"Are you feeling better yet?"

Doctor Love didn't need to see the look on the starlet's face to know the answer to his question.  It was like this after every session; she'd whine and complain about the gilded life that was handed to her on a silver platter, go on forever about all the issues with whatever teenybopper she found herself in bed with that week, or how much of a pain in the ass her stepdad was being.  But after a short talk and one of the good doctor's patented miracle relaxants, she was once again starting to feel relaxed and at ease with the world she'd been thrust into.  Not that it was even slightly real, of course.  The problems were, but from the moment he stepped into the mansion, Doctor Love began to ply the girl's feelings, lowering dopamine and endorphin levels to induce a depressive state and keeping the pressure on until he watched her swallow the small yellow placebo.  And once she did, Doctor Love simply stopped using his ability, letting her body's sudden rush of blocked-off neurotransmitters return her to normal.

After a few moments, the singer nodded her head lazily, smiling.

"Excellent," Doctor Love said with a wiry smile, "now all that's to be discussed for this week is the matter of payment.  And if I may say so..."

A brief pause held the floor as Doctor Love focused his eyes on his patient, slowly elevating her oxytocin levels.  His fee was already rather handsome, and many in Los Angeles - and beyond, in fact - were more than willing to pay for his services.  But what was an extra thousand dollars to a woman like her?

" do seem quite happier today.  It makes me glad to see you're stronger than your problems, as I always knew you were."

Easiest money he'd ever made.

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Re: Doctor Love

Post by Chellizard on May 27th 2017, 1:54 am

Approved and moved.

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