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The power of a machines promise

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OPEN The power of a machines promise

Post by Cerek May 24th 2017, 3:44 am

The image was nothing less than the epitome of gore...

Cebra stood motionless without a sign of life, slowly his eyes open behind his simple steel mask. Drenched in blood quickly being evaporated by Cebra's intense body heat generated by saxon energy. Chunks of human flesh strewn about the deck of the oil tanker as well as bone and other unpleasant human goo. Cebra had truly kept to his reputation, making a horrific example of the Altair cartel. Back against a crate holding a small brunette haired girl by the neck and a gun to her head is the last thug shaking with fear and disgust at what had just happened. He'd never seen something so needlessly violent and grotesque as how Cebra butchered the cartel and boss. Cebra's glowing red eyes awaken wide as his gaze slowly turns to the thug holding the child.

"... I would let her go if I were you, I'll even give you a gift if you behave"

"W whu what? What are you? How did you?"

"I'm only going to say this once so listen very closely and choose wisely friend."

"Ch ch choose? Ha!"

The thug puts the barrel in the childs mouth making her cry more than she already is, clearly angering Cebra.

"I think I have the advantage here freak show heh!"

"Oh? How do you figure?"

"You take one step near me and I'll add her brains to the blood you've already spilled. Understand?! S s so just back away!"

"...Then what?"

Cebra asks coldly.

"Er whuh? What do you mean? She'll be dead and it's your fault haha."

"Yes... then it'll be just you and me here alone, well that's not true. It'll be you, me and the sadistic rage I'm going to feel after she's dead. Let me put it to you like this... You can leave her be nice and safe and I may decide not to kill you... maybe."

"Maybe? What kind of"

"Shut up! I'm not done!... ahem. Or you kill her and then I'm going to make you suffer in such horrid ways that will make you pray for death, but I'll never let you die.  I will sustain you... I will keep you... in darkness and in pain without hope or a God to answer you. Until the end of days past your natural human life you will know nothing but agony!... So that is your choice. You can possibly die a quick death or live maybe... Or I take you to my hell."

The thug stands paralyzed with fear looking in Cebra's eyes as Cebra stares back emotionless cruelty upon his face. Every part of him is shaking as the gun slips out of his hand to the floor in a loud clang against the metal.

"Puh please I I just do what I'm told, it's a job it's not personal please!"

He gets down on his knees begging as Cebra slowly walks over now clean of blood, he ignores the thug and kneels down infront of the girl with a gentle smile.

"Are you ok sweety? Are you hurt at all?"

The little girl looks at Cebra for a second like a monster until she see's his smile which is strangely warming. She shakes her head and walks closer to Cebra, Cebra extends his hand and she takes it. Cebra picks her up as she holds onto him tight, he hugs her back letting her tears soak into his shirt.

"Come on sweety let's get you home now."

The thug backs up against the shipping crate still shaking as Cebra walks up beside him not making eye contact.

"You will tell everyone left of your little gang what happened here, you will tell them what I will do to them should they raise my ire understand?"

The thug nods quickly.

"... Then go."

He scrambles to his feet and sprints off heading off the ship into the dock and away.

Cebra carries her off the ship, she appears to be in shock from the whole event no doubt his excessive violence didn't help. Cebra makes it to the gates when suddenly he's hit by blinding lights and sirens nearly dropping her.

"Stop where you are! Put the child down now! This is the RCMP you will comply!"

Cebra lets out a growl before finally seeing all the tactical units. Vans, drones, special froces armed to the teeth, but one thing out of place. In the rear of all that commotion stood a man and woman in plain clothes seemingly fixated on the child Cebra held and crying out to her. It seems as though Cebra will be taking the fall for the kidnapping charge, not that he cared much. Cebra looks the little girl in the eyes as she cries frightened by all the noise.

"Hey hey look at me sweety, your parents are here I think, look over there."

Cebra points to them as the little girl looks and her eyes start to clear up. Cebra gently puts her down and points her to them.

"Go on now they're waiting."

She reluctantly goes to them looking back at Cebra with some concern but not sure why. She jumps in her parents arms as paramedics surround them. The focus turns back on Cebra unfortunately.

"Hands on your head! Get down on your knees! Blacksmith you're under arrest, comply now or we will open fire!"

Cebra grits his teeth looking at all that heavy weaponry, from the corner of his eye he can see the little girl passed out from the stress. As long as she was ok Cebra didn't care what happened but he wasn't about to give up easily. With a sudden swift motion Cebra dashes for cover behind some girders as the police open fire. Cebra manages to evade their fire quite acrobatically as well. He manages to stop the small rounds with a saxon energy field stopping the bullets in mid air but the larger rounds and special energy weaponry get through. Cebra makes a great leap on top of a warehouse but slips up taking a critical, crippling hit to the hip sending him falling down through a skylight. Cebra lay there in pain but already healing, problem was he needed time to heal from that nasty wound. It's at times like this Cebra had regrets about going it alone, he needed help bad from anyone.
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