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Orion, The Shadow-weaver

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Orion, The  Shadow-weaver Empty Orion, The Shadow-weaver

Post by Jeisen on May 21st 2017, 6:01 am

Orion Artorius

"Magi of Fate"

The Bio

Real Name: Orion Artorius
Hero Name: The Shadow Weaver
Alignment:  NG
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race Half Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170
Blood type: 0+

The Looks

Orion, The  Shadow-weaver GAN8heA

The Personality

Most mages are studious, quiet fellows that are more caught up in their books then world around them. Orion is not one of those fellows. He is a man of curiousity that can only be sated by finding the real thing. One can often find him in the strangest of places just to try a new food or see a new sight. His time among the fates has brought him a wisdom well beyond his age as he remembers to always look forward into the fate.
The Story

A boy was born to a loving mother and absent father in a year unknown in a place long forgotten to all but a few. No stars passed over his head nor no storm blew in carrying his name. No great kings bowed upon seeing him or great trees sang his songs yet untold. No, it was the shadows that whispered his Fate and called to those who could hear. His mother could only give him his name and eyes before the Lords of Fate claimed him for their own. The lords of Fate are a group of inter-universal magis who's sole purpose is to protect the multiverse from diverting from its proper course. The mages of the orginization serve The Lords, a small group of beings not mortal. What they are is not truely a thing, but rather a force that exists. A concecpt personified and given structure, a will manifested. Of this orginzation has Orion been raised from birth.

A mage of not insubstantial talent, Orion was trained in the many arts of the Arcane by the Lords of Fate. For years he labored under strict masters thats refined his skills into sharp weapons that would serve him well in the years to come. By the time he was twelve, his shadow weaving had fully manifested itself along with raw magical power. For the next five years he served in a apprenticship, following around a more experienced master in the worlds of the multiverse. Their many adventures gave Orion a world of experience, filling his mind with the wonders he had seen and places he had been.

Then came time for his assignment as a watcher. Orion was assigned to multiverse 78-408551.2 as the guardian of that particular earth. Not to protect it from destruction or raise it to glory, but to prevent its fate from going askew from that dictated by the Lords above. Something has recently altered the course of Earth, nocking it from its proper path. Now Orion must interveen on a personal level to right the unknown wrong.
The Priority

1. Agility: 2
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 1
4. Strength 4

The Powers

  • Shadow maniuplation: Orion has the inherent ability to maniuplate shadows by making them solid objects in shapes he desires. This ranges from coating himself in a black cover of shadows to razor sharp spears that can jetason from the shadows at incredible fast speeds. These magical shadows can be as hard or soft as Orion wishes, taking any shape or form thouugh nothing mechanical such as a gun. Larger shadows allow for larges shadow creations easier though the size is only truely limited by the effort put into it. To use a shadow as a base for creation Orion must already connect to it or be able to see it. The deadliness of this shadows cannot be understated as they are sharp enough rend through the toughest of metals and fast enough to keep up with the quickest of foes.

  • Shadow Transportation: Orion can slip through the shadows, teleporting from one to another with the smallest of delays. Requires sight and a shadow large enough fit through on both ends and is only roughly 120 feet in distance he can travel.

  • Aura Eyes: The ability to see the life force of things around him, along with other worldy indicators of magical origins. Can see things such as surface emotions, life force, eleciticty and magical force.

  • Shadow repair: Using shadows on a miniscule state, Orion can repair damaged organs, set bones, suture wounds and temporarily reinforce failing limbs. Not a regenerations, but merely a stitching up meant to hold one together just long enough for proper aid.

  • Extraordianary Training: While not a power in of itself, Orion has been trained by the best the Lords of Fate has to offer. His reaction time has been magically enhanced along with proper combat training.

  • Magic caster: See items.

The Weaknesses

  • A Shadow to cast upon: Orion needs a base for a shadow to be on. No surface to cast a shadow upon, such as falling from the sky- no shadows.

  • A shadow needs a light: In total darkness, no shadows can be cast. With no shadows able to be cast, Orion cannot activate his powers to weave them.

  • But not too much light: An extremely bright and sudden light can often break Orions grasp on weaker shadows.

  • Size matters: The larger the shadow Orion wishes to construct, the more effort he must put into it. While larger shadows may have more overall force behind them, they are often slower and easier to break since Orion needs to spread himself thinner to make them work.

  • Bound by Fate: Orion cannot disture the fate of the world. That means no killing, no mass destruction of cities, no fame nor glory.

  • Not all seeing: The auras can often be blocked by a strong other source, obscouring the vision- such as a large source of electicty in the walls.. It is also completly blocked by lead lined objects.

The Items

  • The book of fate: Orion's magical center piece and the source of all of his magical spell casting. It is a small brown book held down tightly by a clasp that can only be undone by a spoken code word. While deceptivly plain, mearly touching it reveals a power hidden within as a buzzing fills ones arm. It holds a repository of spells from which Orion can cast. It holds one intrinsic weaknesses

    1. If the book is removed from Orion's person, he cannot cast a spell from it. He must have access to the book or at least be close enough to read the words off of the pages from it.

The Spell list

  • Minor spells: These spells are useful, require little effort, but often don't pack much punch or utility.

    1. Fate's missles: A trio of missles that chase down a target like heat seeking missiles, landing with a substantial kinectic force upon impact. Weakness: Can be intercepted by another object in place of the target. Target must be in sight before launching. Range:150 feet.

    2. Fireball: A large Aoe spell of fire that is capable of knocking a car down or blowing up a small area. Weakness: No target destinction, capable of hurting allies just as much as enemies. Range 90 feet

    3. Minor illusion: A spell capable of creating a singular object about the size of a normal human, behaving as dictated by the caster. Weakness: Holds no form, once a solid object passes through it, it fades.

    4. Kinetic Armor: A thin coating of magical force that dispells the worst of kinetic blows. Capable of turning weapons and blows that would otherwise lay waste the caster. Weakness: Provides no help in extreme tempurates nor other types of damage such as posionious gas.

    5. Minor conjuration: A small summoning of a mundane item. Weakness: Item needs to be totally mundane and quite small.

    6. Fog Cloud: Summons a thick fog cloud that obsources vision of an Area. Weakness: A strong wind can blow the cloud away.

    7. Disguise self: Caster concels both their vocal and physical features with a flexible illusion, changing anything from their height to general size. Weakness: illusion is fully incoraple, meaning if someone was to touch it at all, it would dispel easily. Also caster may have to adjust to a different hieght to not give away the illusion.

  • Moderate spells: These spells pack either quite the punch or have excellent utility, but at the cost of substantial effort and concentration.

    1. Invisibility: The caster can weave light around themselves to render themselves invisible to all lookers. As light is being bent around the user, they are not picked up by most sensors.
      Weakness: The user cannot prevent physical things such as smoke from giving away their position due to the displacement of the mist. It also breaks on any rapid or strenous activity such as attacking.
    2. Shield of the elements: The caster bends an element around themselves to form a protective shield of the element. This gives the user high resistance to that particular element. Weakness:
      User can only bind one element at a time and the shield provides no physical protection. It cannot be layered with Kinetic Armor

    3. Binding of the physical: A spell that binds the normally intangiable, tangible. Weakness: The mark can be removed by target after being placed, requiring only a swift scrubbing to remove it.

    4. Unrelenting storm: The caster unleshes a hail of bullets of force from their finger tips, each easily tearing through concrete and steel. Weakness: The user must maintain concentration on said spell while casting it, preventing new spells from being cast. Also can be inturrepts by forcing the caster to break the hand signs needed to cast it.

    5. Cloud steps. The user summons tiny clouds underneath their feet with each step they take, allowing for running in the sky. Weakness: The steps only last for a brief moment, requiring the caster to be in constant motion.

    6. Rend. A green spear his formed in the caster hand. It is a potent weapon, capable of bypassing the toughest of defenses  to "rend" the target. Weakness: Good for only one use, requires a direct hit for it work, a deflection nullfying its power

    7. Scrying: A spell that reveals a long distance area. Weakness: Can be blocked by two powerful of a source such as a magical field or electrical field.

    8. Aura of healing. Spell in which the caster heals those who are close by at a moderate rate. Weakness: Cannot regenerate lost limbs, stamina, or burned areas. Requires concentration by the caster and can be broken by forcing them to focus on something else.

    9. Barrier: The caster creates a barrier in front of them  in a large half dome, 180 degree protection. Weakness: While incredibly strong, it is only held together by the will of the caster. It can be broken by enough force. The caster must also remain inside of it, holding a specific somatic component to maintain the barrier.

    10. Summon: Gargoyle- see summon list.

  • Major Spells: Spells of substantial power that can change the course of a battle or save many lives. Require both preperation and substantial effort to provide the power for the spells.

    1. Gate: A portal that can link to almost any other location, even across dimensions. Weakness: Takes several hours to set up and requires a description of said location via someone who has been there.

    2. Song of Wind: A self buff which surrounds the caster with a thin veil of air that greatly enhances their speed and reaction times. Weakness: While this buff is active no other new spells can be casted. Additionally, this drains the users stamina substantially while active.

    3. Blizzard: The caster creates a snowstorm of epic proportions, chilling all those caught within it and pelting them with heavy chunks of ice. The caster is at the center of the storm and unaffected by the coldness. Weakness: Only castable out doors, can  affect allies, requires charing to use. [1 post charge]

  • Epic level Spells: The final ultimate spells for a magi of fate. Incredibly draining to perform and often require several steps to set up.

    1. The Final Right: The trump card and last ace in the hole for any watcher of Fate. It is required that every watcher be able to perform this spell in case of extreme cases. The caster carves white sigils in the air around themselves as they gather power. Once the sigils are fully formed, the caster unleashes a powerful white ray of all the gathered power, often leaving nothing behind in the wake of the beam. Weakness: Requires 3 posts of set up, once casted no spells can be cast during the same time and no spells can be casted for the rest of the thread. Leaves the caster drained for some time.

The Summons.

  • The Gargoyle: The stone elemental that Orion has formed a compact with. Often a stoic creature, but standing at 10'2" leaves him with a high opinion of himself with his might. Often seeing snacking on rocks of all forms.

    1. Incredable durability: The Gargoyle is extremely hardy, resistant to most forms of magic and physical attacks. Not impervious, but as tough as they come.
    2. Great strength: While his durability may be the thing he is known for, The Gargoyle is also quite strong. He is more then capable of throwing cars and semis.
    3. Limited flight: Those wings arent just for show, The Gargoyle can also fly.

  • Weaknesses:

    1. While his stone hide is tough, it has a sever weakness to acid which can eat away at stone.
    2. Slow: Stone is heavy and the big man doesnt move very fast
    3. Limited flight: Too big to be an agile flyer, dont expect any fancy moves out of him. Flying in choppy weather is also hard to do
    4. Too big for his own good: The Gargoyle may be soft at heart, but his fists are rock solid. He tends to cause a lot of extra destruction without meaning too.
    5. Protective to a fault: The Stone warrior may think he is impervious, but he has his limits. When people are in danger though, those limits go out the window and he will easily be baited into saving someone at great costs.
    6. Too soft: Simply put, The Gargoyle could never kill someone even if it meant letting a villian escape.

Rp mechanics

  • Gives off a serious magical power vibe often felt in a quick shiver down someones spine.
  • As someone removed from fate, he does not age. Or at least, not in time with the universe he is currently in.

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Orion, The  Shadow-weaver Empty Re: Orion, The Shadow-weaver

Post by Chellizard on May 25th 2017, 12:50 am

Approved and moved.

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