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Vincent Kaibo (aka. Voakai)

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Vincent Kaibo (aka. Voakai) Empty Vincent Kaibo (aka. Voakai)

Post by YelloMit on May 14th 2017, 7:47 am


"Bad guys can be so stupid sometimes."

The Bio

Real Name: Vincent Kaibo
Hero Name: Voakai
Title: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 220lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

The Personality

Voakai is generally a good person, and strives by helping people in any way he can. He does have flaws though, mainly with how judgemental he is towards other people. At times, he can also be sarcastic and annoying, to a point where people sometimes don't like to be around him or want to help him. At the end, he has a good heart and just wants to make the world a better place. A place where people don't have to be scared to do something as simple as walk down an alleyway at night. He doesn't always make the greatest decisions either, but again, he simply does what he thinks is the right thing to do.

While he doesn't have a lot of friends, the ones he does have he protects with his life. He is also extremely loyal and calm. It takes a lot to get him riled up, and would never consider turning on his friends unless it was a last resort.

The Story

Vincent grew up in Dublin, Ireland with loving parents. He was an only child, so he never had to worry about his parents paying more attention to younger or older siblings. While they weren't rich by any stretch, his parents spoiled him as much as possible. Unfortunately, that ended when Vincent turned 12. One night, when everyone was sleeping, Vincent woke up with a throbbing pain behind his eyes. He got up and went to the bathroom, to take some aspirin and go back to bed. When he turned the bathroom light on, beams of bright green energy exploded from his eyes, destroying the wall he was facing, as well as further down the house. The beams  cut through objects like they were nothing. The pain stopped once they were set free, but Vincent only kept his eyes open for 10 seconds. Once he closed them, the pain come back even worse. He screamed as his parents woke up and ran to him, seeing the destruction he left. They were scared of him now. He cried, as he wanted them to help him, but they just ran scared. Their precious boy was a freak now.

The next day, they kicked him out. Never wanting to see him again. He begged them to not leave him, but they simply said no and told him to leave or they would call the police. So he quickly packed a small backpack of essentials and left them, never seeing them again. He was 12, alone, and had strange powers he didn't know how to control that also caused him pain whenever he closed his eyes for any longer than a couple of seconds. He moved around a lot in his teenage years. Never staying anywhere longer than a couple of days, as his powers were extremely hard to control. When he turned 18, he decided to move to the US to try to start a new life.

As he got older, his powers got more powerful. While he is able to control them now, the price is horrible pain behind his eyes. So bad, that he can't sleep without taking a heavy dose of painkillers every night before bed. He is addicted to them now... and while that is a major problem, he hides it from everyone. He focuses now on helping people, the exact opposite of what his parents did for him. He'll never turn his back on a person in need, and vows to never to use his powers for evil.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Power 1 - Energy Projection: Voakai's main power is that at will, he can fire energy beams from his eyes, one from each, which are so powerful, they can cut through solid steel like a knife through butter. If he focuses hard enough, he can connect the two beams to form a singular, more powerful beam, that can go through diamond in a matter of moments. He cannot sustain this one beam for too long, as it will trigger horrible pains behind his eyes. The normal one causes no pain, and so he can use it as long as he wants. The beams will only fire where his head is facing. Turning his eyes while using these would cause him to burn off his nose, so he turns his head with the beams.

Power 2 - Hand-To-Hand Skills: While he is not a master, Voakai is a very capable fighter in hand-to-hand combat. He has skills in boxing, judo, and greco-roman wrestling. He learnt these skills shortly after arriving in the US, finding a local dojo and training there in exchange for working there for free.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1 - Drug Addiction: Due to the horrible pain he has behind his eyes when he closes them, he is unable to sleep without the assistance of painkillers. He takes a heavy dose every day, and he is addicted to them. Sometimes, he will even take a couple extra during the day if he is feeling down. He never WANTS to use them, but he HAS to. He hopes he can find a cure for his pain soon.

Weakness 2 - Phobic Fear of Water/Drowning: One time, in school back in Ireland, there was a swimming class once a week. He liked it at first, but one time, a fellow student played a prank on him and proceeded to hold his head underwater so that he couldn't breathe. The kid held him down for too long and Vincent started to drown. Luckily, the swimming instructor reacted quickly enough and saved his life. Ever since then, VIncent has been afraid to go into any open water or pool because of this fear.

The Items

A couple of normal things. A phone, wallet, some money. Just one thing worth really mentioning. Voakai always carries a small bottle of painkillers in his pocket, just in case he needs them. to ease the pain. He never goes anywhere without them.

The Minions


The Fluff

The energy beams that come from Voakai's eyes went from a pale green to fluro green as he got older. His eyes also occasionally glow bright green, almost like a twitch. He can't help it.

The RP Sample

Vincent was sloppy this time around. Coach Butler was not impressed with his lack of effort today.
"Come on, Vincent. Keep your hands up. This isn't rocket science." Coach Butler said, as he circled around the ring like he was made of feathers. You wouldn't think he was 64, considering how in-shape he was.
"Sorry, Coach. Just.... not feeling it tonight." Vincent replied, moving his mouthguard around his teeth with his tongue like he was eating peanut butter.
"Well tough shit. You know well enough that "not feeling it" is no excuse to train like a sloth." Coach said, and he floated quickly towards Vincent, looking to attack.
"Fine then." Vincent said, as he suddenly gained a rush of adrenaline and threw a flurry of jabs towards the Coach's face, chest, and stomach area. Vincent then showed him a cocky smile.
"How about that then?" Vincent asked, with a small chuckle after his words. He was getting ahead of himself, and that would be his downfall. There was a reason Coach Butler was still in top shape at his age. He took his craft seriously.

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Vincent Kaibo (aka. Voakai) Empty Re: Vincent Kaibo (aka. Voakai)

Post by YelloMit on May 18th 2017, 7:33 am

Just posting to say that this has been finished since I first posted.

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Vincent Kaibo (aka. Voakai) Empty Re: Vincent Kaibo (aka. Voakai)

Post by Chellizard on May 18th 2017, 11:20 am

And everything checks out. Approved!

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