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Ezekiel Lynch (Stratus)

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Ezekiel Lynch (Stratus) Empty Ezekiel Lynch (Stratus)

Post by Stratus May 13th 2017, 7:33 pm

Ezekiel Lynch

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"I'm just trying to do the right thing."

The Bio

Real Name: Ezekiel Lynch
Hero Name: Stratus
Title: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian (God)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190 Lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

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The Personality

Zeke, as he likes to be called, is introverted in most environments. He's level headed and down to earth and always keeps his cool. Being a 'god' would make most people egotistic, but he's quite humble about it. Among these traits he can be cunning, calculating and even fierce when the need arises. On the surface he has that guy down the street kind of look to him, approachable and even a friendly face to strangers. He's a true hero at heart.
The Story

Canada, Toronto is where our tale of this god begins.

A cold country all around in most seasons, even at it's most southern areas. Zeke grew up in a middle class household with the usual loving family, a cliché in for most suburban families as his was. All was great for him and his family, his father John was a doctor, his mother Sarah a lawyer. They were doing quite well for a three person family. Zeke happened to be a mistake when it came to his mothers pregnancy, but that didn't stop them from loving him. In fact things couldn't be better, Zeke excelled at school and was extremely proficient in learning. However the perfect dream as a family began to fade away.

A sickness struck Zeke and his parents, making the three of them deathly ill. Whenever they were brought to the hospital they were told that they'd have 3 months to live, the sickness attacked their immune systems, cardiovascular systems and began to effect their nervous systems, stemming from the brain. The sickness was incurable, modern medicine wasn't advanced enough to treat something so new and unexplainable.

A month in to their hospitalization a man visited Zeke's parents and offered a deal. The deal would be that he could cure their son, if they allowed them to run some tests on him as well, claiming that Zeke being young allowed him to have a better chance of survival. His parents agreed and he was taken to a facility and did as they said, it was a private organization and their "cure" was to merge his soul and body to a ancient spirit of a 'god' named Stratus.

Afterwards, Zeke had no idea what happened, and soon after the 'treatment' the organization was shut down, and all projects were abandoned, even the further testing of Zeke. His parents died soon after and he was put in the custody of his Uncle Fred in New York City, where he'd now grow up.

Fast forward to today, only about two months ago Zeke found out about his abilities, and the god spirit began explaining things to him, explaining the gods past and such. And even the abilities Zeke now wielded. Now today he's been doing the routine crime fighting in New York.
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Super speed: Zeke wields the power of a god, Stratus. He began with a few, but he'll only become more powerful the more he uses them (Will get stronger through advancements). The first power he currently wields is super speed, he can make all of his movements super fast and is considered a speedster, he hasn't yet reached a maximum speed limit when running since he hasn't pushed himself that hard yet, but his speed only ever gets faster. He has be seen to move far in excess of supersonic speeds. Typically his average speed averages around Mach 3, but is capable of going a quite a bit faster if he exerts himself hard enough, but would result in tiring himself out if he were to try that hard, so he rarely does so. But he is told by Stratus he will get faster over time.

Super reflexes: Another ability he has is super reaction speed/super reflexes, which ties into all of his senses. He can react to a bullet fired at him with great speed and dodge it with ease, this ability ties in with his speed, making it where things around him appear to be moving in slow motion around him as he speeds and looks about as well as standing still when wanted. So he can move faster than would normally be possible for a human being and think, move, and react at superhuman speeds.

Super intelligence: The spirits lengthy knowledge and wisdom, along with a gifted ability grants Zeke super intelligence and allows him to think super fast compared to the normal human. Being gifted and augmented with a brain with such as his allows him to have vastly better memory, calculation speeds, as well as super learning capacity, allowing him to learn things quickly. Overall he is super smart on a super level when it comes to intelligence.

Rapid cellular regeneration: Zeke also has the ability from Stratus to regenerate all of his cells at an increased rate, resulting in any and all physical and mental injuries perfectly healing and regenerating in a matter of seconds or minutes. Zeke stopped aging. And also grants Zeke perfect health and body, immunity to all illnesses, defects, disorders, drugs, toxins and other physical flaws. Zeke physical needs are greatly reduced or completely removed. These needs include air/breathing, sleep/rest, food, drink, bodily evacuations and he even has unlimited stamina, plus negates the need of shelter from environmental effects and their lack (heat/cold, dryness/wetness), etc. Zeke is also able to stay unmoving without normal effects this would have. This is all due to his body, mind, and soul being fully connected to the god Stratus. Stratus provides Zeke with a "immortal" body, that wont allow him to die or starve/die of thirst. (However, if for example he has his head cut off it would take some time for him to regenerate it. So if it were to be decapitated, it would most likely take him out of a fight. So until then he would be technically "dead".)

The Weaknesses

Slippery Surfaces: Slippery surfaces can prove a troublesome feat for Zeke to overcome when attempting to use his super speed.

Magic beacon: Stratus is usually pretty good at hiding his magical presence, however, whenever Zeke uses his speed he becomes a large beacon when it comes to magic as the magic power becomes too great and he can be detected easily by a person that can detect magical energies, and can only avoid being tracked if he uses no speed at all. Besides his regeneration/intellect as it's more passive. His speed and such however leaves residual magic properties behind, making it easy for someone to track the residual magic left behind that can only be detected by someone that can sense magic. Making a trail of sorts.

Magic: Zeke is more vulnerable to magic than anything else, making it easier for magic to injure him in comparison to anything else.

Kind Hearted: Zeke is against killing, and believes everyone should stay alive no matter the confrontation, he feels everyone has a life and something to live for, and he hopes to save everyone, villains included.

Electricity: Happens to be more painful than any other pain he can ever feel, besides magic.

Past: Any mention of his troubled past can result in throwing him off.

Fear: Has a huge phobia of snakes.

The Fluff

Can't be effected by telekinesis directly, or mind control. As well as a variety of permission based powers due to the god Stratus protecting him with a magical aura. (Just a simple explanation for why he can't get ripped in pieces by telekinetic, or turned into a mindless zombie through mind control and etc.)

He wears a suit made up of strong and heat resistant fibers, also being covered with metal armour parts around key points for basic protection, avoiding any restriction of movement. The suit allows him to run at whatever speed he chooses without burning up from friction. It also protects against small arms and knives. Also allowing his suit to be a symbol of his heroism, as well as protecting his identity.

Stratus, a self acclaimed god that was there in the beginning of everything. He became immortal and lost his body and was reduced to a mere spirit after confrontation with a higher power. Stratus then lived out the ages soul bound to a stone and then was mysteriously bound with Zeke's soul instead, at least that's all that was revealed to Zeke.

The RP Sample

Find out yourself Wink

Application created by [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Ezekiel Lynch (Stratus) Empty Re: Ezekiel Lynch (Stratus)

Post by Shadowoof May 15th 2017, 2:17 am

First up. Speed is written with no limit. It's stated as excess of supersonic speeds, but that doesn't explain it. Mach 1? Mach 2? Please be more defining in that. Also, don't bother stating that his stamina is great if it's unlimited with your regeneration. Just a nit pick.

Magic Beacon: This weakness becomes a non weakness if he isn't using his powers, which, rapid cellular regeneration is always working is it not? Or is that particular power not included in the has to be on to be seen in which that just won't work. If the power comes from the Stratus god, then it will always be on won't it. So he'll always be seen by magic.

Kind Hearted and Heroism are basically the same exact thing. He is going to stop people from dying. That's it. Please change one of them to something else.

Neat freak is an disorder isn't it? That and it just isn't a weakness. Please change.

Overwhelmed: I am pretty sure that this is not a weakness, how can it be used against him?

Right, if you want to have any lengthy conversations on why I am wrong with any of these, please contact me and do so or if you wish to explain one of these things better to me. Otherwise, please look at what I have written and change accordingly. Still looking at the powers and that suit just in case they are wrong in any other way but for now your fineish.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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Ezekiel Lynch (Stratus) Empty Re: Ezekiel Lynch (Stratus)

Post by Stratus May 15th 2017, 9:54 am

Fixed it, I think i fixed it enough based around your suggestions.

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Quote : "I'm just trying to do the right thing."

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Ezekiel Lynch (Stratus) Empty Re: Ezekiel Lynch (Stratus)

Post by Chellizard May 15th 2017, 8:24 pm

Approved and moved.

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Ezekiel Lynch (Stratus) Empty Re: Ezekiel Lynch (Stratus)

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