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Falling droplets

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OPEN Falling droplets

Post by Charlatan May 12th 2017, 9:23 pm


It was raining on Las Angeles and something about it just fit. Pat narrowed his eyes, watching the dark clouds illuminated by the cities continual light pollution. Midnight felt like a time that was supposed to be normally quiet, but large cities always were mostly active at this time. That was something he liked about them, this continual life that always seemed to pulse through them. A city like this never slept, only slowed down somewhat. He was also just a normal person within this expansive city,  something that could come as a pro and con when thought over.

Life however had grown complicated when he found himself entangled in more than he cared for. First Luke revealing he was doing the exact same thing as him, Matt nearly dying to something likely him and Luke had done also added to things. Just thinking about it made his chest feel heavy, as if someone had dropped a weight on it. Shame had made seeing his recovery difficult, and perhaps that just put a strain on what remained of their friendship. In fact he had grown pathetic enough to draw someone into his own problems, and problems they would be.

Maybe that was why he threw himself into what he called his work more than usually. Bringing down small criminals, it was nothing like the heroes on the television but he did what he could to bring some peace of mind despite what he actually did. Springs clicked into place, Pat examining the various mechanisms that formed his gauntlet, specifically the dart shooting section. ”I need to upgrade this damn thing.” He muttered to himself, watching some jackass on his motorcycle breeze down the street his apartment overlooked. Finding a new place to live had been difficult when his last was decimated, so he had to do a little work for that.

It was lucky that Brandon Hale had a few connections, otherwise that would have just been him mooching off of Matt. Not that he minded staying with him, even if what he wanted was different.

Regardless of what he wanted, there were things he had to do and so he would do them.

The club was closed by now, the time being 3:30 but what happened within was still something. A small drug meeting as he guessed, though for what he didn’t rightfully know. It could be the new thing that was circulating around, Spark if the word going around was in anyway correct. The shadows covered him, as Withdrawl slipped as best he could around. Making sure he parked a decent ways away from the spot was a good idea, because something told him being seen driving from the scene of the crime that might have been coming up would be no good. With a sigh, he scooted close to the door which oddly enough opened without an issue.

Moving through without alerting anyone proved difficult, but Pat was confident he managed to do that to some degree. That being until stepped into someone, his mask pressing into their chest. He stumbled back a few inches, reaching for one of the many darts as the man raised their gun. Thought didn’t factor too much into things he he pressed forward and rammed it into their shoulder, followed by the loud explosion of a gunshot and pain in his shoulder.

A scrape from what he could tell, but he followed that by slamming his elbow into their face. Luckily the drugs were fast acting, which made them prone once that was done. With that. Pat grabbed their gun and slipped into the nearest room where he could plan forward, pressing a hand over his shoulder.
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OPEN Re: Falling droplets

Post by Horigan May 12th 2017, 10:39 pm

Los Angeles, the opposite side of the states that Rafe was used to operating in. Why was he here in the Californian state? A very good reason actually, Rafe happens to be a billionaire, and in most cases can get what he wants. However he likes to keep a criminal syndicate of sorts in the shadows to have men with theirs ears to the ground, to listen to rumours. And it allows him to have control of a city without 'officially' being in control. Rafe had already controlled the majority of the east coast, however he wanted more. The idea was to start another operation on the west coast and begin to join the two sides together, a takeover on two fronts.

Anyways, Rafe thought a good place to start would to be local clubs and bars, he never shot too high because it could have large repercussions and create more headaches than it's usually worth. The city appeared to be awake, but less than usual, as most large cities are even in the late hours, which proved to be the best time to do this takeover. Rafe planned to do this with a small group, he'd arrive with a small number of goons to do what he wanted them to do, they were equipped with MP5 submachine guns and light body armour, the armour proved to only really be effective to knives and such. These guys were guns for hire, Rafe never let his criminal syndicate directly relate to his company, that would be bad business and create lots of problems.

Rafe's first stop was where a rumoured drug operation originated, perfect place to start. He had the driver of the van he was in stop outside the club, and one by one the men piled out and were already fully loaded and ready. Rafe then stepped out in a fashionable all black suit with signature grey striped accents on his tie. He smirked as he gazed at the entrance of the club, "It's show time boys."

The men stacked up outside the door and started their breach, the door was kicked open and a flashbang was tossed in, they then stormed in with basic strategic movements and fired on anyone hostile, they began to make their way through the club. These merc's were cheap and easily expendable, which made these guys the best for the job Rafe needed done. Rafe then waited outside by the van, lighting a cigarette, puffing on it as his men did work.

Falling droplets O8uHNOF

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