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Captain Freedom

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Captain Freedom Empty Captain Freedom

Post by Super Cutie on May 10th 2017, 5:17 am

Captain Freedom

"Truth, justice, and the American way, brother!"

The Bio

Real Name: Jeffrey "El Jefe" Gibbons
Hero Name: Captain Freedom
Title: Midnight Rider, Lonely Tiger, Space Cowboy, Gangster of Love, Maurice
Alignment: Freedom
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Dirty Whiteboy
Hair: Business in the front, party in the back
Eyes: Crazy
Height: Tall enough (6'2)
Weight: Lean and mean
Blood type: Red

The Looks

"super suit" consists of these badboys

Captain Freedom Il_57011
Captain Freedom A1-eag10

The Personality

Jeff, or "El Jefe," as he likes to refer to himself, is a being of simple pleasures. His hobbies consist of what he calls the 4 S's: "Slamming brews, smoking j's, snorting lines, and scoring chicks." Most have yet to see him accomplish the last one. However, he assures them he does it all the time.

The Story

To say Jeff Gibbons used to be a real piece of shit with an arrest record ten miles long would be a bit of an understatement. Between his series of short lived unskilled labor careers, he spent most of his days committing petty and sometimes not so petty crimes and his nights shotgunning beers by the river.  It was on one of those nights that his life changed forever. He was down by the river knocking a couple back all by his lonesome when the sky lit up bright as hell, and then there was a large crash and suddenly he found himself coming too upside down and trapped in his now overturned van. He knew immediately it had to be some outerspace shit, maybe a meteor, or a satellite, possibly the russians. After freeing himself from the wreckage he was stumbled upon some even weirder wreckage. It wasn't the Russians, it was a goddamn real life alien stumbling out of a crashed shuttle! It spoke to him weakly in a language no one on Earth could understand, possibly Russian, before collapsing and taking it's last breath. When our hero went to check if the spaceman was alive or not a strange ooze began leaking from the corpse and attaching itself to him and seeping in through his pores. At first he was freaked, but once the bonding process had begun and the ooze was able to explain itself to him telepathically, he was stoked. The assumption that he was half alien now lead him to the assumption that this was totally going to get him laid.

After an unnecessarily long debate over using the symbiotically granted super powers to I don't know, knock over a liquor store or something? Jeff and  C'ree (that's the symbiotic ooze's name) came to an agreement on how to use his new abilities to benefit the universe and still make some cash. Jeff was going to become a big time superhero. He got a hold of his bounty hunter cousin, got himself a couple licenses and set up shop as the country's premier for pay superhero, Captain Freedom.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Alien symbiosis
Jeff has been merged with a symbiotic alien life form named C'ree. These lifeforms were created by an alien race to augment their limited telekenitic abilities. Jeff is the first being not of their race to succesfully bond with one, leading  it to believe he may have had latent metahuman telekenitic ability beforehand.

After merging with C'ree, Jeffrey has developed a unique version of telekinesis in the form of a telekinetic field around his body. This field allows him to mimic the following abilities:

Superstrength: Since Jeff's telekinesis is limited to a field around his skin, he has to be touching something in order to lift things with it. This gives him what essentially amounts to super strength. This strength allows him to tear through most things and lift up to 10 tons with relative ease and around 20 with extreme exertion. This ability seems to be growing stronger as he gets used to using it.

Invulnerability: The telekinetic field constantly around his body repels most things and protects the Captain from harm. Even the strongest of metas can knock him around all day without leaving more than bruises.

Flight: Through the magic of telekinesis El Jefe is also capable of mentally lifting himself through the air, this combined with the protection mentioned above allows him to fly fast as hell with top speeds over 100 mph.

The Weaknesses

Over Exertion: If Jeff were to exert his abilities beyond his limits for an extended period of time he could experience adverse side effects such as headaches, nosebleeds, unconsciousness or even death. So the Captain's gotta take it easy, brother.

Not completely invulnerable: As mentioned, his field is not absolutely impervious, strong metas have been able to harm him in the past. If something strong enough were to hit him, or the same spot repeatedly, it's possible they could break through his field and maim or even kill him.

Seperation Anxiety: Jeff and C'ree are now symbiotically bonded, and as this bond continues to grow stronger, if someone were to find a way to forcefully separate the two, it would not only leave the Captain powerless, but it could potentially cause him severe physical and mental damage.

Not the brightest: This one should be obvious.

The Items

Sweet Connie II:


Captain Freedom Airbru10
Captain Freedom 26b6da10
Captain Freedom Phanto10
This bitchin van is actually the small scouting attack craft that totaled his real van, the original Sweet Connie, may she rust in peace.
This deluxe luxury vehicle comes with the following features:

Cloaking device: This allows the craft to outwardly take the appearance of other vehicles consistantly or remain invisible for shorter periods of time.

Laser turret: While the front cannons were damaged beyond repair and removed, the top mounted turret remains functional.It is capable of punching holes through concrete and putting heavy dents into steel.

Flight: While in atmosphere it can hover and fly at speeds equal to that of state of the art fighter jets.

Remote control: Jeff is able to control the vehicle even when he's not in it though the use of a hyper durable wrist mounted, voice activated computer.

However the ship was severely damaged during it's crash landing and currently functioning at less than optimal proficency leaving it currently incapable of space flight among other issues.
Drawbacks include but are not limited to:

Erratic Behavior: Every damn thing about the damn thing seems to work only when it wants to. This leads to random surges and stoppages of power to any system at random times.

Weak shields: The shields currently function at 5-10% effeciency making them only capable of absorbing one or two major attacks (think like tank fire or plowing through a building or something) before they shut down for an indefinite period of time to recover. While the sheilds are down, Connie is still very durable but no more so than an armored earth vehicle.

The Fluff

C'ree: The alien lifeform bonded to Jeff, and formerly bonded to the tragically dead alien guy, Captain Vosh of the planet Veldar. It is quite a bit smarter than our dude despite still being new to Earth and it's customs. It can communicate with Jeff telepathically, and their vastly different natures makes it so they don't always get along. Dude is totally the alien Jiminy Cricket to this human Pinocchio

Legal Tender: Captain Freedom is a licensed bounty hunter, investigator, and body guard in several states, effectively allowing him to operate as a hero for hire. Maintaining these licenses and paying his court fees is a total bitch, and that's before Uncle Sam takes his taxes, so daddy definitely does not work for free.

The RP Sample

Nice try.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Captain Freedom Empty Re: Captain Freedom

Post by The Bolt on May 10th 2017, 9:00 pm

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