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Himishi Hachuko

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Himishi Hachuko

Post by Red Ring on May 6th 2017, 1:27 am


"But nobody came."

The Bio

Real Name: Himishi Hachuko
Villain Name: N/A
Title: The Demon
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Meta-human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Glowing red
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 204 lbs.
Blood type: AB+ (colored black?)

The Looks

When looking at Hachuko, he is very clearly something to fear. He has black hair in an "emo" hairstyle covers his right eye, but leaves the other exposed, red and glowing - a blatant sign of trouble. Somewhat long nose that ends in a point, and fanged teeth, usually bent into a malicious smile. He has pointed ears, though he hates when people call them "elf-like," with a golden piercing with a red gem on the left side. He has a bit of stubble, with a fairly muscular build. He often wears fingerless gloves, a hoodie and jeans, usually red or in darker colors.

The Personality

Hachuko, on the surface, appears to be very, very clearly evil. He has a very bleak outlook on humanity, seeing wiping them all off the earth as a favor to the world itself - after all, they're naturally just as cruel as he is, right? He makes dark, malicious jokes towards his victims, which are often numerous. If someone happens to catch his attention, they'll often be considered a target, and promptly hunted as prey. He tends to let his rage consume him very easily, which only serves to make his attacks more vicious. Given his near complete lack of visible empathy and tendency to cut through anyone who dares stand in his way, it's no wonder he's considered a demon.

That, however, is just a facade that he began believing himself. In all honesty, each kill, each drop of blood spilled by his hands, it all affects him more than he lets on. Truly, he's afraid, and angry, at himself and others. He's afraid of the ones who considered him a monster due to things beyond his control. He's angry at those who punished him for being who he was. And yet, he's afraid of who he's become, the very monster they fear. He's angry at himself for letting his bloodlust consume him. When he's alone, in hiding from humanity, he often does whatever he can to distract himself from the emotions, the sadness, the anger, the fear. Not that it works. He attempts to justify his actions by considering humanity all the same; evil, cruel, with little room for compassion.

However, some day, he might just be proven wrong.

The Story

To tell the truth, Hachuko doesn't remember his parents very well. He knows his father was Japanese, and his mother was American, but apart from that, only generalized and fuzzy memories remain. Maybe it's because he doesn't want to remember. But he does remember some things...Not pleasant things. Hachuko, as far as he knows, was an average kid growing up - but it all changed a bit after he turned 13. He one day awoke and found himself with red eyes. His teeth had turned into fangs. His parents showed fear towards him when he approached them. He remembers the things they said, all too clear.


"What did you do with our son?"

At first, they thought he wasn't their son - rather, a demon who had taken his place. Their behavior towards him didn't change even after they realized that it was, indeed, the child they gave birth to. Every day, before, during and after school, Hachuko began to be met with insults, and abuse for things beyond his control. He was considered a demon, a hellspawn to be gotten rid of as quick as possible. People blamed him for anything that happened to them.

After a year of this, the child snapped, and ran away. He didn't turn back. His parents didn't bother looking for him, as far as he knows - maybe they were even relieved he was gone. For many long years, he wandered the streets. He turned to theft as a way to gain the things he needed to survive. The times he was caught, he scared away those who interrupted him by pure mistake. On occasion, he got empty threats by way of handgun. He also discovered his powers; he became less afraid of people wielding guns when he discovered his demonic resilience. His fear decreased further as he discovered more of his powers, and their limits.

But throughout his time on the streets, his hatred towards humanity grew. And grew. And grew. He became cold, and distant towards other human beings. It reached it's cap barely a month ago, when he was nearly caught yet again. He scared a family. He got shot in the shoulder, if memory serves correctly - a wound he had to patch up on his own. All the while, the insults flung at him as he made him escape drove him to a point of rage.

When he got away, he found himself staying in the sewers, in hiding. He had to fend off a few rats to protect the food he stole. His anger reached it's peak, and he snapped. He swore vengeance on humanity, the whole lot of them. He swore to destroy them all. They want a demon? He'll give them a demon. He'll send them all to Hell.

He'll make them all pay.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

1. Demonic Physique - Physically, Hachuko's capabilities are a level above a normal human's. He can break a human's bones with a well-placed punch, and lift up to 5 tons. He's also highly resilient to damage; lower caliber bullets will hurt and break through skin, but not really be able to damage any vital areas, whereas higher caliber bullets get increasingly more damaging until you're shooting a hole in him that you can see out the other side of. He can also cap off speed at around 35 MPH when he's pushing it to the max.

2. Demonic Blade - Hachuko can take 5 seconds - during which he is open to attacks - to summon/de-summon a crimson red dagger, about 18 inches(45.72 cm), with a black cross-guard and similarly colored handle. While this weapon doesn't look like much, it can cut through bone and tissue with ease, and even damage solid concrete.

3. Night Vision - Hachuko can see up to 10 meters in front of him in darkness. I'm not sure I need to describe this one further...

4. Regeneration - Hachuko does have a level of regeneration. It's not going to bring him back from the dead or anything like that, but it is effective in healing minor wounds and more major wounds do heal faster than they would without. However, for major wounds, it's best that he is handled by a professional, as it might heal wrong, and will still take multiple days to heal even with his regeneration.

The Weaknesses

1. Anger - Hachuko's got a hot temper, which will often lead to him blindly charging in to attack. This can be used to someone else's advantage.

2. Holy Symbols - Holy symbols act as a ward of sorts. A holy symbol(for example, a cross) within 20 meters of him will de-power him; it'll take 5 minutes for him to recover after leaving the radius. He can still summon a Demonic Blade, however it is essentially just an ordinary kitchen knife until he's recovered from the effects. In addition, direct contact with his skin will burn.

3. Holy Water - Holy water is like acid to his skin, burning him on contact. Wounds sustained with holy water won't be healed by his regeneration factor - they'll have to heal the old fashioned way.

Light - Light based abilities of any sort(magic or meta-human) will break through his natural defense and damage Hachuko severely, even if the ability itself is meant to be harmless or even beneficial. Direct sunlight minorly weakens his abilities as well, though it does not out-and-out prevent him from using his abilities.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Re: Himishi Hachuko

Post by Super Cutie on May 10th 2017, 8:24 pm

Approved, my dude. Spidey


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