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Sin Came for Me [Flashback]

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INV ONLY Sin Came for Me [Flashback]

Post by Jossalyn Packard on May 3rd 2017, 6:08 pm

Mexico, Cancun, Earth
The Year of 1973

Iris Wright was Warp, a great space-time manipulator of incredible power hailing from a clan of ancient blood, descended directly from an entity calling himself Oceanus, who the ancients worshipped as a deity, though he was not a true deity. The blood of ‘divinity’ and ancient royalty ran through her veins, and Iris was a righteous woman, sometimes seen as self-righteous, but she fought for good reasons, and she fought well. A hero of her time, she would become a symbol of the golden age, and acquire a legacy carried on by her children when she became a Packard; Bastion Packard and Jossalyn Packard would be the name of those children. When that time comes around, however, Iris would be dead, but that time is well over a decade away, and Iris is oblivious to it, to the fact that she will fall in love, to the fact that her so-called immortality will end. For now, an investigation goes on, and Iris Wright continues seeking information on what she perceives as a threat, because of the nature of that little old dimension that mortals like to call ‘Hell’.

Possessing the power to detect disturbances in the space-time continuum has led Iris to Cancun, a beautiful, charming, and exotic place in Mexico, but not before four demons came to the realm she proclaimed herself defender of, attempting to do something she know not what, but she did know that it wasn’t anything that could be good. Dead before they could give her the information that she wanted, Iris’ new enemies were clearly in a number more than just four, but maybe this one was the last. We can always hope, right? Iris had been brought to Cancun by the presence of a being more powerful than the last four, and she didn’t waste any time in teleporting from her estate to the beautiful sandy beach that she was in now. Though the first one had appeared right before her, Iris was now left curious if they were trying to find out ways to try to postpone her inevitable arrival, or if they were seeing if she would come - demons were strange creatures, and you can’t always figure out what they are up to. It was night here, and the stars were beautiful, but she was here to engage in combat, and it wasn’t right to enjoy the sights when there were people at risk.

The uniform she was wearing was the same dark gray and tuscan red that her daughter would come to wear in the future when she took up the name ‘Warp’ to continue on the legacy that she inherited, and felt she had to carry on. On the dark gray center of the belt was a large, tuscan red ‘W’, and Iris wore a visor of similar appearance to Jossalyn’s, a single red lense, but it didn’t have many of the cooler features that Jossalyn’s had. Instead of the Wrisltet XL45, Iris’ right wrist had a projectile launcher wrapped around it, and a battle glove was on the left, meant to deal damage with its claws, disable opponents with shocks, and otherwise help her cream her enemies. A red, black, and dark gray short scythe with a normal sized blade, but a much shorter pole of about half the normal size was gripped at the end by Iris’ right hand, and held in the middle as she stood behind the creature before her. The demon’s pale-skinned visage, covered with creeping black tendril-like markings was intriguing, and so too was his long black hair, and the horns jutting out from his back.

”Oi!” Iris called out, letting the scythe’s hit head the sand as she put her weight onto it.

”You look hot against the stars, demon boy. I mean, really, if it wasn’t for the horns, that fine back of yours would end up in a porno… but, uhm, are you sure you should keep coming here? You and your ilk should really stop.” She continued.

”This is my dimension after all. I defend it. Why keep coming if you’re only going to die? No matter how sexy you are, my extradimensional friend, you’re going to have to fight me. Sorry, mate.” Iris tilted her head to the right, brushing hair out of her visor, and waiting for the demon before her to do something.

Jossalyn Packard
Jossalyn Packard

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