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Sewer Thing

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Sewer Thing Empty Sewer Thing

Post by Sewer Thing on May 2nd 2017, 6:21 pm

Sewer Thing

"700 Pounds of Mutant Hunger!"

The Bio

Real Name: Dr. Andrew Maury
Hero Name: Sewer Thing
Title: The Biggest Urban Legend
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 40 years old, but his mutant form makes this impossible to tell.
Gender: Male
Race: Reptilian
Hair: Brown and thick on his body only, more like fur.
Eyes: Blue and very round, except when feral when they turn slitted
Height: Five feet to his shoulder, fifteen feet long nose to tail tip.
Weight: 700 pounds
Blood type: A+ when he was human, now who knows?

The Looks

Sewer is a massive reptile/mammal monstrosity, once a man. Fifteen feet long from nose to tail and five feet from the ground to his shoulders. His head, flexible neck, and tail have lime green scales and his neck bears a single row of small red spines down the midline. His legs are scaled gray with five toes armed with sharp black claws on his dinner plate sized front feet and four toes on his back feet. He still has opposable thumbs on his front feet. His teeth are small and sharp, but numerous and curved viciously backwards to hold onto who he bites into.

The Personality

Highly intelligent scientific mind, but occasionally lacking common sense. His life in hiding in the dark alleys and sewers and storm drains of the city have turned him wary and untrusting, but underneath that Sewer Thing has a friendly personality once he trusts someone to look past their terror at the giant reptile and see him for the brilliant geneticist he once was. Sarcastic with a quirky sense of humor once he knows someone. Can't stop himself from getting in the way of a crime in process while he stalks the city at night for food, even knowing that the erstwhile victim will be more terrified of his monstrous appearance than any mugger.

The Story

Andrew Maury was a prodigy throughout his school years, praised by teachers for a seemingly boundless intellect. He went to New York University and graduated top of his class with double doctorates. He worked in medical research, seeking a cure all for genetic disorders and after almost twenty years of discoveries and patents, became sure he was close to his ultimate goal.

Andew was working late one dark night in his lab. His lab assistant Nancy Derringer tried to get him to go home, but he stayed to watch his experiment, a genetic alteration serum, the genetic disorder cure-all he'd dreamed of discovering. Too many late nights caught up with him and caused Andrew to doze off at his lab table. While he slept, Dr. Walter Baxter sabotaged the experiment in order to kill Andrew and steal it for his own credit.

The serum exploded and went from liquid to gas. The explosion woke Andrew and then knocked him unconscious. The vaporized serum caused genetic changes in Andrew, mutating him into something monstrous and sub-human. Andrew fled to the pits of the city's sewer and forsaked his human name, taking the identity of Sewer Thing. Now he stalks the night, helping the helpless and scaring garbagemen.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Strength
3. Endurance
4. Agility

The Powers

Sewer doesn't have powers exactly, just the animal abilities of his mutant form.
1. He's large and strong enough to send a person down and flying several feet from one smack with his front feet.
2. His claws and teeth are the razor sharp weapons of a pure predator.
3. He can use his five foot long tail as a decent whip with about the same brute force as his front legs.
4. He can strike to bite with a snake's speed.
5. His senses of smell and hearing have sharpness on par with a dog's.
The Weaknesses

1. Sewer's sheer mass, and lack of fitness as the human scientist he was, make him slow. His endurance is mostly taken up moving his own body.

2. Though sharp, his claws and teeth can't penetrate any halfway decent armor or protection. If it would stand up to a good sharp knife, it'll stand up to his claws.

3. His sapience is often hanging by a hair, in particular hunger will cause his human mind to be subsumed by the lizard brain and in the state the creature only wants food. Pain and the taste of blood can also cause Sewer to regress into a bestial state. He's as likely to wander away from the fight as attack in this mental state and it can last for days.

4. He can't change target once he's already moved to strike, even if the prey has moved or he changed his mind about attacking. Once again, sheer size and momentum.

5. His heightened senses can overwhelm with too much to sort out, and his reptilian form and life in the darkness makes his eyesight subpar. Sudden bright light will blind him.

The Items

The sum total of his possessions is a pile of dirty blankets in a disused sewer tunnel that he calls home.

The Minions


The Fluff

Rumors of him drift around the cryptid and cryptozoology types in the city. He's an urban legend you may have heard of once or twice, the sort of thing a garbage collector swears she saw one night digging in a dumpster.

The RP Sample

Sewer emerged from the murky harbor waters, shook out his brown shag coat, and headed towards a parked blue sedan. Night had fallen hours ago, the moon was new, and Sewer was in his element. He approached the car cautiously, sniffing for anyone besides Nancy.

Nancy Derringer spotted the monster and gasped in horror.

Sewer came closer, staying away from the light of the one functioning street lamp on a run-down street. "Heard you were looking for me, Derringer. You found me."
Nancy swallowed, "Andrew, you need to come back to the lab with me and we can fix it."
"Fix it? Fix what, Derringer? Say it."
"Your mutation!"
"I'm a monster, Derringer. I'm going back where I belong, the pits of the city."
"Darnit, Andrew. Dr. Baxter is DEAD. You killed him, now you need to come with me to the lab before you kill anyone else."
"Don't call me Andrew. I'm Sewer Thing now. Andrew was human, I'm a monster." Sewer rotated on his hind quarters and dove into the harbor, leaving Nancy on the dock.
"Well, that went better than I expected," Nancy quipped and returned to her car. She would try again, later, to get through to the brilliant man she knew was locked in the monster's body.

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Sewer Thing
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Sewer Thing Empty Re: Sewer Thing

Post by Super Cutie on May 3rd 2017, 5:42 am

This is approved, my dude. Cool


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