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Aurora Empty Aurora

Post by Rellawing on April 25th 2017, 2:24 am

Disclaimer: This character is Transgender. If this offends you please don't give me a hard time about it. It is a very cute and fun character IMO, and has emotional significance for me. My fiance and I would do role-plays together. It was very special to me. Aurora never had a chance to be the best that she could be in the world my fiance painted for her... I hope she can go far in a new world. She genuinely wishes to be a true paragon so please be kind to her!

Additional Note: I don't intend to play Black Angel as more than an NPC presence in Aurora's head at present. If my intent changes I will certainly let people know. I included some information on her, however. I also apologize for how long this profile is. I hope that is alright! This character has a lot of story around her.


"I have always idolized heroes... Can I really be one?"

The Hero

Hero Name: Aurora
Title: New Hero
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human / Empyrean Hybrid
Hair: Silver Blonde
Eyes: Violet
Height: 181.56 cm (71.48 in)
Weight: 53.5 kg (118.0 lb)
Blood type: Empyrean

The Person

Real Name: Leo Walker AKA Leona Ramses
Title: Student
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human / Empyrean Hybrid
Hair: Sandy Blonde (Dyed Purple Accents)
Eyes: Blue
Height: 163.87 cm (64.52 in)
Weight: 51.7 kg (114.0 lb)
Blood type: AB

The Villain

Real Name: Black Angel
Title: Void Sorceress
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: ????
Gender: Female
Race: Empyrean (A Human Empyrean/Hybrid if she took over Leona's body)
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Dark Gold
Height: 186.23 cm (73.31 in)
Weight: 53.2 kg (117.2 lb)
Blood type: Empyrean Alien Blood Type

The Looks

Leona Ramses:


The Personality

Leona is the kind of person who never gives up and tries to stay positive. She is energetic and active, though sometimes shy. She is very serious about her goals but has a good sense of humor. She wants to protect people no matter what, even though she has seen a lot of the darker side of people, she still believes in them. If she makes a mistake she will always try her best to make up for it. If it is a mistake she cannot make up for she will agonize over it.

Story I: The Empyreans and Black Angel

Ages ago there was a race of aliens called the Empyreans. They were basically Angelic in appearance, and quite possibly the origin of stories of them. Being angelic they were tall, fair, and had wings like birds with which they could fly. They were mystically attuned, their abilities manifesting in the form of light manipulation mostly. They quickly matured and became space farers, developing technology that wasn't faster than light, but allowed them to explore their neighboring solar systems.

They came in contact with a strange dark crystal formation on a planet in a solar system orbiting a black hole in a nebula they termed "The Oubliette" and recognized that this crystal could be a new source of energy for them. Unfortunately this new power source exposed the still naive race to the power of the Void and they were changed by it. Faster than light travel was now possible for them, and instead of exploring the universe they became a force to conquer it.

The Empyrean Empire spread out and conquered, but something happened to it. Perhaps they met a stronger force, or perhaps the corruption ate away at it's society, but it crumbled, and there were few survivors of the Empyrean race in the aftermath. One such survivor, one who called herself Black Angel ended up on Earth, possibly stranded. She started a Super Villain career and became notorious. Eventually her career ended. She was slain by a hero in an epic fight.

Story II: Leo Walker - A History of Abuse

"Leo... Leo... come here, it's okay." Aunt Goonie's voice is calming and gentle as it calls out through the tightly closed door in the darkened hallway.

The door tentatively opens and the young boy with red-rimmed eyes dashes out, embracing the kindly older woman's figure tightly, desperately. His young body shakes with sobs and his eyes are swollen from crying.

The older woman embraces the boy tightly, gently patting and stroking his back. "Shhh... shhh.... it's okay, Auntie Goonie is here." she says. After a moment the boy's stomach growls audibly. "Ah... I guess someone is hungry. Why don't we get you something to eat? Can you get dressed for me sweetie?" she asks.

The boy rushes to get dressed in a clean set of overalls, a shirt, and his favorite shoes with the image of his favorite heroine Mistral embossed upon them. When he returns he holds his hands up to his Aunt who lifts him up with a grunt, holding him in her arms. "Come on, time for food." she smiles.

"Can I stay with you tonight, Auntie Goonie?" the boy asks, his voice small as he presses his face against her shoulder. Aunt Laguna walks down the hallway, to the living room and out the front door and locks it. "Well... I don't see why not." she murmurs as she closes the door behind her. "Maybe we can let you stay a little longer than just tonight huh?" she rubs Leo's back comfortingly as she heads down the stairs with the boy in her arms.

Leo Walker, the son of William Joe Walker and Yvette Ramses-Walker was born in the city of San Isidro California. Their lives were hard, but they were a happy family until Leo's mother Yvette was killed during a super-fight when he was just six years old. She was working as a paramedic at the time and trying to help injured victims and was crushed by her own ambulance when it was blasted aside by a super villain in the fight.

After that, William sunk into a depression. Due to financial pressures and the insurance company fighting the life insurance claim and the loss of his wife, he became an alcoholic. He alienated his friends and neighbors and became abusive towards Leo.

After beating Leo, who at that time had come to idolize a super-heroine in Canada called Mistral. Mistral was a super heroine at that time famous for her generosity as well as her mystical based powers. His father abandoned Leo in their apartment for days at a time, moving between the local bar and his job. Picking up on the situation, Yvette's sister, and Leo's Aunt Laguna Ramses took him in while the courts decided his fate.

Ultimately William was found to be an unfit parent and received a minor jail time sentence for courtroom outbursts which included a statement that he was glad his 'twink brat' was being placed with 'that hippie bitch'.

Story III: Leona Ramses - Into a Loving Home

Leo moved in with his Aunt Laguna Ramses and her daughter Quinn, who became much like a sister to Leo. Laguna ran a local Restaurant in San Isidro called "Au Naturale" that served organically grown vegetarian foods. Leo and Quinn would both help at the restaurant, though Quinn had ideas of her own about what she wanted to do in the future even then. She wanted to be a musician, a DJ, and her choices in fashion reflected that. She dyed her hair outrageous colors, and her clothes of choice were a baggy windbreaker and miniskirt.

Despite being so different at first, the two became fast friends, though Quinn being older always took the lead. At this time, the progressive and intuitive Laguna noticed how effeminate the abused boy was and after extensive counseling sessions which she paid for herself, it was determined that Leo was transgendered. Leo's name was changed to Leona and she adopted the name Ramses. She was put on a hormone therapy regimen and was purchased clothes corresponding with her gender identity.

Her life became happier with her new family. Her new sister would take her to various parties and raves the ever mischievous Quinn would joke about getting piercings and Henna tattoos for her little sister where her mother could hear. She would always say, "Once you are old enough to do it on your own, you'll be old enough to deal with a change you'll regret later."

Story IV: Sarah Namias and High School

At one such rave she met her best friend, Sarah Namias. Sarah had forgotten her Wallet at the drink bar and Leona, having been introduced by Quinn earlier to various staff was called out to by the bartender who asked her to take the wallet to the girl with Neko Mimi since he couldn't leave the bar. Leona pushed her way through the throng, nearly losing her balance as she searched for the girl with Cat Ears. She stumbled her way through, finally breaking through and crashing into someone, who ended up being the girl she was looking for.

The two talked and laughed and formed a friendship. It turned out that they were both fans of anime, and particularly Sarah was a fan of cat girls, evinced by the nekomimi hoodie she wore. They were both superhero aficionados (especially superheroines) loved Rhythm Games and RPGs.

Sarah moved there from Montana with her parents, who were pretty strict and rigid generally and very religious. Later that year Leona's body had undergone significant changes as a girl's body does. Sarah convinced Leona to go to a local water park. By this point Quinn talked to Leona, asking if she had told her friend about her being transgender. Leona shook her head stating that no she had not told Sarah, but she wanted to, and intended to after the Water park trip perhaps.

They spent the day at the water park, both wearing one piece swimsuits, Sarahs all white with pink cats on it, and her hair tied back into a ponytail. Leonas was a Japanese school style one-piece swimsuit. Sarah laughed, complementing the Otakuness of the swimsuit choice and saying that it was cute. After a day full of fun and play at the waterpark, later that night when the two rode in the backseat still damp and smelling of chlorine and wrapped in towels, Leona confessed to her friend.

Her friend immediately guessed wrong at first thinking she was going to confess love to her. She immediately protested, saying she loved Leona but not like that. The two laughed about the misunderstanding when Leona said it was something else entirely. She confessed to her friends who was surprised at first but then hugged her, confessing that she was relieved about it. She would not elaborate on why, but the two talked about it and formed a stronger friendship.

Leona started her first year of high school not too long after that. She was granted some special privileges in school taking into consideration her transgender status. Her cousin, now a Senior in the same High School showed her around, and as her sister she gained a status boost from Quinn's reputation. Leona's friendship with Sarah stalled a little at this point. Not wanting her overly pious parents to catch on, as they would surely have a problem with Leona. The two spent most of their time together at school at this point.

Most of the boys were interested in Leona, but she awkwardly yet firmly expressed her lack of interest in them. This earned her teasing but eventually most everyone knew what her preferences were, which led to teasing about her being in a relationship with Sarah, which the two firmly denied. It wasn't long before the teasing jokes turned to reality somewhat as the two awkwardly and experimentally exchanged kisses under the bleachers in the Gym.

Besides Sarah, Leona made other friends, male and female, a group into Parkour. Due to this pastime Leona became very fit and agile.

Story V: Justicon

Justicon was one of the bigger Superhero fan conventions in Seaside City across the bay from San Isidro, and one day Sarah held out tickets to it. They were Gamma tickets, passes that would get you in all weekend plus there were benefits, like special showings, an auction, a superheroine cafe, and more. To say Leona was excited to go was an understatement.

The Hermes International Conference and Convention Center was full of fans at the event, who were interested in Cape and Cowl Culture. There were tons of cosplayers and even more people who had various levels of interest, including protesters.

Sarah once again wore a cat hoodie, somehow managing to combine a domino mask that matched her skirt colors and tiger striped legwarmers to make a semi cosplay look. She called herself the "Nyavenger". Leona on the other hand dressed as Mistral, her still favorite super-heroine. With a wig and a mostly color matched spandex suit, it was a cute approximation. Most people unfortunately didn't recognize her.

They attended panels of superhero morality and superhero costume crafting (which was more like sci-fi on a budget). Later after separating, they came back together, Sarah handing her an object approximately the size of a softball. "I got Ms. Troll a gift!" she joked. "It's Mistral!" Leona laughed, knowing that Sarah had made the joke on purpose. The two explored further over the next day seeing fan films and getting autographed pictures, and seeing the weird yaoi and yuri art shipping the prevailing heroes and villains.

Quinn picked the two of them at the end of the convention and Sarah handed Leona the gift she had purchased for her yesterday. Inside was some grey fluff of some sort and a certificate. "Authentic Angel Down Lot CaMIC-BA, 53 of 1500; Verified by Brodsky & Liefeld Ltd.". Leona shook her head. Angel Down was supposedly collected after fights between Superheroes who have wings. It was very easy to fake and likely just pigeon feathers.

Story VI: I think I like you but...

Several weeks after the convention Sarah and Leona are out with friends, seeing a movie. The group breaks up after, leaving Leona and Sarah alone. The two go to dinner together, and Sarah starts a serious conversation.

"I... really like you," Sarah says quietly, "and I know you're serious about becoming a.... you know, transitioning... but... I d-don't like girls," she says with a confused expression.

Leona smiles calmly having expected this conversation long since. She had been looking forward to and dreading this talk, but because of that she had practiced what she wanted to say.

"Sarah, I know that you have your feelings about this, but I also know that some of that is from your parents. I know you love them and want to respect them even when you know..." Leona takes Sarah's hand across the table. "Even when you know they're wrong sometimes."

Sarah hesitates, sighing.
"You like who you like. I like you and you said you like me... Does it matter whether or not what body parts I have or do not have really?" Leona squeezes Sarah's hand.

"No... but... it's kind of unnatural." she says, squirming a little uncomfortably. "if you want to be a girl, don't you want to be with a boy? I mean, I do, if you're a girl, don't you, too?"

Leona smiles wryly. "It isn't as simple as that, Sarah. I still like girls... but I just don't feel like I was supposed to be a boy. What's the problem with that?"

Sarah sighs again and shrugs. "When I found out you were a boy, I was secretly thrilled, it confused me to think that I might have feelings for a girl. I still like boys though... I still like the look of boys. They you know.... excite me..." she says, blushing. "What if I start thinking that way when I look at you?"

"Would that be a bad thing?" Leona asked.

"I have never looked at girls that way... There are a lot of girls who are really pretty, but I don't look at them like that. But... I can't help feeling that way when I look at you... but... I just can't not see you as a girl." she chews her lip, looking away. "I don't want to be a lesbian." she says finally, flatly.

"I won't force the issue with you Sarah." Leona says, softly squeezing her friends hand. "But please don't let your parents ideas control who you love, okay?" she smiles at her friend.

The two separate, Leona feeling a great deal less confident and serene as she had perhaps seemed. Her sister Quinn conforted her. "She'll come around... I think she likes you too much not to." she flashes a quick grin at a saddened Leona.

"But what if she doesn't?" Leona retorts, a little frustrated at her easygoing sister's light tone.

"She will." Quinn reiterates. "She's afraid, I think. I could talk with her, but I don't know that it'll do any good."
Leona hesitates a moment and then shakes her head. "No... I'll trust your judgement sis. Thanks.

It wasn't long after that conversation that Sarah was sent to a camp to correct problematic behaviors in children.

To be continued in the roleplay sample.

The Priority

Leona Ramses
1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Leona Ramses
Parkour - High agility, and the ability to use momentum and physical fitness to go places where many people cannot. This is not a superpower... it is just a normal human trained ability.

Empyrean Mystical Light Control - The ability to create light constructs, concussive blasts and force fields.

Light Disguises - Ability to control light to change appearance of her skin color, eye color, hair color and clothing configuration and color.

Empyrean Healing - Ability to use light energy to heal others.

Human Resistance to Void Magicks - Her human side makes her more resistant to void magics than a pure Empyrean which gives her a greater chance to fight it.

Empyrean Wings - Ability to fly at near Hypersonic Speeds (across the United States in an hour). The wings size can be adjusted by concentration from a very small size to a large normal wingspan/size. They are a default part of her transformed state, and require concentration to shrink.

Dark Angel
Empyrean Wings - Ability to fly at near Hypersonic Speeds (across the United States in an hour). The wings size can be adjusted freely.

Empyrean Void Control - The ability to create shadow constructs, concussive blasts and force fields.

Void Sorcery - The ability to use the magic of the void in a variety of ways. Necromancy, curses, shadow creature creation, corruption.

Void Teleportation - Step into shadows and step out of shadows somewhere else.

Hiding in Shadows - Able to be hidden in shadow.

The Weaknesses

Leona Ramses
Tragic Past - Due to her situation growing up, and the experiences she has had she is influenced greatly when seeing others going through similar difficulties.

Tragic Past - Due to her situation growing up, and the experiences she has had she is influenced greatly when seeing others going through similar difficulties.

Sunlight Sourced Power - Eventually without sunlight, the source of all of her power, she would have no power. Without enough sunlight to charge her, her wings shrink to a small size that cannot sustain flight.

Concentration Required - The effects of Light Disguises require some concentration. Only her default form requires no concentration. Concentration is required to hold the form of large light constructs.

Energy Depletion - Concussive blasts deplete her reservoir of stored energy faster than almost anything else she would do.

Spiritual Presence - The ghost of Black Angel, her consciousness still lives inside of Leona, haunting her, teasing her, seeking to take control of her perhaps.

Full Body Glow - Unless she concentrates on it her body tends to glow softly with solar energy. This glow can be intensified, and tends to intensify when she uses her power. It scales with how much energy she is using.

Empyrean Susceptibility to Shadow Based Magic - Empyreans are generally weak against shadow type magic. It drains their energy faster. Being half human gives her a bit more resistance than a typical Empyrean, however.

Self Healing Is Minimal Only - She cannot heal herself effectively.

Secret Identity - She keeps a secret identity to protect her family. (Cliched I know but true)

My Family Know I Am A Superhero - Leona's Aunt and Cousin, her adoptive mother and sister know that she has gained superhero powers. They are generally supportive, but of course this puts them at more risk.

Dark Angel ( I do not intend to have Leona be taken over by Dark Angel but you never know what the future may hold. Also her alignment starts as Neutral Evil, but it may shift over time. )

Selfish - Being Neutral Evil she acts purely out of self interest.

I will have what I desire - Can be single minded when it comes to having what she wants, sometimes to the point of distraction.

I can give you the world - Seeks to subvert and corrupt. She will seek to corrupt you through what you want most.

Weakness to Light - Like all servants of the void or manipulators of it, she is weak against light.

The Items

None, she is not a utility type Superhero.

The Minions

None, she is a fledgling Superhero.

The Fluff

Aurora wants to be and idolizes a paragon type hero, but will end up Heroic Neutral because she isn't the type to follow orders or the law when she knows a decision is morally wrong.

The RP Sample: The Beginning Of A Legend

Leona woke up suddenly hearing someone call her name softly. The voice was soft, feminine, and musical. "Leona... Leona..."

Leona blinked, realizing suddenly she was not in her own bed, but in some kind of Graveyard! She jumped to her feet instantly, springing up from the thick grass she had been lying in. She realized suddenly that she was also naked! She covered herself, embarrassed, looking around anxiously. The air around her filled with a lilting laughter. Looking around Leona saw nothing but a strange faint light coming from beyond one of the small mausoleums.

Thinking that this was some sort of prank that was being played on her, and that she had no choice but to move, even if that meant moving closer to people in her naked state. She moved with only a moment of hesitation creeping cautiously toward the mausoleum. Her mind conjured all sorts of possibilities from a prank that her friends were playing on her to zombies springing up out of the dank graveyard soil. By the time she reached the Mausoleum, she was shaking visibly from the cold air blowing on her skin.

She rounds the corner and stops cold, seeing a woman there in front of the light, beautiful despite having iron-grey skin. She twirls a lock of jet-black hair around a finger as she reclines on a stone, examining Leona. She holds forth her hand and an orb light glows there, weakly, darkly even.

"Welcome, Leona." she says softly. "I won't waste time with introductions, the whys or wherefores. Your concern for your friend allowed me to contact you. You want to rescue her. You want the power to rescue her. I can give you that. Come closer..." she murmurs, waving her hand.

Leona, feeling slightly less apprehensive for some reason, approaches. Doubts still nag at he as she nears the figure. She knows who the woman is, she thinks... but her mind is clouded and she cant take her eyes off of the orb the woman is waving. Finally exerting willpower, she forces herself to stop and chews her lip, forcing herself to look down at the ground and collect her thoughts.

"Come now..." the woman says again in a soft tone. "Surely you crave power, do you not? To fly unbound by gravity? To smite your enemies with impunity? Think of the admirers you would have." she murmurs cajolingly.

Leona looks up for a moment, suddenly seeing impressively enormous black wings unfurl from her back, spreading white, and like a shock of electricity, she gasps, recognizing the woman in front of her.

"You... you're Black Angel!!!!" she feels her blood chill in her veins. Black Angel is... was... a powerful supervillain. An alien sorceress. She thinks about Black Angel's last battle last year in Canada. She had been killed in an impossible situation where she had threatened a whole city. Why was she here? Where were they? "But you're..." Leona started.

"I was destroyed true." Black Angel says calmly. "So this should not frighten you. How can a dead Angel threaten you? Come, accept my offer and truly know what it is like to live!" she says, suddenly bounding toward Leona.

Leona turns and bolts, running across the cold ground, he far removing any concern for modesty she had entertained before. She heard the beat of wings behind her as she was pursued and she tried to dodge amongst the tombstones, suddenly frightened that Black Angel might resurrect the bodies of dead people to grab her. Suddenly, however the sound of the beating of wings stops as Leona ducks behind a large tombstone, hiding. After a moment of hearing nothing she peeks out to look around. Seeing nothing he heartbeat starts to calm but suddenly she feels a cold breeze blow against her back.

"You cannot escape, Leona... though I wonder why you call yourself that..."

Leona turns in fear and suddenly a hand shoots out and grabs her by the throat. The fingers are like iron and Leona starts to choke. She flails at the grey arm ineffectual while the woman calmly gestures with her other hand and the darkness seems to coalesce into chains, shooting out from all around Leona, binding her in place.

She lets go of Leona's neck and Leona gasps for breath, forced down to her knees by powers she did not understand. She gestures and the orb reappears in her hand and Leona realized that it was Sarah's present for her after the convention... the glass orb with Angel Down in it!
"I suppose I can only work with what I have... it will have to do..." Black Angel sighs, examining Leona cooly. "Accept this gift and I will grant you powers you can scarcely imagine. I shall control you however and live on through you!" she exclaims.

As she brings the orb closer Leona struggles, panicking. Tears start to fall from the corners of her eyes as she looks at her impending doom. It can't end like this!!! Leona screams inside of her mind and struggles. The chains seem to slacken and with a surge of sudden power Leona somehow shatters them and jumps to her feet. Black Angel's expression previously smug and triumphant changes to shock and she shakes her head. "How? It isn't possible for a merme Earth scum such as you to resist me!"

Leona grins suddenly, feeling a surge of power. A nimbus of light seems to form around her body as Black Angel tries to bind her again. The chains of darkness are dissipated by the light. Another voice like Dark Angels but different seems to echo from the orb in her hand. "Leona, I will help you fight this evil presence... please let me help you." It murmurs weakly. Leona, unhesitatingly agrees and suddenly feels a surge of power as something seems to bind itself to her. Her body burns with it as she swipes at Black Angel and connects with her jaw, making her stumble back in shock. She presses her attack punch after punch keeping her off balance.

Black Angel attempts to retaliate in fury, resummoning chains of darkness from around, and Leona smashes through and crumbles them on contact as she presses her attack. Finally she launches a kick at Black Angel, knocking her back. As her wings flare out and she floats up out of range of the suddenly empowered Leona, she drops the orb she had been holding, Sarah's gift. Leona dives and picks it up, coming to her feet and examining it.

"ENOUGH!" Black Angel cries out in fury. "I will not be subverted or denied! You WILL be my vessel, Leona Walker, even if I must force the bond! You will be MINE!"

"You must fully accept me now, Leona" The orb says softly, almost ashamedly. "All will be revealed to you in time, and I promise you I will aid you, I will not control you. Please trust in me." it says. Leona hears the sincerity in the voice, now grown stronger than before.

Despite apprehension Leona holds the orb to her chest instinctively as the furious villainess dives at her. Leona's body starts to glow brighter becoming incandescent. "No! NO! You can't! I won't LET YOU!" she says trying too late to pull out of the dive. In a flash of light, everything had changed.

Leona found herself in a different place, still naked, but not feeling cold or vulnerable as she had felt in the Graveyard. Another woman hovers closeby with golden wings. She smiles at Leona gratefully. Suddenly intuitively Leona realized that the beautiful woman she faced was Black Angel... but different. The face was not cruel. It was strong and soft. Her skin was not the iron deathly grey or Black Angels but rather a bronze-gold color that seemed to shimmer a little. The woman starts to cry as Leona examines her in shock and wonder.

"Yes... I am the true woman whom you know as Black Angel. I am what she was before she gave herself to the dark powers. I have thrown off the temptation of power and want to be free of my Darkness. Both of our essences were in that Angel Down your friend obtained for you... but hers was by far stronger. Too strong to fight alone. I wish to atone for my crimes against your people and the universe... so I assisted my dark side when she reached out to you, but I will not let her have you!" she says.

She reaches out and touches Leona's cheek. Her skin is warm and soft and exudes a sense of calm. "Please accept me. I will grant you power, the power of a true Empyrean... I know that you hero's heart will prevent her from tempting you to evil. The heroic feats you perform will make up for the evil deeds I have been party to, and your world will gain a new champion of justice."

She draws close holding Leona's cheeks now. "Accept this kiss, share it with me and you will gain ou Essence. YOU will be the one in control, YOU will gain the power, and YOU shall be whomever you choose to be." Leona felt no malice or trickery in her words, and nodded slightly in wonder. She closed her eyes and leaned forward slightly. The woman kisses her and the kiss is warm and loving. Her arms and wings wrap around Leona and the warmth fades. As Leona opens her eyes she sees the woman become ephemeral motes of light, her eyes streaming tears of light until she finally disappears. A warmth suffuses Leona's body.

She sits up in bed, the sheets soaked with her night sweat. She clambers out of bed and runs to the bathroom. Her whole body was soaked with sweat. She runs water into the sink and splashes it over her face, calming down from the strange dream she had just had. She looks up and sees herself in the mirror. She had grown. Instead of her fifteen year old visage, the face the looked back at her in the mirror was older... eighteen or older perhaps. It was more developed in every way, the skin was silky smooth, the hair lustrous if soaked with sweat. Her nightclothes were uncomfortably tight on this developed frame. Her breasts were definitely more developed... and behind her, she hadn't noticed, but large white wings were folded against her back, the back of her nightgown torn to accommodate them.

Turning around in shock she knocked everything from the sink onto the floor with a loud clatter. Moments later a knock sounds at the bathroom door.
"Leona?" Leona hears her Aunt Laguna's... the woman she had begun to think of as her mother's voice through the door. "Are you okay, I heard something fall in there." she knocks softly at the door. "Leona?" she asks a little more loudly.

After a moment Leona reaches out and clicks the lock on the knob.

"Leona?" Laguna starts trying to turn the knob. "Did you lock the door? Are you okay sweetie?" she asks a little louder, worry starting to sound in her voice.

"Mooooom! I'm trying to sleep!" a groggy Quinn's voice shouts. Her room was right next to the bathroom.

"I think something is wrong with your sister." Laguna replies. "I think she might need help." she says knocking at the door once again. "Leona, sweetie. I'm not mad. Please open the door, you're scaring me."

Leona hesitates but then feels a rush of cool air and feels her body revert to it's normal state. She looks at herself incredulously in the mirror, but quickly reaches out and unlocks the door.

Laguna quickly bursts in. "Are you okay?" she asks, grabbing Leona in a hug. "Sweetie, is everything alright?" she asks worriedly.

Leona shrugs, disoriented and shocked by her experience. "I... had a nightmare... and I was disoriented and... clumsy... I um... tore my nightgown when I fell..." she blushes, unable to explain the large tear in the back of her nightgown otherwise, and feeling bad for deceiving her aunt.

"Oh no... your nightgown..." Laguna reaches out to tug at the torn back. "Well we will get you a new one." she sighs in relief, smiling. "I was having trouble sleeping tonight too." she runs her fingers through Leona's hair. "Ick... sweaty." she laughs. "Okay... I am glad that you are alright, just for some reason I thought... well forget it. We'll talk in the morning. Your sheets are probably soaked if you sweat out like this. I will change them for you, but you need to take a shower, okay?" she smiles.

"Okay mom." Leona smiles, uncertain of what she will tell her Aunt... her Mother... and her sister. She didn't want to hide anything from them. Maybe she would tell them in the morning... when things had sunken in a little bit. Laguna smiles and nods in response, leaving Leona alone to her thoughts.

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