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Birth of a Shadow

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Birth of a Shadow Empty Birth of a Shadow

Post by Raven-Wing April 21st 2017, 12:28 am

What happens when one looks toward tragedy to save them from their own darkness? You get me, you all can call me RAVEN-WING... I fight for those too weak to fight for themselves, I am every criminal's nightmare. I was born from years of abuse while I was raised in a small town during my youth. Parents drunk every night before beating my siblings and I till we would pass out till the next day came. Nobody cared about who got hurt and why where I grew up and for a while neither did I. It was the same thing day after day until... I came home from school and I found my mother lying on the floor, she was dead. Covered in dried blood as she had been there for sometime... It later became apparent that the killer was my father who was later found at the bottom of the town lake where he had killed himself. I became the responsibility of my older sister.

I spent a few years under her care as she tried to teach me what real affection and love felt like... We were walking to the convenient store where we ran into a few thugs, they were apart of the Vengeful Druids (a popular gang in my hometown) they threatened my sister for our money. As She refused to give it to them they began to become more hostile. One of them raised their hand up to strike my sister and that's when I stepped in as he came down to deliver his blow I grabbed his arm put it behind his back and threw him into one of his thugs... yet as I was dealing with them the other gang member went to attack my sister I had no idea until I heard her scream and as I turned I saw him breaking my sister's arm... I lost control and grabbed a knife that had fallen out of one of the other guy's pocket and flipped it open as I lunged toward the guy who hurt my sister and yelled as I jabbed that blade right into his side possibly right above his left lung.

It was at the hospital where I learned that the gang had severely hurt my sister, by breaking hurt arm it was done in such a way that it would never really fully recover itself. I vowed that day that my town needed to be watched, that it needed someone to rid it of the virus called, the Vengeful Druids and that I was tired of the pain everyone in my town had faced. There was no hope, no love and no trust; Some one had to change things, I had to change things. So That day I vowed to be my own man to leave my sister's home to keep her safe and I'll only after I finish my work will I be able to return to her... Yet she'll always be close to me, my sister Raven is a strong woman. I have to be the aid to my town, the wing for justice, I have to be... Raven's wing...


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Quote : What happens when one looks toward tragedy to save them from their own darkness? You get me...

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Job : Crime fighter
Humor : Who has time to smile in this world?!
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