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Ghoul Empty Ghoul

Post by Ghoul April 19th 2017, 11:39 pm


"Yeah, I know I'm a monster. I can't come within 200 feet of a school or I risk causing a mass panic. But I might be able to help you out."

The Bio

Real Name: Lars Mikelsen
renegade Name: Ghoul
Aliases: Crash Stevens, Corp S. Taker, Jason Dean
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: Exact age unknown, estimated to be around 78
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Undead
Hair: Varies
Eyes: Varies
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Blood type: Acidic glue like substance

The Looks

^ Current head

The Personality

Ghoul is a reasonable person with a decent enough heart. He tries his best to do right by people and himself. However, he is also a professional and will not allow anything to get in the way of an investigation.

Sarcastic and dry-witted, Ghoul will often attempt to use humor to keep his mind occupied on a given task. Whether that be searching for a missing person, or fighting an angry husband who isn't happy about him discovering his affair.

Ghoul isn't someone who would put himself into a fight between super beings without a good reason to. If forced into a conflict, he will try to talk his way out first. If that doesn't work; violence it is.

Ghoul puts on a tough exterior to make himself seem like a worse person than he actually is, but on the inside he’s just a real softie. Women and children are amongst the things that Ghoul believes should be protected beyond all else, and is unfortunately a weak spot for him.

The Story

Born during the ending years of World War II to a Danish family. Ghoul, - at the time called Lars Mikelsen - remembers very little of the nazi occupation of Denmark, aside from a few faint memories of a man in black clothing coming to the door and taking his grandfather from the home, as well as his mother. Later in life, he would share these faint memories and reveal that his mother and grandfather were members of the Danish communist party. A party which under the German rule, was outlawed, and disbanded. Members of the party were taken to concentration camps; where they were executed. His mother and grandfather were executed by Nazi metahumans.

At age 21, Lars’s father died. Leaving him alone in a country that never quite felt like home to him. He worked hard to get money to leave for America, the land of opportunities. Albeit at the time; opportunities were admittedly fairly slim for immigrants. But Lars worked to get a full citizenship into the USA; abandoning his Danish citizenship. Once he was a citizen, Ghoul met a girl named Veronica. Veronica was a pretty young thing, only a couple years younger than Lars. Blonde, green eyed, and a beautiful smile. Veronica was his rock, she kept him grounded to reality. In return; Lars fought for her. He kept her safe from anyone who would dare to hurt her… except himself.

Lars ended up accidentally ended up killing a man who had called Veronica a “stupid little bitch”. He didn't intend
for the fight to end in such a way. But the man and his goons refused to shut their mouths. The more Lars tried to stop himself from killing them; the more Lars hit. Eventually, everything went red and the words became garbled panicked screaming. Soon, Lars was covered in the gray matter of his adversaries head. Lars stood and began to run, not seeing one of the men pull out a gun. They shot him in the back just outside their apartment.

Veronica didn't allow the ambulance to take Lars's body, ensuring his fate. Lars was 29 when he died on July 3rd. It wasn't until August 3rd that he was resurrected. Veronica, angry at her boyfriend, had thrown him into the same grave as the man who he had unintentionally killed. Little did either know, that the man's wife was an accomplished necromancer. However; with her husband's head destroyed, she could not bring the pig back to life. Instead, she chose to take Lars. An unexpected presence, but one with a body that could still be usable.

Lars awoke and she explained his new powerset. His blood was now simultaneously a solvent, and an adhesive; allowing him to attach other body parts into his own when he lost one, or one rotted completely away. He could see what other people could see before they died, and feel the pain of what happened to them. Gaining personality traits and other skills. He was nearly indestructible, unless his heart were removed or destroyed. Removing or destroying his heart would be a death sentence, as once his heart is removed; he will begin rotting away until complete death is achieved.

Lars didn't know how to respond to this, but he did know that he had dishonored his heritage. So he forsook the name of Lars Mikelsen, and took on a name more suitable to his new lifestyle. Ghoul. Over the years, Ghoul has taken on many jobs. For a while, he worked as a slave for his dark mistress. But she fell ill and passed desperate the efforts of many a doctor. Ghoul hid himself away from them so to avoid their seeing his ghastly appearance.

Soon, Ghoul took on a job we a keep at a local zoo. This didn't last long however, as animals were able to smell the magic on his rotten flesh and steered clear of the “leper”.

After a long break, Ghoul reappeared recently. Embracing his talents and opening a private investigations office, where he now works to help his fellow man in his unlife.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Invulnerability - Ghoul can withstand fatal hits to his brain, lungs, and otherwise vital organs due to his curse. However, removing or destroying his heart is the key to putting him down. In a matter of two days, without a replacement imbued with the same magic that gave him new life, he will rot away to nothingness.

Limb and Organ Replacement - Ghoul can steal spare parts from other dead bodies to replace ones that are rotten away. He can lose his head, as his heart is the control center of his body. Though this does make things more difficult for him to replace his body parts as he loses eyesight, forcing him to look for parts through touch. Ghoul can also steal parts that he wasn't born with, so long as they are from a meta human. For instance, he can steal wings, prehensile tails, and fangs. But they HAVE to be from a human. Ghoul cannot steal from animals.

Acidic blood - Ghoul has acidic blood which occasionally leaks out of his body. He can force this liquid out of his pores to make removing body parts easier.

Empathy - When Ghoul replaces a limb, he feels the sensations from that limb. He gains memories, skills, and emotions from the person who he stole the limb from.

Power-Theft - If Ghoul steals a limb from a meta human, he gains powers associated with the limb. For example; stealing the limbs off of a speedster, would give him superhuman speed until the limbs rotted away.

The Weaknesses

Complete Limb Removal - If you remove all of Ghouls arms and legs, he cannot attach new ones without assistance.

Heart - As stated before, Ghouls heart is the controlling point in his body. If his heart is wounded, Ghoul will need to repair it. Otherwise, this wound will probably hurt his mental capacity. In addition, removing or destroying his heart creates a problem in that with it removed, Ghoul becomes a full blown zombie. No control over his own actions, and rage beyond any hope of calming down.

One Legged Race - Ghoul needs 2 limbs to use certain abilities. For instance, super speed requires TWO legs from a speedster. Otherwise he’d have to limp at supersonic speeds. Flight propelled by wings also requires two wings, otherwise he would start flying around in a giant circle.

Decay - As ghoul is not a living being, his stolen body parts decay rather easily. Thus, heat is an excellent way to make his flesh rot faster than normal. Once his limbs begin to rot; he will need to find a suitable replacement rather quickly, or else end up waiting for a suitable replacement to drop out of the sky. His heart is immune to decay.

Empathy - Ghoul finds it difficult to ignore the emotions of his limbs, finding that he needs to try his best to keep his own personality on top. Finding a way to manipulate these emotions and tendencies would likely gain you a boon in a fight.

Arm-Fall Off - As Ghouls patchwork of limbs are not connected by real skin, but rather a strong glue; they can fall off in certain conditions. For instance, only having to pull half as hard to rip off of one of Ghouls limbs compared to that of a normal human. In addition, heat also helps to remove the limb.

The Items

Ghoul has access to:

Twin 1911 .45 handguns.

A 2001 Dodge charger police vehicle converted for civilian use

The Fluff

Due to the decay of his body; Ghoul emits a foul rotting meat stench.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Quote : People call me the Ghoul because - among other things - my job is horrifying most days. It's about time I get one day where it's not that bad.

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Ghoul Empty Re: Ghoul

Post by Hyperion April 22nd 2017, 2:47 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

Shael Atterrius
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Posting Master

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