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Digital meets Cybernetic

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Digital meets Cybernetic

Post by Shatter on April 15th 2017, 12:48 am

Lilith had ventured to Montreal, Canada of all places to meet up with some hacktivist friends of hers. They'd gotten together and swapped stories, and even did a little North by Northwest as they swapped tasks with one another to change things up a bit. That way MO's couldn't be traced, and would make their activities that much more clandestine. They just finished up as the sun was lowering, Lilith said goodbye to her internet friends as she wanted to look around town.

She'd ventured to a few places and while wondering heard about St Helen's island, which had the Montreal Biosphère and although Lilith preferred technology. Beautiful things of nature calmed most people down and were quite serene, in fact one of the hacktivist missions she'd gotten was environmental in nature so she felt this could be good to get an idea of things. She made her way over to St Helen's Island as they were starting the dawn events, while also getting ready for nighttime.

She'd made her way into the stunning Biosphère, looking at all the plants and animals. When she heard a commotion at the door, one of the security guards had noticed something strange about a group of people trying to gain entry to the place. They were wearing matching outfits, which looked like something handmade. Before the security guard could react, one of them kneed him in the stomach and took him out. Pushing him out the door and forcing the door girl into the sphere, telling her to close the place down. She said it would take a few moments before it occurred and all doors were closed, so the group moved further in and left someone with the girl.

They split up and armed themselves as they walked through the Biosphère, the leader had picked up a portable microphone receiver. And started talking "The Montreal Biosphère is now under our control, we are the Yellow Workers and we're here to take control of this homage to man's a front to nature" claimed the man as his word blasted through the Biosphère. Meanwhile Lilith who'd seen the commotion had snuck into the trees area, so as not to be seen by the Eco terrorists and hid in a group of bushes. She enacted her transformation and became the digital hero Shatter, this was the first time she'd fight Eco terrorists though.

Lets get our Shatter on

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Re: Digital meets Cybernetic

Post by Anthony Horton on April 15th 2017, 9:30 pm

Anthony was walking around the town, doing what  he considered to be his new hobby, checking out the local food trucks. He had just grabbed him a hot dog, when his sensors detected a commotion at a nearby building. “I can never seem to get anything to eat” he grumbled as he dropped his food and leaped to the top of a nearby building. He deactivated his chameleon device and scanned around for the disturbance. When he had pinpointed it, he super jumped his way over to the biodome.

Anthony arrived just outside of the front doors.He was scanning and attempting to lock onto the nearest threat when his scanners picked up an abnormality. It appeared to be a person but, there was something.. off about her. Anthonys scanners picked her up like it would a computer. “Probably a meta, I’ll deal with her in a minute.” He said to himself. Anthony jumped and crashed through the windows on the side of the building. He landed on one of the uniformed people, just in time to hear what he assumed was the leader shout something about taking control of this place. One of them opened fire on anthony, he lengthened the blade out of his arm as the bullets pinged off of him, jumped into the air and brought the blade down on him. He looked over at the meta “Hello miss need some help?” He said grinning.
Anthony Horton

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