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Teen antics. (Kenny D.)

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Teen antics. (Kenny D.) Empty Teen antics. (Kenny D.)

Post by Shadowoof April 14th 2017, 6:36 am

It was the beginning of sunset, night would settle in soon enough and seeing would get harder. Well for the average person, long ago, maybe. Now, Jake didn't even need to open his eyes to see where he was going. No he just saw though his eyelids. Strange ability, his red sight. He tasked it to his angelic heritage but he always thought. Why? Why did he have this? Did his mom have it or was it a mutation of something she had, into something more. There was always the chance maybe his mystery father had an ability, even if his mother claimed that they didn't, she had been lying to him his entire life, what would have been one more lie.

But this wasn't the point, it was sunset, it was dark soon. Which meant the cover of the night was inviting for those that would do rather stupid things, like breaking and entering, stealing a car. Murder. Jake could see it all if he was lucky, just required he be close enough to tell apart the details, glowing red people didn't give away much, in groups they mostly looked like globs of red, but that was inexperience or at least, that was what he liked to think. Making sure his mask was secured to his face, Jake began to run and jump from the roof he stood on towards the next, landing, running, jumping. A rinse and repeat process but a quick way of navigating, and if he ran into a rather hard to transverse area, he flew till the next moment arise to keep jumping. All in the effort to move around and find someone, something. It was all he seemed to do nowadays. And he wasn't sure if that was normal or if he should be afraid of what he was doing to himself, what he was becoming because of it. Fifteen and looking for danger daily, oh what a life he led.

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Teen antics. (Kenny D.) Empty Re: Teen antics. (Kenny D.)

Post by Logic April 14th 2017, 8:40 pm

Slowly began stepping through the crowd with his blue hat faced backwards. Slowly bumping his way through the crowd, hand sheld in his pocket. He was average height, so blending into the crowd was a piece of cake. It was times like this where he need to strain away from the group. He craved some alone time, time to think about his past, present and his future. Alot was going on that he had to take in and adjust to. The value of such a thing was of deep important to ever person, without it one could go insane. He was making his way down the side walk and stopped at a crossing. Glancing up towards the green light, others were building up on the other side of the street. Waiting for their moment to cross over.

He just stood there waiting, casting a glance towards either ends of the street at the passing cars. But for some weird reason he took the chance to look up. Maybe he was hallucinating but he could of sworn he saw a figure pass in the sky. "Nah, couldn't be." He murmured to himself. The light switched to red and the journey continued. Where was he going? That was a question even he couldn't answer.

He walked past several gas stations and dark alleys, always looking forward and never back. It was like he was expecting something.

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