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Sliver  Empty Sliver

Post by RedRanger on April 10th 2017, 8:50 pm


"You mean that guy? I guess I've seen him around" -Anonymous

The Bio

Real Name: Jeremiah Runwalde
Hero Name: Sliver
Title: That weird guy in a costume
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Height: apprx. 6'
Weight: Average
Blood type:

The Looks

Sliver wears a blue and white costume, covered head to toe in a Kamen Rider-esque designed costume and helmet. His height and build are nothing unique for his age, although he does lean on the fitter side of the spectrum. His costume also comes equipped with a deep blue scarf, gloves and boots, as well as armor plating that is more decorative than defensive. Jeremiah’s face out of costume has pretty rounded features, making him look slightly younger than he actually is.

The Personality

Jeremy always thinks of himself as a good person, although he doesn’t realize how naive he can be. Growing up, he loved hearing about the exploits of famous heroes defeating nefarious villains and saving people. It didn’t even need to be the world that they saved, he loved hearing the little stories of heroes getting an old lady’s purse back, or getting a cat out of a tree. So imagine what such a boy would do, when a magical interdimensional being granted him a power that could one day make him one of the greatest heroes? Extremely idealistic, Sliver fights to preserve the paragon of titles that is “hero.”

He tends to rush in without thinking too much beforehand, at least not much beyond a general idea of what he is going to be doing. He much rather prefers to think on his feet and improvise, as he subscribes that no plan survives first contact with the opposition. While he does like to think that he fights “honorably,” he is not above creative uses of whatever abilities he gains and the situation around him. What Sliver will never do however, is strike an unarmed opponent unable to defend himself, or to fully fight them before they have a chance to surrender. The hero is not above a sneak attack, but he will still try to find an opportunity to ask them if they wish to surrender.

His heroic activities have so far just been limited to the smaller acts of good he could do around his neighborhood and city. Many people around town have spotted him carrying bags of canned goods to the local food bank, as well as helping the elderly cross the street and even tutoring the younger kids at the local YMCA. Without diving too deep into his history quite yet, Sliver hopes to swing people’s ideas of heroes back into that of its glorious heyday.

The Story

As was already mentioned, Sliver grew up as Jeremiah Runwalde, a young boy obsessed with heroes and the good deeds they did. Every day he would check the news for whatever was the biggest metahuman story of the day. In school, he would always make his assignments centered around heroes if he could get away with it. His parents would try to push Jeremiah to a more healthy pastime, like band or the arts, but it never really stuck. Sure, he would participate and even grow to like these extra-curricular activities, but these were something anyone could do. Being a hero on the other hand, that was extraordinary. When Jeremiah turned sixteen, in fact, he started working just so he could save up money to make a costume and buy gear to be a local crime fighter.

Jeremiah’s life would go on as normal until one fateful day. It was prom night, but he was home alone. Jeremiah’s date had canceled on him, deciding to spring on him the day of that she was going to go with another guy. His tears had already dried up, Jeremiah hadn’t cried too much in the first place. He never had much friends growing up, at least no one close, and that never made him cry. It wasn’t the date that made him sad, Jeremiah never quite cared for dances or parties, but he was just so damn lonely.

Maybe that was part of why he wanted to be a hero so badly, why he pushed his parents to sign him up for karate at a young age. So that he could grow up, be a hero, and be part of something bigger than himself. Even if he never talked to any of the other heroes and only quipped at the villains, Jeremiah would still be a part of it, the community that is. They would hear his name and know what he did, and how he helped people. There’d be that camaraderie that even heroes who barely knew each other had when they teamed up.

So Jeremiah sat on his bed that night, the volume on his phone’s music turned up to max as he blasted music from his earbuds. All of a sudden though, the music stopped, and the space in front of him parted, as if someone was scooping it out of the way to make a path, revealing a starry, shifting backdrop. It wasn’t the room that parted, it was literally the space, the volume splitting in half to reveal this alternate world. Jeremiah’s mind raced, but it did so with nothing but a sheer attempt to contemplate whatever the hell just happened. And as this parting happened, something congealed from the newly opened realm and solidified into a shape that Jeremiah hesitated to call flesh. It had a conscience, the boy could feel that. But was it alive? He had no idea.

The being, calling itself the Bounderbeast, identified its purpose. It was bored, and it was made of pure magic just like Jeremiah was born of matter. So considering these two facts, it decided the most interesting course of action would be to grant an ability to a mortal with its magic and see what happened. But why did the Bounderbeast pick Jeremiah specifically, the young man wondered. It told him that it sensed something within Jeremiah, lines of time and fate all converging on him. Whether good or bad the Bounderbeast didn’t know, or at least it said it didn’t. All the Bounderbeast claimed to know was that great things awaited Jeremiah, if so he chose greatness for his path. And to help him do so, the entity said, it would grant him the ability to acquire the powers of all the other metahumans, but to be fair, it would only give him a sliver of that power.  

And so the great being swam past and simultaneously through Jeremiah, who felt a slight burning sensation in a spot on the back of his neck as this occurred. He instinctively shut his eyes as the beast swam through him, and when Jeremiah opened them again everything was as it was, even the song he was listening to was playing from the spot he remembered, as if nothing ever happened.

The only clue that something did happen, besides an annoying headache, was the star shaped mark he found on his neck later that night. Remembering the Bounderbeast’s words, Jeremiah donned the homemade costume he kept in his closet, and stole out into the night for some late night heroics. To be honest, he found none, but he did serve as the designated driver for various drinking teens that night on their way home from prom after-parties. And after serving as a glorified volunteer around his town and neighborhood, Sliver is ready to start his career in thwarting metahuman threats.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Power Mimicry: Sliver is able to permanently replicate any power he witnesses multiple times or in a long enough duration (about 30 seconds or three times, depending on the kind of power). It takes this long as the enchantment placed upon him must recognize whether the ability is indeed significant enough to be termed a “power,” as things such as a high yet mundane intellect would not apply, but a meta-gene leading to a high intellect would. Being magical in nature, it is capable of recognizing paranormal, magical, and biological abilities, although not all will be copied. In order to be copied, the person using it must be the source of the power, even if they are channeling an object to do so. If the object is a tool that the user implements, then it is not copied. For example, a wand that shoots fire would not be copied, but a ring granting pyrokinesis would. Secondly, if the power comes with too debilitating of a weakness, such as a transformation that would impair Sliver, he is unable to replicate the power.

In the case of aliens and other humanoid creatures,  he will replicate any abilities they have with the same standards as with other humans. If the power is centered around a biological feature of that race, Sliver’s power will temporarily replicate that feature, as he would for other abilities that did not come from aliens. His power basically views any ability within the context of comparing it to an average human, and if it derives its source from unnatural or atypical means (demon-hybrid, mutation, alien ancestry) then it is fair game to be replicated. Any powers that are the same power coming from multiple sources are added together, for example, if two sources each give Sliver super strength, then whenever Sliver wants to access super strength he is able to lift the combined total what he has gained (which is still 10% of each source).

Karate: While not a power, he has received a 1st degree black belt in karate

The Weaknesses

It ain’t as strong: While he can keep all the powers he’s replicated stored inside to be called upon, not only is he limited to either 3 at a time, the power is also drastically weaker. Any power he’s acquired only works at 10% effectiveness, whether that is power, speed of use, control, ect depends on the power itself.

Can’t Eat That Cake Too: It should be obvious, but with any power he gains, Sliver gains any weaknesses associated with that power too. For example, if he uses durability and its source says the durability is susceptable to fire, he is as well (unless he gets a regular all-encompasing durability farther down the line, then fire would just affect him like a normal person).

Innate Knowledge: Just because he is granted a power doesn’t mean he automatically knows what it is or how to use it. Sure, he can guess or investigate it or even know about it beforehand, but his power does not provide him with any clues on what his new ability can do nor about its weaknesses.

Technology: His power does not apply to things like power armor or other forms of technology, or the magical equivalent to such (like wands with their own built in spells). If, in the case of magical items, they merely provide a resource with which to shape the user’s magical abilities, then Sliver will be able to copy those abilities.

The Items

Knife (hidden in boot)
Kevlar Vest (low caliber/handgun)
Fanny Pack & Back Compartment
         Pepper Spray
         Extendable Combat Baton
         Emergency Blanket
         Zipties (for detaining thugs)
         Small First Aid kit
         Granola Bars

The Fluff

His deep blue scarf always seems to be fluttering, even without wind

The RP Sample

Was it a good idea to stop a robbery when the best weapon you were willing to use was pepper spray? Probably not, but Sliver wasn’t going to let a little detail like practicality stop him from doing his job. Someone could get hurt, and that was enough motivation to get him to sneak around the back of the convenience store. Thankfully the back door wasn’t fully closed or that would have been a whole new can of worms that Sliver wasn’t ready to deal with. It was in the late evening, few people on the street. Sliver hoped someone hadn’t replicated his mistake of not bringing a cell phone, and that at least there would be someone out there to begin with.

Creaking the door a slightly larger crack, and sliding through it, his blue and white costume brushing against the door and the frame, Sliver readied his pepper spray in one hand. In his other, the young hero flicked out his combat baton to its full length. From the glance Sliver had through the front window earlier, he knew that the owner was being held at gunpoint. The boy hadn’t heard a gunshot yet, but that could change any second he wasted thinking too long about a plan.

Speaking of which, Sliver realized he couldn’t completely ignore a battle plan going in. The gun didn’t look special, and Sliver surmised that it probably wasn’t, given the plain look of the robber. There hadn’t been enough time to see anything in detail before the hero ran around back, so he was slightly doubtful if his armor could take a hit. Two and a half years of part-time work had earned him a low-caliber kevlar vest, which he figured was time to test. No one wanted to be shot, least of all Sliver, but now would be the best time to risk it.

Right now he had just entered the door into the back area of the convenience store, neither the assailant nor his victim had noticed Sliver so far, but that was about to change as the hero turned the corner into the store proper. Immediately upon doing so, the robber turned and shot at Sliver, probably in surprise if Sliver had to guess.

Luckily there were some aisles in the way that the young hero could duck behind as he plotted what specifically he could do right now.

“Hey, you meta motherfucker!” yelled the robber, a tall gangly man with long greasy hair, dirty clothes and scruff of a beard, “If you try anything, I’ll shoot you! You got it?”

“Crystal clear,” came Sliver’s response, as ideas danced around his brain, waiting for him to reach out and act on one. He could blitz the robber and risk taking a bullet into his vest, which he would like to think he’d survive. On the other hand he could wait for the man to run away then chase him down and subdue him. Quickly, he decided on the former plan. It would limit the possibility of the clerk getting shot, and that was more important Sliver decided.

Turning that plan into reality, Sliver turned the corner as fast as possible, staying low. As he came up, he found a shot to graze his side.

Nobody tells you how much getting shot hurts, even in kevlar. Even just hitting the side of his abdomen, he wasn’t as prepared as he thought he’d be, mentally. For just a split second it stopped him in his tracks, feeling like the wind got knocked out of him. Shuddering a little, partially from the impact and partially to get himself moving again, Sliver grit his teeth. With a swing of his baton, the hero knocked the robber’s gun hand aside as Sliver simultaneously brought the hand with the pepper spray up and pressed the button.

The man fell into a pile of screams and curses, dropping the gun as he did so. Sliver quickly kicked it aside, before straddling the man while pulling out a ziptie from what the hero begrudgingly admitted was just a glorified fanny pack.

Briefly taking the assailant’s hands, Sliver put the cord around them, which was a lot harder than it sounds on paper, Sliver noted. The man was constantly trying to break his hands away to claw at his face, so the hero worked quick so the man would have that slight respite before being detained by the authorities.

The cops, that’s right, Sliver thought. While he never showed any powers, due to never having met another metahuman with powers to replicate, he doubted that authorities would take too kindly to a hero on the scene of a crime.

Standing straight, Sliver picked up the gun from where he had kicked it to. Giving it to the store clerk, he straightened into a quick salute.

“Please give this to the authorities, good citizen” the boy said, his voice tinged into a sort of bravado even he had to admit was ridiculous. When he saw the hesitation on the young store employee’s face, he added, “You need not worry, good sir, I’m merely doing my good duties as a hero of the people. For you see, I am the esteemed servant of the public, Sliver!”

A long silence followed, neither of them moving.

Sliver put the gun on the counter, sliding it towards the clerk. As he was starting to hear the sounds of police sirens, Sliver gave a quick salute to the convenience store employee, then turned to leave. The clerk said nothing, just watching him with a shocked expression the entire time.

Sliver thought he caught a “thank you” on his way out.  

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Sliver  Empty Re: Sliver

Post by Red on April 10th 2017, 10:32 pm

Approved. Seems balanced enough for me. Just make sure to discuss the lore of complicated abilities with their creator before you copy them in thread, as these abilities may not be able to be replicated by their nature


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