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Electraheart (W.I.P.)

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Electraheart (W.I.P.)

Post by Electraheart on March 30th 2017, 12:58 am


"No, I will not give you an autograph. Let me do my job."

The Bio

Real Name: Miranda 'Mandy' Jaramillo
Hero Name: Electraheart
Title: Greased Lightning (please do not call her this)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 154 lbs.
Blood type: O+

The Looks

The Personality

    In a word, Mandy Jaramillo is a tired woman. Whether due to the built-up contrivances of the day or simply from honest, unimpeded work, Electraheart sleeps heavy. She has always been a straight-shooter and a workaholic, but could never stand gross incompetence or distractions. Most of these frustrating distractions manifest in her colleagues and the people around her, but don't make the mistake of calling her an introvert. Miranda can hold a conversation just fine, it's just rather easy to get under her skin and she has no qualms with telling anyone how cross she is. Loudly. Mandy is happiest when she is surrounded by competent people who have formed deep connections with her for years, only a few people in the world being able to claim this.

    When not high-strung and on-edge, people would come to find Electraheart to be pleasantly personable. She's much less snappy with her dialog and more relaxed in general. A good way to find yourself in good standing with her is to see her as less Electraheart and more Miranda Jaramillo.

    To that end, Mandy has begun to somewhat resent her coined moniker. It made her a non-person, just some sort of public service like a street sweeper or an automatic door. Everyone was less interested about her personality and passions and more about her sex life and what color dress she wore today. Exasperating beyond measure.

    Truly, Mandy just wants to do her job, serving and giving back to the community, unmolested from roadblocks, whether they be from a diabolical do-badder or from the 6 o'clock news.
The Story

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Endurance

The Powers

    Power 1 - Electrokinesis: Mandy possesses the ability to manipulate electricity, making it possible for her to produce and manipulate electricity and the charged particles that creates the stuff, such as protons and electrons. Her maximum output of volts has yet to be discovered. Examples of this power in use is calling down lightning indiscriminate of weather, the ability to repel metallic projectiles, throw bursts of lightning from her body, and even imitate the action of a firing gun by flicking a metallic coin or pebble from her fingertips (this is possible by Mandy forming parallel currents on either side of her hand, causing the object to fire out at around the same speed as a discharged bullet).

    The obvious disadvantages to such a power should be easy enough to figure out, depending on how well someone payed attention in science class. Breaking the 'circuit' would render any damage negligible. Mandy herself receives some of the initial shock of her electricity if it comes in contact with her or if she uses her own body as a conductor, as she often does. While there would be no burning or visible damage, the pain could be comparable to a good, solid wallop to the chest.

    Power 2 - Self-Ionization: A much, more specific instance of Mandy's electrokinesis, she can 'tune' her own molecules to the same 'frequency' as the lightning she throws, temporarily becoming a part of the strike and 'ride it out' to an intended location. This could be used to travel long distances or to dodge devastating attacks coming her way. With how much she comes into contact with her lightning, the pain she feels from it rises dramatically. She gets the full brunt of the energy, practically, all over her body. It doesn't tickle.

    Electraheart can use this power to dodge incoming damage for one post. While this does seem rather scummy, she is rarely ever going to use it if she can help it. She's left very vulnerable after the ability is done, disoriented, possibly nauseous, and in a lot of pain.
The Weaknesses

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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