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Do or die

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INV ONLY Re: Do or die

Post by Knightfall on May 5th 2017, 10:40 am

Michael laughed at Diana's remark and shook his head. "Brute force is always an option but I'm afraid we just don't have the firepower right now. I say we try and get a closer look at what exactly they're doing."

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INV ONLY Re: Do or die

Post by Arcana on May 13th 2017, 10:22 pm

So far both of them had mirrored what he said, which felt a little anticlimactic but then again he just had to work with it. The air picked up around Sean, seemingly picking hi up and moving him through the air rather casually. The only real sign of this happening was his jacket and hair fluttering a bit, as well as a breeze washing over anyone close enough. However, he only chose to hover a few feet above the ground, nothing that would make him a target to the writhing masses that had congregated over the street beyond the fences.

Sure, he could have mentioned he had the power to clear things out, but he wanted to see what they actually came up with. Apparently mental power was not a big thing with these two people. ”Anyway, they looked to be coming from the towns center, but that’s just my guess. Anyone that can fly might be able to get a better look.” He then added, peering over the fence with narrowed eyes, Zach looking at the floating man rather suspiciously.

”I could probably make us a tunnel underground, get us around that horde maybe even reach the town hall if we play our cards right.” he then added as he landed back on the ground, ripping a hole within the earth with a casual motion that quickly took the form of a tunnel, large enough for them to walk around in without much trouble.

”Just….gotta hope it doesn’t collapse on us.” With that he stepped through the dark tunnel, casting light through it with light blue flames.
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INV ONLY Re: Do or die

Post by The Nekromonga on May 18th 2017, 1:39 am

Diana's Movement through the city was nowhere nearly as overt as Sean's, as the shinobi-wannabe preferred moving cover to cover, eyes and ears darting back and forth, always on the lookout for evil. She seemed about ready to slice any errant creature open with a swing of her sword.

Diana watched with subdued awe at Sean's power, which now included prodigious strength. As he tunneled down into the earth, she could not help but anticipate the howls of nearby monsters becoming aware of them.
"...Hey, you wanna tell every monster in town where we are?!"

She sighed, looking at the entrance to the cramp tunnel, and the possibility that their position was compromised. "Ah what the heck." She gestured to Zach to follow. She supposed she would at least fight them one at a time inside the tunnel, and swiftly went inside.

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