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A angel and an atlantean (Lorelei)

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A angel and an atlantean (Lorelei) - Page 4 Empty Re: A angel and an atlantean (Lorelei)

Post by Shadowoof May 11th 2017, 7:37 am

Jake held up his hand in defense when Lorelei strode up to him. It seems his words had a.. well, negative impact on the girl and so he quickly mimicked the girl and sat down when she did, he knew all to well how strong she was, he did not want to suffer her wraith. But in the end, what she had to say only unlocked more secrets, and it educated him on something he never thought he would ever think about, Atlantean politics.

And then it ended with a reminder that this was a princess he was currently sat opposite of. Yet it seemed that was the girls problem, she still related herself back to the past, back to what he assumed would have been propaganda that she took in, suffered by the hands of her father, a man who was worthy of his red punch. Prepared to say something, something he hoped with encourage the young girl to think better of her new ability, but was too late to realize that pent up pressure that was Lorelei's anger before it was too late.

A call that drew attention from all over the beach came from her mouth towards the ocean, her oldest home, soon followed by a action Jake was somewhat use to, her anger. Which was not as bad as having a catwalk nearby, but till dangerous as earth raised from the sand, shaped like deadly spikes all the way towards the ocean, to which her new power continued to resonate with her anger and parted way the sea before stopping. Jake knew her anger was a dangerous thing, for both her foes and those around her, and he so desperately wanted to tell her it was alright, to give her a hug but... was he the one that should do that? They had met each other twice, and all they had done was help each other fight a few bad guys and spent a day exploring. Was his word really enough? Was his presence? As much as he wanted to, he did not have the power to take away so many years of pain, only the pain she had now, and even then, he was not sure he had the power to do that.

Standing, Jake made sure her bag was with her, before gently scooping her up once more, how his strength made her seem so.. gentle, her pink hair and eyes made her look like someone who could not do what she did, could not have suffer the way she did. Appearances were not everything, were they. "Let's get you home. We've spoken enough about suffering today." Just saying the words, Jake felt like he was betraying himself, there was still plenty of suffering to go, his just seemed so small compared to hers, or maybe he wanted his to seem small, to not be a big thing to him, to not be as bad as he thought it could, might just be.

Jumping into the air, Jake let his wings carry them upwards, flying back towards the city, but he was slow when they reached a height that nearly overlooked the city, he needed a location after all, and even then. It would take some time to find it.

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A angel and an atlantean (Lorelei) - Page 4 Empty Re: A angel and an atlantean (Lorelei)

Post by Johanna Sharpe May 13th 2017, 7:11 pm

Lorelei sat for several seconds on her knees. Her heart felt heavy enough to drag her down into the sand. Everything that had happened to her thus far had been bottled up within her. The violent out burst was a long time coming. That had always been Lorelei’s way, on the surface she seemed to let nothing phase her or get her down. She always seemed happy no matter the circumstances, but truth be told she was only suppressing these feelings until she no longer could hold back. The little Atlantean’s anger had gotten the better of herself at least three times now in the past month. Once was when she lost her cool when Jake, Clover, and herself all squared off against the metal person. The second time came from the recent argument she and Clover had while sparring, and the third had occurred just now.

Lorelei could no longer tell what she was mad at. Was she made at herself? Perhaps she was mad at Clover, or maybe it was her father and the horrible way he treated her. Whatever the case was, Lorelei now felt terrible for ruining what was a good day. The young Atlantean’s head hung low in the palms of her hands as she refused to show her face out of embarrassment for the sudden outburst of anger. She only looked up when she heard Jake approaching. She couldn’t understand how it was that someone she had only been around twice could be so kind. Whatever his reasons were, Lorelei was glad Jake was there with her.

As the young half angel scooped her up off the soft beach sand, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and clasped her hands together. All the tension she had felt when they first took to the skies had all but dissipated. The two teens were lifted into the air by Jake’s gray wings. As the massive wings carried them higher and higher into the air Lorelei found herself staring into Jake’s eyes. He made flying seem so effortless. Lorelei soon found her gaze wandering as they approached the city. Up until now she had spent all their time flying, staring at the sky above them, but now that her fear of flying had all but left her, she found herself taking in the breathtaking beauty of the setting sun and the bright night lights of the city before them.

Much like Jake’s wings allowed him to defy gravity, the building’s of a recovering New York were a testament to mankind’s outstanding achievements in engineering and an overwhelming desire to be closer to the heavens. From the height that Jake had soared to, Lorelei had a clear view of nearly the whole city. She soon realized the reason they had stopped was no doubt because well, you couldn’t exactly see street addresses from this high up. Luckily for the two teens, the Sinclair’s were vein individuals, or at least used to be. From where they were two buildings clearly stood out to the young Atlantean, one being the headquarters of Clover’s company, and the other soaring skyscraper being the building they were looking for. “It’s that one there, the building with a bright neon ‘S’ and Star on it!” Lorelei desperately wanted to point with her hand, but was afraid of putting any unnecessary stress on Jake’s shoulders, so she nodded in the building direction instead.

Once Jake had landed safely down on the roof, Lorelei leapt from his arms and darted over to the roof access door. She eagerly reached for the handle and gave it a few jiggles but the door would not open. She then noticed the brightly lit panel next to the door. It appeared to require three forms of identification just to unlock. The young girl stared for several seconds at the panned till a bright red light hit her in the eye. She immediately recoiled away from the door. There was a small clicking noise and a green check mark that appeared on screen. Lorelei timidly rubbed her eye and approached the pad one more time. She tried to remember what it was that Gabriel had told her about the door and then it suddenly clicked for her. She placed her palm against the panel and a second click echoed across the rooftop, followed by another green check mark.

“There’s a third step to this, but I cant remember what it is….” Lorelei mumbled to herself while she stared at the control panel. Lorelei turned her attention from the panel to the duffle bag that hung from her shoulder. She had packed so much stuff into the olive colored bag that it took her several minutes to rummage through every pocket the bag had before she finally pulled out what she was looking for, a green and gold colored key card. She quickly swiped it in the groove to the right of the panel and let out a cheerful “YES!” accompanied with a fist pump, as there was a third click and the roof access door slowly creaked open.

She waved Jake on and beckoned him to follow her. As the two teens made their way down a flight short flight of stairs and into a hallway that lit up as they walked down it. The long hallway was barren save for two doors near the opposite end of it. One door led to Lorelei’s new flat, the other to a private elevator that had access to this floor. Despite the building housing other tenants, Gabriel wanted to make sure the young Atlantean princess had all the privacy she needed. Upon reaching the door to the flat, Lorelei returned to her duffle bag. At this point she was beginning to think it would have been a good idea to pack the important stuff in a separate bag. She finally produced the key she was looking for and used it to unlock the door.

Lorelei timidly opened the door, half expecting to find Gabriel or Winston there. Instead, the door slowly drifted open and gave way to an extremely clean and modern looking flat. The entire left side of the flat and the front of it were lined with large windows that gave way to a breathtaking view of the city, nothing quite as amazing as what could be seen while in Jake’s company, but still beautiful nonetheless. “Wow! This place looks amazing!” she said as she drifted into the flat and did a three-sixty to take in the entire place.

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A angel and an atlantean (Lorelei) - Page 4 Empty Re: A angel and an atlantean (Lorelei)

Post by Shadowoof May 15th 2017, 8:36 am

It was quite a quiet flight, Jake kept his eyes to the city, no longer able to take any more glances on Lorelei nor the setting sun. Eventually, Lorelei pointed to a building and Jake flew down to the roof of it, waiting patiently as Lorelei got though the rather intriguing locks that stopped entrance, cleaver for anyone without powers, not so much for the likes of Lorelei and possibly himself.

With that, the door opened and Jake followed Lorelei down the stairs, down a hallway and finally, to her room. Which. Was awesome. It was alone, big, peaceful and had a amazing view. This was the stuff of movies, only movies could not prepare him for it. Letting Lorelei enjoy her room, Jake stepped back to think about his own situation. Lorelei had a dangerous emotion, anger which led to her powers going chaotic. He didn't have the kind of powers that would be so affected by his emotion but.. he knew he was more violent recently, less emotional the way he dealt with bad guys, people, metas. And things were only going to get worse the more he tried to avoid the crux of the issue. His mom. And if any of today had told him anything, it was that he wasn't going to get away clean if he just kept running from the problem. "Thanks for tonight Lorelei but. I need to go. You have my number so. Call me when you need me. I'll pick up if I can." Jake stated, leaving the way they came, calling out one last good bye with the name Rose just to remind Lorelei.. One last laugh..

Spending an hour flying, Jake stopped by the rooftop that he had first witnessed Lorelei once more today, his suit had a layer of dust on it and looked a little bleached from sitting in the sun all day but... if he was going to confront her, he felt safer with it on. Quickly fitting it over his pants and bare skin, Jake flew all the way to his apartment, not bothering to use his red vision to see where she was. She was going to be in there, she hadn't left in weeks.

Letting his wings into his back, Jake climbed into his rooms window and looked around, at first he had not realized anything, but a second look he realized someone had been in his room, looking though his things. "Mom?" Jake called out, his voice clear and loud, he'd forgone the mask for this, didn't want her to freak out any more then what she was.. Leaving his room, Jake looked everywhere, her room, the bathroom, the lounge and finally the kitchen, which now looked like a war-zone, knifes were thrown everywhere, the windows all but broken and the fridge, open with food strewn everywhere. Looking at the table, Jake saw that a knife pined a piece of paper to it and upon looking at it closer, Jake knew where she was, where she was going at least. For what he looked at was the phone number Samael had given him after there first meeting, after they had escaped from hell thanks to that angel.

At first he freaked out, but then he calmed, she was too meddled to get a cab, she would have walked, maybe gotten picked up and driven the few times she was sane. She had hours of an advantage on him, but he could fly. She... She might not have and that was the only hope he had. Running at his wall, Jake jumped right into it, though it, he didn't care anymore, all he cared about was getting to Samaels agency before she did.

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A angel and an atlantean (Lorelei) - Page 4 Empty Re: A angel and an atlantean (Lorelei)

Post by Sponsored content

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